Top 10 Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers in 2019

The advancement of technology has resulted in creating plenty of innovative products that we can’t even imagine some years ago. One of them is the Bluetooth light bulb speakers that have recently become a new trend. However, it is important that you make the right choice while buying this device. For reducing your work, our team has done strong research for creating the list of top 10 best Bluetooth light bulb speakers to buy in 2019. Have a careful look at each of them and buy one that suits your needs perfectly.

List of Top Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers Review

10. Aelite Smart Light LED Bluetooth Bulb

Dinlly Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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It is a highly compatible product that can work with almost all the versions of Android and iOS. This Aelite Smart bulb has a very dimmable light and a heat-generating bulb speaker. It can blast any party with its loud and clear sound.

Also, you can start the play automatically with its timer feature. Overall, it is a multi-functional LED bulb that gives amazing music and clear lights.

9. MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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This product is a reliable option that can add excitement to any party in a matter of minutes. There are tons of features added in this Bluetooth smart light bulb and gained lots of popularity in the recent time. It is available in many different variants giving convince to the buyers for choosing their favorite color device.

It comes with a dimmable color configuration option and has a very beautiful design. Additionally, it can be accessed through the mobile app.

8. Demetory Smart Bluetooth Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Demetory Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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Buy this stylish two in one Bluetooth speaker bulb that can be controlled using both iOS and Android apps. It equips with a lamp base so that you can operate this device easily & minimal effort. The powerful lighting system in this device makes it one of the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers that attract the buyers.

There is a uniquely designed digital timer installed in this product that assists in turning off the bulb. The average lifespan of these bulbs is around 3,000 hours that is quite satisfactory.

7. Rayway Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb

RAYWAY Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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This extensive device offers amazing control over the Bluetooth from a range up to 33 feet that are quite extraordinary. It comes with a smart light bulb and manufactured by a well-known brand like Rayway. The visual effects of the bulb are quite prominent in its light, and you will find it quite fascinating.

Furthermore, this bulb can be installed very easily with minimal effort according to the convenience. You can control it using a remote control very easily. The total lifetime of this bulb is 20,000 hours that is quite amazing.

6. Flux Wireless Smart LED Light Bulb

Flux Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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This product is perfect for individuals who prefer to buy devices with the latest technology. The Fluxx 2122 come with many excellent features and awesome Bluetooth connectivity making it a perfect choice. We find almost zero distortion in the sound quality of its speaker, and you will fall in love with it.

The performance of its bulb is also flawless, and you will love it in every possible manner. Overall, it is a cost-efficient device that performs exceptionally well in any room.

5. QiLi Smart Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

QiLi Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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If you want to enjoy your favorite music under the favorite lights, then this QiLI Smart Bulb can be an amazing choice to go for. It produces a lightness of 300 LM that ensure enough brightness in the room.

Equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0, this exciting light bulb can enhance the beauty of any room. It is one of the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers for individuals who love a mixture of colorful party and music.

4. ICOCO Bluetooth Smart Bulb Speaker

ICOCO Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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This ICOCO Bluetooth Speaker Bulb equips with high-quality remote control and 16 interchangeable colors displaying together. Its Bluetooth comes with 3.0 versions and uses the power of 10 watts. You can pair it with any device quite conveniently.

It is a perfect combination of amazing Bluetooth technology, energetic sound, and multi-colored lighting that prove its position in this list.

3. Autai LED Light Bulb with Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Autai Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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This Autai device is one of the newest models in the market and comes with smart Bluetooth technology. It comes with a time setting feature through you can set on/off timings of the bulb. The company sells it in two different variants, one can be controlled by an app, whereas the other with the remote.

This product delivered with a two-year warranty and 90 days money back guarantee. Overall, it is a complete package that you can buy for having a worthy experience.

2. Sengled Solo Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Sengled Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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If you want to feel amazing brightness and loud vocal experience, then this product manufactured by Sengled brand should be your top pick. It is one of the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers that can be controlled through iOS and Android apps.

Furthermore, it has very easy connectivity with Bluetooth and produces plenty of different lights. This device is very easier to use and can be installed with minimal effort.

1. Creazy MusicLed Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

Creazydog Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

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We will end our list with this cool light bulb that comes with Bluetooth speakers. This multi-purpose device comes with 12W flashy lights and easy to configure 3W Bluetooth speaker. It produces lights of many different colors like blue, green, red, and white.

It saves lots of energy and can be controlled through remote control. Also, you can buy it at a very affordable price that is an important reason for buying this product.


So, how do you find the list of best Bluetooth light bulb speakers? We believe you have already chosen your favorite one and looking to buy it. All of them are very good and if you have a question about this article, then tell us in the comment section.

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