Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers in 2020

Buying a good portable ice maker is a very wise decision. There are plenty of benefits that you will receive by buying a portable ice maker. This kind of equipment not only increases efficiency inside your house but quite important in your picnics and family outings. Every company big or small has one inside their lunchroom or tea room. Another use case is with hotels. Most hotels offer a similar service to their customers. The problem is as always on how to make a decision on what device to buy. Most of the time, people end up buying low-quality products due to not having enough time to research on the available portable ice makers out there. Basically, things such as ice quantity, production speed are important when making an informed decision.

List of Top Best Portable Ice Makers in 2020

This review will list down the top 10 best portable ice makers out there. We will compare the different products with respect to their pros and cons in order to make it easier for you to make a fast decision.

10. Black Avalon Bay Ice maker

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

Avalon Bay is a sleek black beauty with an exceptional design to its exterior. It has a rich look which can suit all levels of customers and any environment too; both home and office alike.

This is available in 3 colors. Red, Black, and Silver. Customers have a variety as to which option they want to invest in. It can nicely fit small places like home kitchens, boats, small SUVs.

Ice takes 20 min to get a fresh batch of ice out. Additionally, bullet shape ice shall be created every 5 minutes so you don’t have to wait the full 20 minutes to get some ice out.

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9. Red Ivation Ice maker

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker

Red Ivation is an extremely attractive portable ice maker. It comes in two colors; Silver and Red. Plug and play dispenser for faster operations and increased efficiency. Indicator lights to keep your customers updated on the operational activities.

Alerts for special thresholds reached – maximum ice quantity indicator & alert an indicator and alert when there’s not sufficient water.

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8. Red New Air Ice maker

NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker

The New Air portable is a grand looking red beauty with an unmatched design to its exterior. It has a rich look which can suit all levels of customers and any environment too; both home and office alike.
It comes in 5 different colors; Black, sky blue, orange, red and silver. The multitude of colors gives customers a number of options to choose from.

There are 3 different ice cube sizes available and Ice can be made ready in 15 minutes. The new air portable ice maker has a high capacity and is capable of creating 28 pounds of ice per day.

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7. Silver Edgestar

Edgestar IP210SS1 Portable Ice Maker

Edgestar Silver is a sleek unique silver portable ice maker with exceptional design to its exterior. Edgestar Silver utilizes technology to its very best and provides convenience to the customer. The Edgestar comes with a lot of controls to make customer’s life easier and has the capacity to store ice up to 2 pounds.

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6. Green Magic Chef Portable ice maker

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless

Green Magic Chef Portable ice maker has a unique green color which brings out a professional look if you’re looking to buy one. This is a really good investment for therapists and massage professionals.
It has the exterior drain functionality and can hold up to 4 pounds of ice in the storage basket. The ice maker can make 27 pounds of ice a day. 2 Different ice cube sizes available. Ice ready in as low as 7 minutes.

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5. Knox

Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker

Knox is a silver color portable ice maker with a compact design, due to its unusual shape saves a lot of space hence ideal for indoors, boats and RV etc. The cycle time of Knox is 6 mins and can hold a capacity of 27 pounds. The device has two indicators one for low water level detection and another for ice full detection.

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4. Luma Comfort

Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker

The Luma Comfort portable ice maker is a brilliant ice maker, its specialty being able to make restaurant clear ice cubes. The device is capable of making 28 pounds of ice for a given day. Made of stainless steel it looks very attractive in two colors. The countertop saves a lot of space and gives the entire unit a compact design.

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3. Gourmia Electric Portable Ice Maker

Gourmia GI500 Electric Ice Maker

The G1500 portable ice maker from Gourmia is an electric stainless steel one with a compact design and a professional outlook. The device is capable of making up to 30 pounds of ice for a single day and supports up to 3 different types of ice cubes. The device comes with several built-in features among them are a timer, refill alarm functionality where it rings an alarm once refill state has reached an auto shut down as a way of saving power.

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2. Newair 50 lb. AI-215SS Portable Ice Maker

Newair AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker

The Newair AI 2155 is a portable ice maker with a huge capacity, up to a maximum of 50 pounds a day. It has some advanced features such as self-cleaning functionality. It has the ability to make ice cubes of 3 different sizes. It’s uniquely known for its output rate, meaning it produces ice faster than any similar machine out there in the market. It comes with a detachable ice scoop & ice cap. The stainless design is meant to save space, hence ideal for small office spaces, home use, boats and for activities such as picnics and camping.

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1. GI110 Gourmia Portable Ice Maker

Gourmia GI110 Compact Portable Electric Ice Maker

The Gourmia GI110 Ice Maker secures the number 01 spot in our review of top 10 portable ice makers for 2020. Designed to be compact, this is ideal for small offices and workplaces as well as for RVs and boats. The device is an electric one and can deliver ice within 10 minutes. It can produce 26 pounds of ice cubes for a single day operating at a voltage of 110/120V. The machine comes in white color giving it a very beautiful look and that has helped it become one of the most sought-after portable ice makers of late.

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