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10 Best Fireplace Tool Sets in 2024

We all enjoy a warm and cozy time beside our fireplace during winters. But it is not a practical idea to sit ideal without cleaning the fireplace and turning the logs occasionally. So, do we have to turn those burning hot logs with the use of our hand? Well, of course not. That’s why the fireplace tool had taken over the market. Apart from being a decorative set, it really helps in the best ways. It includes tongs that will easily alter the logs, the brush will clean the space and the other tools are known for doing their own job.

If you really want to know that which fireplace tool kit will rightly go in your home’s décor, keep reading below.

Best Fireplace Tool Sets – A Complete Guide:

10. Pinty 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools

Pinty Fireplace Tool Sets

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This wrought iron toolset will certainly become the ideal choice for your fireplace. The tools have a solid steel construction that is sturdy and it even uses spray painting technologies. As a result, it can tolerate even extreme heats. A decoration piece, you can easily place the logs with the use of tongs. Plus, it has a heavy-duty base and has a strong handle. This has an orb at the top which in turn helps in minimizing tiredness and making it heat-free.

In fact, it has a robust design that will perfectly fit any modern decoration or even countryside fireplaces.

Key features:

  • It has universal compatibility and features a height of 31-inches.
  • The fireplace brush has stronger bristles that will easily dust off the ashes.
  • You can hang all the tools from the top support.

9. ComfyHome Fireplace Tools


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A space-saving toolset that is ideal for fireplace; this will not consume much space. This stand has a 4 legged design that helps to maintain the stability of the product. In fact, it also makes this weighty. Having a poker that is of 26-inches, you can stir up the fire without causing harm to yourself. Next, the shovel comes in aid to remove the hot logs carefully.

When it comes to construction, it rather has a heavy-duty metal body. Plus, it has a premium iron construction that will provide strength and it is also generally iron powder coated. Therefore, the product becomes fully resistant to extreme heat.

Key features:

  • The heavy-duty fireplace tool has a classic design that will look perfect on any fireplace.
  • It features hooks on the frame’s top so you can easily hang the tools.
  • It takes only 3 minutes to assemble this product.



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A classic product that will look gorgeous near your fireplace, the toolset comes hanged on a tough stand. Apart from having a brush that will easily clean debris, dust as well as ashes, the tongs will help to occasionally turn the logs. As a matter of fact, it is a perfect kit for making pizza on a wood fire.

It has a modern design that never lacks any sturdiness. Next, all the tools have solid steel built that certainly took the aid of spray paint. That’s why it will tolerate heat even after using it for many years.

Key features:

  • This has a height of 32.3-inches and has a practical use.
  • The industrial design of this product owes its construction to wrought iron.
  • It will match the beauty of almost all fireplaces.

7. EveryMomentCounts Fireplace Tools

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The sturdier, the better as you can surely obtain more durability out of these tools. Firstly, its tool stand has the capacity to fit 5 tools in this. The slot is situated right in the up of the stand. Secondly, it has a heavy-duty base that will support all the tools and these will not tip off or fall down. It certainly has an ergonomic design and you get a fireplace poker, shovel, tongs as well as brush.

Moreover, you get an easy grip on all the tools and never again you will feel tired of using it. The 31-inches height will sit perfectly on any given location.

Key features:

  • Besides being stylish it has a very functional approach. Therefore, will stand up to the expectations in aesthetics.
  • Weighs a mere 13.75 pounds so you can just transport it whenever needed.
  • Impressive after-sales service for continuous 18 months will solve the problems easily.

6. Minuteman International Neoclassic

Minuteman International Fireplace Tool Sets

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The steadiness of the product is never a doubt. All the tools hanging from the stand have proper balance for keeping it stable. The rods have a brass or steel construction to further contribute to the balancing scenario. Given that, the handles are beautifully designed to have a proper grip and these are permanently bonded with the rods. Therefore, there isn’t any risk of detachments.

However, the tongs have solid rivets that help to easily turn the log and place it properly. In fact, it will not rattle and there are zero risks of falling apart.

Key features:

  • This black beauty has a total height of 30-inches.
  • It has a round base that will keep stability.
  • Store as well as display the tools in a perfect manner.

5. WBHome Fireplace Tools


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Define organization in a new way, this all-black fireplace tools will keep the beauty of the overall set-up intact. The whole set has a cast iron construction that gives it all the strength. And the powder coating provides all the capacity to tolerate a high level of heat. In fact, it takes no time to assemble these gorgeous sets.

As the look of this set is undoubtedly beautiful, it is certainly compatible with all sorts of fireplaces. Indeed a suitable product for a country fireplace or the new-age modern ones.

Key features:

  • This heavy-duty toolset consists of poker, brush, stand base, shovel and finally tong.
  • It certainly has hooks from which you can hang the tools nicely.
  • The handles feature orbs that help to obtain a perfect hold over the tools.


AMAGABELI GARDEN Fireplace Tool Sets

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As a matter of fact, this wrought iron toolset has a height of 32.5-inches and a decent width of 12-inches. Having the support of 4 legs, you can simply say tension-free as this will not react even when the heat is high. In just 5 minutes, the whole installation process will be done. The powder coating not only gives an elegant touch to it but also gives the assurance of being a long-term companion.

But this stand has a unique shape and you can hang the tools just side by side. It has a good arch and the hooks are attached to it, therefore, it has a traditional approach.

Key features:

  • An antique rust toolset that is simple but has a modern concept.
  • You can use all the tools in the process of real wood burning.
  • Get the product replaced or just refund it in 30 days.

3. Cchainway 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools


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A personal helper that will efficiently do its work, the practical design of this toolset will help to minimize a lot of problems. You can even keep the place squeaky clean as the brush has tough bristles. You can keep it as a decoration in front of your fireplace as it has metal iron construction. And to double secure its longevity, it has a special coating for giving it an edge.

The handles of the toolset are fully black that rather have a very modern look. You can use it without any safety issues on a wood-burning and a gas fireplace.

Key features:

  • Ideal for placement near small fireplaces.
  • It has a compact format, as a result, will save a lot of room space.
  • As a matter of fact, these innovate products are environmental-friendly.

2. Plow & Hearth Fireplace Tool

Plow & Hearth Fireplace Tool Sets

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A testament of brilliance in itself, this is a four-piece set that will definitely meet all your needs. For making it a heavy-duty product, it has a solid steel construction that has featured a style of a traditional blacksmith. It has a pretty classic concept and assembly is done in just a blink of an eye. Next, for added stability of the product, it has four legs at the bottom.

However, that’s not it, the 3-prongs tong make it easy to flip the logs and so. To stay true to the classic design, the shepherd’s crook ends help in the easier hanging of the tools that are tong, brush, shovel as well as pokers. So, do it all in style!

Key features:

  • The wrought iron scroll designs, just like a flowing artwork depict the true classic design. It looks fabulous on any décor.
  • A typical versatile product that is perfect for hearths, outdoor fire pits, indoor fireplaces, etc.



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Truly a winner in every sense, this ergonomically designed product comprises of 5 reliable tools. This is indeed a decoration piece that will come as a helpful set-up while you are relaxing near your fireplace. The tong, brush, poker and also shovel safely hang from the heavy-duty stand. In fact, it has a steady base that will not wobble. Interestingly, it helps in the intelligent organization of the products.

Moreover, the handles have orbs at the top so that you can hold it without any slips. Certainly, a wrought iron toolset that has a modern coating. Therefore, it is fully heat-proof.

Key features:

  • The golden handles increase the glamour of the product and they have a height of 31-inches.
  • It has a practical design and weighs only 12.5 pounds.
  • You get a replacement warranty for a year.

The area around your fireplace will stay clean as now you have the tool you required all this time. So, which one is your pick?