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10 Best Rolling TV Stands in 2024

The advancement in technology has completely revolutionized the television industry as the standard television replaced quickly by smart and flat-screen televisions. However, it is important to have the best rolling TV stands that not only provide safety to your television but also enhance the interior décor. There is a great misconception among the people that rolling stands are very costly. In fact, they are quite an affordable option to keep your flat screen in a proper place in your home.

If you think it is a headache to find a perfect rolling stand, then you have reached the right destination. After having great research about this product, we have created the list of the top 10 best rolling TV stands in 2024. All you need to do is check the details carefully and buy the one that suits your needs.

Best Rolling TV Stands in 2024

10. Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart


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This movable rolling TV stand is perfect for safeguarding your TV as well as other components like DVD player & music system. It has a component shelf where you can store all these things.

It is a sturdy frame and interlocking casters that make it a perfect product to buy.


  • Great loading capacity of 110 pounds
  • Capable of rolling pretty quickly
  • Highly compatible product


  • Screws coming with the stand made from cheap material
  • Complains about incorrect manual

9. North Bayou Universal Mobile TV Stand


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It is a highly sophisticated TV stand that can hold models of 32 to 65 inches with complete ease. The North Bayou stand is an ideal product to use in lecture halls, hospitals, conference rooms, and homes.

There are four lockable wheel casters installed in this stand that make the maneuverer better.


  • Comes with a firm aluminum alloy frame
  • Equipped with an adjustable tray for keeping other devices
  • Rolling TV Stands Can be installed pretty easily


  • Some instructions don’t match with the hardware

    8. Peerless Universal Rolling Cart


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    It is one of the most popular models among people due to its weighing power and excellent wheel movement. The Peerless Universal lasts for many years due to the high-quality material.

    There is also a tray installed in this cart to offer additional space for laptops and other essential things.


    • Equipped with a built-in cable management system
    • Ideal for bulky televisions
    • Rolling TV Stands to Provide better safety with its extra-large base


    • Some issues in the assembly instructions

      7. Elitech Mobile Rolling TV Carts


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      It is an amazing rolling TV stand that can tilt pretty quickly to the best viewing angle. You will get an adjustable tray and easy-moving wheels with this product.

      The Elitech Mobile has a capacity of holding TVs up to 100 lbs without any issue.


      • Very easy to install with clear manual
      • High-quality wheels make the movement easier
      • Equipped with a top-quality built-in cable system


      • Low holding power compared to other TV stands in the list

        6. Husky Mount Rolling TV Cart


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        The Husky Mount is an amazing product equipped with four silent balls bearing a swivel caster through which you can move the TV faster. It also has an adjustable tray where you can put electronic products.

        Furthermore, you can adjust the height to get a better view.


        • Offer perfect safety and stability
        • Affordable to buy
        • Equipped with an amazing cable management system


        • Not suitable for small apartments

        5. Vivo TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat

        VIVO Rolling TV Stands

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        If you want to take your experience to a completely new level, then buy the Vivo TV Cart now. It made from a very high-quality material that allows it to offer amazing protection to the TV.

        Some best features of this product are smooth movement wheels, universal sizing and perfect tilt to offer the right viewing experience.


        • Fit perfectly for TVs with 37 to 70” screens
        • Comes with two-component shelves
        • Provide an amazing viewing experience


        • Offer some issues with the screws, but they are quite low in numbers

        4. Yaheetech Universal Flat Screen TV Carts Stand


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        If you want to enhance your viewing experience, then buy the Yaheteech Universal TV stand. It can accommodate TVs of almost all designs. Also, it offers you the liberty to adjust TV at any viewing angle.

        This stand has a maximum loading capacity of 110 pounds that is enough for the majority of models.


        • Pretty reliable TV stand
        • Component stand for extra storage
        • Made from top-notch quality material


        • Very horrible instruction manual

        3. Kanto MTM65PL TV Stand with Wheels and Mount


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        The Kanto MTM65PL made for people who want to move their TV with ease. It comes with quick-releasing locks on wheels that hardly give any trouble.

        The product made from a high-quality steel frame having a powder finish that looks pretty attractive.


        • Very sleek and minimal design
        • Offer optimal viewing experience
        • Extra locking mechanism for proper stability


        • Little bit complicated assembly process

        2. Fitueyes TT207001MB Swivel TV Stand


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        The manufacturer has created this stand by keeping the minimalist in time. You can adjust the height of this stand according to your requirement. It comes with a modern design that can support all the models between 32 & 65 inches.

        Furthermore, you are free to direct the television in any direction as per your needs.


        • Equipped with two different shelves
        • Rolling TV Stands Highly compact and durable metal body
        • Capable of moving TV set up to 15 degrees


        • Some components mismatch with the stand
        • Little bit costly product

        1. Vivo Black TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Stand


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        If your family wants a unique design and wants to give a new look to the room, then buy Vivo Back TV cart made from extremely high-quality material. It can use for any model within 32” to 65” length.

        There are swivel wheels attached to the bottom of the stand allowing you to move it from one place to another.


        • Last for many years without tearing
        • Comes with additional storage space
        • Can transport TV easily


        • Sharp threading on the pipe connector not liked by some users.

        A Complete Guide – For Rolling TV Stand

        Check out the following point when you buy a rolling TV stand.

        Weight Capacity:

        The weight capacity of a rolling TV stand can depend according to its size. Look for the one that can perfectly hold your flat-screen television. Most of it can hold TVs heaving weights of almost 60 pounds. However, some may come with a weight capacity of over 100 pounds. You must be careful when it comes to the total weight capacity, as it can also include the weight of the shelf. The shelf’s weight has to be almost ten pounds.


        For better flexibility, look for the one that lets you adjust the height according to your needs. This will let you have optimum comfort, and you rotate it in any position. Some of it will allow you to tile it in different directions. In addition to this, look for the one that comes with locking wheels that allows you to safely place it anywhere you want.


        The secure holding of your television is very important. Go for the one that is made of high-quality materials so that it delivers reliable performance. Durable materials, along with robust construction, will let you have peace of mind. Stainless steel frames are an ideal consideration and offer better benefits. Rubber wheels that can move in all types of floor surfaces can be a perfect buy. Apart from the material, you need to confirm if it comes with powder coating so that it can resist rust and corrosion.

        Design and Adjustable Shelves:

        The design completely depends upon user preference. Some of it can come with an adjustable shelf that can easily accommodate a laptop, set-top box, or PlayStation for easy media streaming. Some can even come with more than one shelf and lets you place music speakers. You can select the one according to your requirement and have better comfort. Go for the one that lets you make easy height adjustments.


        If a rolling TV stand comes in a wobbling structure, then there would be a risk of damaging your television. Look for the one that comes with improved stability. For this, you need to see if it comes with a wide base. Also, check if it comes with food stabilizers that allow you to adjust the level when there is a crooked floor.

        Cable Management:

        If you are looking to have a clean look, then select the one that comes with a built-in cable management system. Rolling TV stands that include a steel pole where you can easily keep the wires offer you a clean look. Some of it can come in a two-pole design so that you can have easy cable management. This can also include dedicated places where you can run the wires and have a neat look.


        The one that comes with all the necessary hardware will let you assemble it within minutes. See if it has hassle-free installation and lets you use it instantly. Select the one that has VESA mount options of different sizes. Some rolling stands can come in a pre-assembled design so that you can have better convenience.