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10 Best Portable Freezers in 2024

Whether you are on a beach or camping, everybody likes a cold drink during summer. More importantly, you also need to ensure that your foods remain fresh. However, it is not possible to take your regular freezer everywhere. Thus, you need to opt for a mini-fridge. The portable freezers are easily portable and have a durable construction. Thus, they keep your food and drinks cool perfectly. Moreover, these fridges work on both AC and DC supply. Therefore, you will be able to use these freezers anywhere without any trouble.

Thinking of having one? Take a look at the list below so that you do not get derailed from your perfect search.

The Best Portable Freezers to Buy in 2024

10. RCA Mini Fridge

RCA Portable Freezers

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This is really the best product to start this list. It is obviously one of the best ones out there. RCA’s mini freezer comes with a top-notch compressor. So, it makes sure that the food remains at a perfect temperature even during hot summer. And it does that efficiently by utilizing the least power. Moreover, storing this freezer is super easy due to its door that can slide either way.

As a matter of fact, it certainly has a slide out shelves so that you can clean it without any complaints. You can even adjust the leveler to the height you prefer.

Key Features:

  • Owing to its design, it is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.
  • This freezer is eco-friendly which means that it does not emit any Chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere.
  • Has a capacity of 3.2 gallons for providing sufficient space.

9. hOmeLabs Mini Fridge


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Now switch between three separate modes of temperature regulation with HomeLab’s mini freezer. Furthermore, it is capable of defrosting and freezing. It also contains shelves that you can take out for cleaning or simply to accommodate more stuff. Also, it houses a separate partition, especially for storing drinks.

Another interesting thing about this mini freezer is how it looks. This freezer comes with a stylish stainless steel finish. Hence, it will make you look classier.

Key Features:

  • You can store this mini fridge practically anywhere due to its sleek design. So, it obviously takes the least of the floor area.
  • The body of the door is such that one can easily scribble on it and of course, remove later on.
  • Plus, the door is capable of opening both on the left side and the right. So, you have full freedom as far as positioning goes.

8. COSTWAY Portable Freezer

COSTWAY Portable Freezers

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This portable freezer from Costway is truly excellent. Of course, it has separate functional areas for freezing and normal cooling. With total control on the temperature settings, you can store the necessary items in a hassle-free manner. Use it at home or on the road, it will adapt to both AC and DC supply. Having a capacity of 16-quarts, you can fit in a lot inside this portable fridge.

Moreover, you get protection against vibration that will help you to keep the products safe inside the fridge. Besides that, the freezing temperature goes as low as -4-degrees F. As a result, you can even chill beverage in it.

Key Features:

  • It surely comes with two sturdy handles on each side for ease in carrying.
  • This freezer does not emit any annoying noise, limiting it to 45 decibels.
  • The freezer also has an LCD screen that displays the current temperature that it is at.

7. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge


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A portable freezer that will also play music for you. Yes, that is Gourmia for you due to the presence of Bluetooth. Just sync it to your phone or tablet. With minimum weight and a handle for carrying it, it will be your best travel companion. The cherry on the cake is its ability to both heat up as well as chill food. This mini-fridge from Gourmia also has its certificate for excellent quality and zero environmental impact from ETL. Thus, it proves that it is a name you can put your trust in.

Next, this compact format comes with a carry handle so that takes it to different destinations. Finally, it weighs only 5.4 pounds, thus, not a deal to transport it.

Key Features:

  • You can take out one of its shelves and put back in as per the requirement.
  • This freezer is usable inside buildings as well as suitable for carrying on trips. Courtesy is its AC and DC options.
  • Its auto-lock feature prevents the door from accidental opening.

6. Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge

Cooluli Portable Freezers

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Cooluli’s freezer is equally deft in both cooling and warming items. Yes, you have read it correctly. It is a fridge that is capable of warming up your necessity on the press of a single switch. Its special system of thermoelectricity allows it to chill stuff, heat up and also maintain the required temperature of products.​The most impressive factor of this freezer? Apart from adapting to AC and DC, it can also work with a USB and power bank.

Portability is the forte of Cooluli’s mini-fridge. With a handle, it has negligible weight. Furthermore, it also has a door lock-up facility on its high-grade PP door. Zero chances of the door opening during travels.

Key Features:

  • 7 beautiful hues with matte polish to choose from. A basic Black and White, a print version, a sober blue, a soft pink, a vibrant fuschia and a bright red.
  • This freezer is devoid of Freons and other harmful emissions. Thus, it is 100% environment-friendly.
  • Cleaning this freezer is totally hassle-free. Just use a wet wipe to make it brand new in no time.

5. AstroAI Mini Fridge


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A single hour is all that this fridge needs to chill its contents. And yes, it even doubles up as a hot pot. This mini fridge retains the temperature of your hot edibles even when it’s off and the door is shut tightly. Making next to no noise, it can be used for domestic and commercial use with equal ease. Be its pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food or drink, AstroAI’s freezer is up for any challenge.

Moreover, it is given an AC input and a DC input so that it can be used both indoors as well as on road trips. Lastly, the handle on its head comes in handy while carrying it.

Key Features:

  • This freezer has approval from CC, RoHS, ETL and FCC, eliminating any doubts about its quality.
  • AstroAI is backing its product for an impressive span of 3 years in case of any damage or malfunction.
  • It offers a capacity of a maximum of 4l in order to provide a lot of space.

4. Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer

Midea Portable Freezers

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A savvy looking freezer from one of the market stalwarts. Midea WHS has a freezer that will complete the look and purpose of any room, be it a hostel, dormitory, an elegantly decorated kitchen or a modern modular one. In fact, why just the kitchen? Thanks to its soundless functioning, you can position it near a baby’s cot or even in offices or hospitals.

The most unique feature of this freezer, however, has to be its door that is completely reversible. Plus, its temperature can increase or decrease accordingly. Of course, Midea has your back for a whole year. Any freezer-related issue occurring within the warranty period will be addressed by them.

 Key Features:

  • You can store almost any kind of food item in Midea’s freezer. Snacks, beverages, fruits, beer- you just name it!
  • It uses minimum power to perform its function and cools the contents uniformly, irrespective of where each item is inside.
  • A wire rack comes with the freezer that you can attach or detach according to requirements.

3. Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator


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Alpicool brings for you, an all-time companion when it is the question of preserving food. Call it a freezer or fridge, it serves the purpose of both. Installed with two types of power inputs, one being DC while the other is AC, it is suitable for both home and car. It also comes with a power cord (DC) and an adaptor (AC). Additionally, it features a display that exhibits the temperature and its settings so that you can adjust it as per your necessity.

If you are someone who likes hitting the dirt path, but wondering if your freezer can withstand the bumpy trail, then stop right there. Its unique design prevents any damage, at the same time, allowing it to be tilted to about 45 degrees.

 Key Features:

  • A top-notch compressor that cools in no time and even has two different modes of ECO and HH.
  • Do not worry about the car battery depleting while your freezer is connected to it. Alpicool has equipped its freezer with a technologically advanced, triple-layer safeguarding system that prevents any such situation.
  • This fridge cum freezer has sturdy handles, attached to it on either side, making it easier to be carried anywhere.

2. Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star

Whynter Portable Freezers

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Minimum power consumption, negligible noise and optimized functionality that is what sums up Whynter CUF-110B. It does not produce sound more than 40 decibels which makes it ideal for hospitals and offices. Also, deciding about a spot to keep it is super convenient due to its door that can be opened on both the right and left sides.

To top it all, it is equipped with a compressor that is definitely one of the best, thus justifying its Energy Star rating. This freezer not only chills food its contents but also defrosts when the need arises. It is manufactured in two color variations of steel and black, suitable enough to be co-ordinated with any kind of household décor.

Key Features:

  • A detachable rack, made of wire is complimentary and is removable if necessary.
  • It is fitted with a lock to keep the things safe inside and an extra piece of key is also provided in case one is lost.
  • With fully adjustable temperature settings, you can choose any temperature between -2-degrees F to 10-degrees F.

1. Dometic CFX 75DZW CFX 75DZW Portable Freezer


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A portable freezer that lets you regulate and check its temperature with the help of WiFi, Domestic is undoubtedly more technologically advanced than its competitors. Loaded with interesting features, this portable freezer from Domestic is the ultimate in its category.

Constructed with stainless steel, this freezer is one the hardiest in its category, making it the best choice for adventure enthusiasts. Additionally, its huge inner cavity allows us to stack the maximum number of items at the lowest temperature of -7 degrees F but with noise as low as 37 decibels. Also, worth mentioning is its quality of adapting to AC, DC and solar power too! This freezer improves and maintains the health of your car’s battery with its Dynamic Battery Protection System.

 Key Features:

  • It can even recharge smaller electronic devices like phones and tablets which makes it extremely useful in case of any outdoor emergency.
  • It is fitted with an LED bulb inside that consumes the least amount of power while providing light in darker environments.
  • Domestic has also arranged a wire rack along with dividers that are detachable. This facilitates proper partitioning while organizing the contents.

Start your camping on a good note. Pack your food and beverages in a compact portable freezer and never miss out on any cravings.