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10 Best Leather Backpacks for Men in 2024

Backpacks are your best friend and companion in your everyday lifestyle. From going to college to the office or any business meetings, if you have a good backpack, things are going to get really easy. Now people have a notion that backpack is for kids and young guys. Even if it is more convenient and easier to carry, people choose to not use it because most backpacks lack the classic fashion statement. Leather backpacks for men, on the other hand, are durable, made of premium materials, and has a very premium feel to it.

Check out the list to find out the most popular leather backpacks for men in 2024 so that you do not fall behind in fashion or style ever. The finest backpacks have been featured so that you can quickly choose and get yourself one.

Best Leather Backpacks for Men to Buy in 2024

10. Wudon Leather Backpack 

WUDON Leather Backpacks for men

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If quality is your primary concern, go for this product without any second thoughts. Winning the title of Amazon’s Choice title with its amazing service, it will surely have what you are looking for as well. Keeping practical necessities in mind, the product comes with a side pocket. This holds your bottle, so you have easy access whenever you are thirsty. Having zinc alloy rivets and hardware, you do not have to worry about wearing off.

On top of that, they are rustproof as well. So, the overall look of the bag will not be hampered in any way. Lastly, it has a drawstring closure. This opens the bag widely, so you can easily take the things out.

Key Features: 

  • This product promises to use high quality absolutely genuine crazy horse leather.
  • The leather bag is an imported item assuring quality.
  • Its waxed look adds uniqueness to the product.

9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Backpack


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This product is absolutely packed with features, and will definitely come up to your expectations. This backpack will be your best friend when it comes to organization. It even has slots to hold your cards, so you do not have to fumble through your backpack. Being spacious, it will easily hold all the items you want to carry. The product has a very unique feature to pass through security checkpoints hassle-free.

With the EZ scan section, which is compliant with the TSA guidelines, you will not require to take out your laptop at the checkpoint.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a special tear-resistant interior lining. Therefore, you can use it daily without any trouble.
  • If you have any doubts about the quality, the company drives any such thoughts away with a promising lifetime warranty on the product.
  • With an ultra-padded back panel, you remain cool and comfortable no matter how long you wear it.

8. Gearonic Vintage Backpack

GEARONIC Leather Backpacks for men

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If you love vintage, this ruggedly handsome backpack will surely win your heart with the aesthetics. Available in a wide array of colors, you are sure to find one which speaks to your fashion style. The backpack makes use of high-quality canvas fabric along with PU leather. This affords the product great sturdiness, as well as durability. The product has a flap over design.

As a matter of fact, it comes with the essential button. It makes sure all your belongings do not come out of the bag. This is indeed a large bag that has multiple compartments such as side pockets, small and large compartments and even a front one.

Key Features: 

  • One great feature of the backpack is that the shoulder straps are adjustable. This gives you a comfortable fit.
  • The corners of the product have reinforced leather, which helps to extend the life of the product.
  • To upgrade the vintage game, the product also has brass hardware accents.

7. jaald Leather Backpack


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Name your needs, and this product is sure to already have it. The product uses metal rings on the straps. This allows you to adjust the strap smoothly, even while you are wearing it. With modern needs, a special laptop compartment is a must. The compartment has been thickly padded so that your laptop is free from any chances of getting scratches.

Even the bottom is padded, so the things inside can avoid the shock. The lining of the product is extremely lightweight, which makes you feel no bulk as you wear it all day.

Key Features: 

  • The back panel of the bag is well padded which provides great comfort as you wear it all day. It is also well riveted for added durability.
  • It has the best quality YKK metal zippers. These zippers are known to last for a really long time.
  • The specialty of this is that it is handcrafted meticulously. This is beautifully hand-stitched to give an authentic look.

6. LXY Leather Backpack

LXY Leather Backpacks for men

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If you are a vegan, this product has been made just for you. With this, you can be fashionable without compromising on your principles. The bag uses complete vegan leather for the body of the backpack. Thus, the product is environmental-friendly as well. The backpack also sports a comfortable handle on the top of the product. This lets you hold the backpack with your hands totally trouble-free.

Finally, it comes with two anti-theft pockets so that you can have complete security of your important items.

Key Features:

  • Unlike other products, this backpack has a magnetic metal buckle. This gives the product a much stronger grip.
  • Since the backpack uses all solid metal for the hardware of the item, it happens to be really sturdy.
  • Since the product is stain resistant, it reduces much of your time and effort required for maintenance.

5. Kemy’s Men’s Leather Backpack


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This product has been designed with much care. The product uses heavy oil wax canvas along with leather. This makes the item waterproof. Therefore, now when you are caught in a sudden downpour, your belongings inside the backpack will not get soaking wet. Keeping quality in mind, the product uses copper for most hardware.

To give it a stylish appearance, it also has a gold hardware part in the front of the flap. Keeping your comfort in mind, this product comes with padded shoulder straps, which are soft on the skin.

Key Features: 

  • Everybody has a different taste. To cater to all, this product is made available in as many as 8 different elegant colours.
  • With the combination of magnetic snaps along with a drawstring, this bag keeps everything secured safely inside.
  • The top flap of the product promises to use totally genuine leather.

4. Bostanten Leather Backpack

BOSTANTEN Leather Backpacks for men

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This product is a work of craftsmanship. It uses a premium quality genuine crazy horse leather which is imported from Italy on the top of the backpack. The backpack is quite spacious. It is able to hold a 15.6 inches tablet easily. If that was not enough, it also has two extra internal slip pockets along with the laptop compartment. Besides, the laptop compartment is padded, to avoid any damage from the clutter of the other items.

With the PU leather zippers, not only does it look great, but you have a soft material to pull smoothly.

Key Features: 

  • The exterior of the product has one front Magneto buckle pocket.
  • With the two extra side pockets, you will be able to keep small items within your hand’s reach.
  • The back pocket of the backpack has thoughtfully been given a zipper, to ensure the items remain safe.

3. S-Zone Men Vintage Leather Backpack


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This is an upgraded version, having everything you can ask for. The product has genuine leather on the body. On top of that, it also uses cotton lining. The materials coupled together prove to increase the durability of the product. Besides, when you have the top grade YKK zippers, what more can you ask for.

Specifically designed for men, this is used for a number of different activities. The top of the leather handle comes with a button, which gives you a wider area to hold the bag. Finally, the bag comes with retro wrinkles as it’s the very original style.

Key Features: 

  • Searching for your pen is a real hassle in the mess of your bag. Therefore, it has special pen sleeves to hold them in place.
  • With the elastic sleeve on the laptop compartment, the padding stays attached to your laptop for utmost protection.
  • To help you attain the perfect balance, it has a shoulder drop of 17-inches.

2. Kenox Vintage Leather Backpack

Kenox Leather Backpacks for men

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When it comes to quality, Kenox tries to provide you with the very best of what the can offer. The backpack has PU leather on the body. This gives the backpack a smooth surface, which is really easy to clean. Further, the PU leather makes the product easily last for ages without any complaint. On top of that, because of the PU leather, you do not get any obnoxious smell even when the product is opened for the first time.

The entire back panel of the product has mesh padding. This makes the surface really breathable, which keeps the material from irritating your skin even with long hours.

Key Features: 

  • This is certainly gender-neutral so it is perfect for both men and women alike.
  • The sturdy zippers open and close smoothly, without any glitches as you pull on them.
  • Since the shoulder straps are quite wide, you do not feel any pressure pressing you down.

1. Solo Reade Vintage Leather Backpack


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Full-grain imported Columbian leather has been used for this product. The leather is as functional as it is attractive. With the simple but elegant look, it offers great sturdiness to the backpack. When it comes to quality, this product is really matchless. When the product offers you a terrific 5-year long warranty on the product, what more can you ask for?

With a good amount of padding all over the back panel and shoulder straps, you can go on for hours before you feel any fatigue.

Key Features: 

  • Having many zippered compartments, this product provides you with a lot of room to put all your things, without struggling with a space crunch.
  • Comes with a special quick access pocket and front zip-down organizer. All your things are well managed.
  • The glossy brass metal details, provide the required durability and makes the bag look even more sophisticated.

So, we have finally compiled a list where the above-mentioned products are both stylish as well as functional. Create your own style statement and be an example for others.