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10 Best PS4 Cooling Fans in 2024

If you play on your PS4 for a long time, it can be dangerous for your PlayStation. However, most of the gamers play games at a stretch and therefore, there is a need for PS4 cooling fan. The cooling fan will ensure that your PlayStation performs optimally throughout no matter for how long you are playing it. PS4 does cost a lot and a cooling fan will enhance its durability significantly. Check out the top 10 best PS4 cooling fans that are functional and attractive.

The Best PS4 Cooling Fans to Buy in 2024

10. PS4 Dual Cooling Fans by Colleer

Colleer PS4 Cooling Fans

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This PS4 stand comes with both cooling and charging systems. The fans also dissipate the excessive heat of your consoles. Moreover, the charging station of the equipment allows you to charge two devices at the same time. The PS4 stand comes along with controller charging docks and three additional HUB ports.

This device also comes with a space-saving vertical design, so you can keep your gaming space in an organized way. Furthermore, these charging docks are able to charge the devices faster. With the help of three additional HUB ports, the PS4 stand lets you connect with any USB-enabled device.

Reasons To Buy

  • Allows charging and cooling.
  • HUB ports for better performance.
  • Better versatility with two-in-one design.

9. PECHAM PS4 Pro with Cooling Fan


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This vertical stand consists of a pair of PS4 cooling fans, three additional HUB ports, and controller charging docks. With the help of charging docks, this unit also allows you to connect and charge your USB-enabled devices. Moreover, the fans effectively keep your consoles cool and in good condition for years.

This stand with vertical design also allows you to keep your consoles and controllers in an organized manner. Furthermore, the charging slots of the equipment allow you to charge two of your controllers at the same time. The device lets you charge your tablets, cameras, and other USB-enabled devices like a breeze.

Reasons To Buy

  • Three HUB ports for outstanding performance.
  • Allows using for different purposes.
  • Safe for use and effective performance.

8. YoWin Upgraded 8-in-1 PS4 Cooling Fan

YoWin PS4 Cooling Fans

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The simple yet functional structure of this stand for PS4 makes it extremely suitable for charging and cooling consoles. This stand also comes along with two inbuilt PS4 cooling fans to keep the consoles cool and active. Moreover, this stand mostly works with all PS4 models. The unit comes with storage to hold up to 16 games.

The stand also comes along with four micro USB dongles, 30-inch USB cable, and USB and HUB ports. Furthermore, the cooling system is able to cool down the consoles very much faster. The operational noise of this cooling system does not cross the level of 50-dB.

Reasons To Buy

  • Two fans for better performance.
  • Full set for user advantage.
  • Low operating noise and storage facility.

7. PS4 Cooling Fan by Lyyes


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This PS4 charging dock is very much versatile and comes along with a cooling system. With the help of PS4 cooling fans, the system also helps you to protect your devices from overheating. Moreover, the stand is only compatible with regular PS4 models. The lightweight, travel-friendly, and space-saving design of this system make your gaming experience better.

The external turbo temperature control function of this stand also extends the lifespan of the gaming consoles. Furthermore, the stand stands for durability and is able to move from one place to another with ease. The automatic mode automatically turns on and off the cooling after detecting the temperature range of the consoles.

Reasons To Buy

  • Saves spaces and lightweight design.
  • Automatic operation for better performance.
  • Protects from overheating and portable design.

6. BEBONCOOL PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan

BEBONCOOL PS4 Cooling Fans

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This PS4 stand comes with space-saving vertical storage to your gaming space neat and organized. The stand is also majorly compatible with several PS4 models. Furthermore, the unit comes with a storage capacity of 16 games. This stand comes along with dual PS4 cooling fans to keep your consoles cool and in working condition.

The fans also come with very much limited operational noise. Furthermore, the charging system of this stand allows you to charge two of your consoles within 2.5 to 4-hours. The inbuilt chip of the charging system protects your controllers from over-charging, over-heating, over-voltage, and short circuits.

Reasons To Buy

  • Inbuilt chip for better protection.
  • High storage capacity for user advantage.
  • Allows using in all conditions.

5. PS4 Pro Stand with Cooling Fan by FASTSNAIL


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With a slim-profile and vertical design, this PS4 stand saves a lot of space on your desktop. The stand also consists of a pair of PS4 cooling fans, two HUB, and one USB port. Moreover, the charging docks are able to charge your devices faster with the help of high output power. The system includes a button to turn off the fans without interrupting the charging function.

The HUB stations and USB ports also allow you to connect and charge your USB-enabled devices. Furthermore, the red and blue-colored indicators let you see the status of charging of the controllers and consoles.

Reasons To Buy

  • USB port for easy operation.
  • Saves space for user convenience.
  • LED indicators for charging status.

4. OIVO Regular PS4 Pro Cooler

OIVO PS4 Cooling Fans

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The minimalist design of this PS4 stand makes it very much space-saving for your gaming space. Compatible with most of the PS4 models, the stand also allows you to keep your gaming consoles in good condition. Moreover, this cooling stand consists of two PS4 cooling fans to dissipate the excessive heat of the consoles.

This charging station is also able to charge up to two controllers with no interruption. Furthermore, this unit comes with 12 games storage, controller charging station with indicators for ease of operation. The operational noise stays lesser than 50-dB. The inbuilt controller chip of this system only starts charging the controllers after detecting the charge level below 70%.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to use and controller charging station.
  • High performance with better heat dissipation.
  • Low noise for user advantage.

3. Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan


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This charging system for controllers can simultaneously charge two of your gaming consoles. With the help of inbuilt PS4 cooling fans, the stand efficiently protects the console from overheating and accidental fire. Moreover, this stand is only compatible with the regular PS4 models. This unit comes along with two HUBs and one USB ports, so you can connect with your USB-enabled devices.

The bottom of this stand also has anti-slip rubber mats to keep it in the proper place during operation. Furthermore, the dual-charging station allows you to charge and cool two devices with ease. With the help of vertical design, the stand does not acquire much space on your desk.

Reasons To Buy

  • Better stability with rubber mats.
  • Dual charging station for better functionality.
  • Vertical design and wide compatibility.

2. Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan

Kootek PS4 Cooling Fans

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This multi-functional console stand comes along with a vertical and slim design to consume lesser desk space. The stand also comes along with PS4 cooling fans to keep the consoles cool and in proper working condition. Moreover, the stand has two USB charging ports, so you can charge up to two consoles at the same time.

The versatile PS4 stand also comes with a pair of HUBs and one USB ports. Furthermore, this device lets you connect your keyboard, mouse, and other USB-enabled devices. This controller charging station with cooling fans makes better compatibility with both PS4 and PS4 slim gaming consoles.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to use with a USB port.
  • Allows using PS4 for an extended period.
  • Less space and charging station.

1. PECHAM PS4 Cooling Fan


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This PS4 cooling fan with stand comes with a vertical stand design to save a lot of space. The dual cooling fan system of this unit also keeps PS4 and PS4 slim consoles cool and in well-working conditions. Moreover, the equipment consists of two cooling fans, three additional hub ports, and controller charging docks.

The stand also has two separate slots to hold the controllers while charging or when they are not in use. Furthermore, the cooling fans effectively protect your consoles from getting overheated. This system lets you charge two of your controllers at the same time. With the help of 3 hub ports, this stand can charge your phones, cameras, and tablets.

Reasons To Buy

  • Prevents overheating with effective performance.
  • Three HUB ports and easy to use.
  • Vertical design for less space.

Buying Guide For PS4 Cooling Fans

Check out the following points when you shop for a PS4 cooling fan.


The materials of PS4 cooling fans can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and you need to get the one that lasts longer. It has to offer value for money and deliver superior performance. Apart from the material, you will have to see if it comes with sturdy construction that delivers better performance.


The size of PS4 cooling fans can vary accordingly. You need to go for the one that comes in a compact design. However, you must not compromise the performance when you make your buy. Get the right size that delivers efficient performance without influencing the performance.


Another important thing you will have to consider is storage. Consider the one that comes in an appropriate weight and size so that it lets you have easy storage. You will also have to consider the climatic conditions and then make your pick. Look for charging mounts, and you need to see if it comes with easy mounting options.


PS4 cooling fans can come in different designs and colors. Although this is not a major consideration, you can see if it matches the décor and create a perfect atmosphere. Go for the one that comes with easy connectivity. Some can come with a USB option and have the option of plug and play. See if it has better stability and includes stand support for optimal performance. You need to see the base properly so that it does not flip over.


The performance is definitely the most important thing for having a PS4 cooling fan. Some of it can offer better versatility and come in a vertical design. It can easily accommodate other items and work in a multifunctional way. See if it has the ability to prevent overheating by delivering outstanding performance. Some can even come with LED lights that create a better ambiance.


There are different types of cooling fans available for your PlayStation. If you are a passionate gamer, as soon as you buy PS4, you should opt for the cooling fan. There will be no lag or deterioration in the performance. The above-mentioned buying guide will be immensely useful for you to choose the best PS4 cooling fan and get the most out of your investment.