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10 Best Air Hockey Tables in 2024

Air hockey is one of the most amazing indoor games that don’t involve annoying balls or extended setups. You only need the best air hockey table for starting enjoying this amazing game. However, finding the right unit isn’t an easier task, especially for beginners, when the market is full of air hockey tables.

For easing your tensions, our team has done careful research that lasts for 65 hours. We have created a list of top 10 best air hockey tables in 2024. So, your job is to check each one and choose the unit that you find perfectly.

List of Best Air Hockey Tables Review

10. Playcraft Sport Air Hockey Table (best 40-inch air hockey table)

Playcraft Air Hockey Tables

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If you want to enjoy the game of air hockey at its best, then choose this 40-inch air hockey table. You don’t have to buy this Playcraft model as the company sells it at a very decent price. We believe that this unit is ideal for kids with its attractive features.

It is an UL-approved unit that equips with ABS puck catcher let the players having a punk return. This package comes with two strikes and two pucks for extra convenience.


  • Equip with a powerful 100 cfm air powered motor
  • Provide a very solid air flow
  • Sold at a very affordable price


  • Construction could have been improved

9. Triumph Lumen-X Air Hockey Table (best with LED lighting)


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Are you one of those people who love LED lighting while playing the game? If yes, then go for Triumph Lumen-X that equip with an in-rail LED lights and in-game music for an interactive experience. There are dual motor blowers added by the manufacturer for continuous airflow.

The company has PVC material for manufacturing this unit that ensures you can use it for many years. If you are new to this game, then the company sells it with a manual for easier explaining.


  • Perfect for playing in the night
  • Equip with an electronic scoreboard
  • Very interactive air hockey table


  • Very hard on/off switch

8. Hathaway Power Play Portable Air Hockey Table (best for kids)

Hathaway Air Hockey Tables

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If you are looking to buy an air hockey table for your kids, then there is nothing better than this model from Hathaway brand. It comes with MDF certified table surface that makes sure a solid level of durability. There are two 3” pucks and twin large strikers for better functioning in this unit.

The presence of a 110V electric powered air blower system ensures the play keep moving smoothly. Additionally, the complete product takes only 10 minutes to assemble that is excellent.


  • Highly premium construction
  • Equipped with six months warranty
  • Hassle-free assembly process


  • Minor wiring complaints

7. ESPN Air Hockey Game Table (best 7-foot air hockey table)


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This 7-foot table has all the things that one can wish for having a brilliant air hockey game. It is manufactured by a recognized brand like ESPN, who has quite a name in the gaming world. They have succeeded in developing a unit that accommodates an air hockey game excitedly.

You can call it the best air hockey table for convenience thanks to the presence of a cup holder, built-in storage and LED scoring system. Overall, it is a brilliant unit that you can think about buying for enjoyment.


  • Premium playing surface
  • Equipped with durable leg levels for better durability
  • Incredible storage space


  • Sides receive scratches too easily

6. NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table (best under $500)

EastPoint Sports Air Hockey Tables

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The buyers who are looking for an option that allows them to play both air hockey and table tennis should go for this NHL unit. It is a complete package that equipped with automatic scoring and sound system for better playing experience.

There are power corners for providing extra bounce while playing air hockey. Furthermore, it has the professional table size that can be assembled with minimal assembly.


  • Delivered with a great set of accessories
  • Automatic light up system
  • Easy to store and setup


  • Missing hockey disks in many packages

5. Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table


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The fifth position in this list is held by this awesomely manufactured product from Atomic brand. It has a very brilliant construction crafted using high-end technology. This unit comes with a perfect playing field along with touch screen controls and adjustable leg levels.

The availability of 120 V blower ensures that the players can enjoy a pretty quick play. The package includes two red pucks and two ergonomic strikers along with the table.


  • Completely electronic scoring
  • Exceptional working with adjustable legs
  • Pretty uniquely designed unit


  • No protection from scratches

4. Sport Squad HX40 (best for realistic gameplay)

Sport Squad Air Hockey Tables

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If you are one of those people who prefer having a realistic play on the air hockey table, then go for HX40 without researching any further. It comes with a very high-output fan, so we suggest you expecting a pretty realistic play.

Furthermore, the complete assembly process takes less than 5 minutes that make sure you don’t have to waste time. Overall, we can say that it has a very portable and compact design that will give you a competitive feeling while playing.


  • Extremely affordable option to buy
  • Convenient and quick assembly process
  • Perfect for professional air hockey play


  • Complaints about its blower fan

3. MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table (best high-gloss air hockey table)

MD Sports

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The next one in this list is manufactured by MD Sports brand who has done an exceptional job here. It is a 7.5 feet air powered table that equips with a very glossy playing surface and professional style. Additionally, the lighting system is quite wonderful, and you will love playing on it.

Besides that, the table comes with very strongly crafted legs that offer much-needed stability and durability. Also, adjusting them is quite easier even for a beginner.


  • Feature exceptional hockey graphics
  • The highly glossy playing surface
  • Completely leveled surface


  • None at all

2. Redline Acclaim 4.5’ Air Powered (best PVC laminated air hockey table)

Redline Air Hockey Tables

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The Redline air hockey table has a very smoother PVC laminated playfield through which you can enjoy solid playability. There is a 110v motor fan added in this unit along with a switch button that let the players control the air levels.

It is a wonderful choice that has extremely lightweight and solid L-styled legs so that the perfect balance can be maintained. Overall, this one is a perfect option to go for.


  • Perfectly looking construction
  • Capable of maintaining an equal balance
  • Extremely smoother play


  • Lack of electronic scoring

1. Gold Standard Games (editor’s choice)

Gold Standard Games

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If you want to experience the luxury at its best, then we suggest you buy the product manufactured from the Gold Standard Games brand. It is a little bit costly device designed by professional player Mark Robbins.

There are aluminum rails attached to this unit that boost the puck flow conveniently. No doubt this unit is quite expensive, but the experience is worthy of its enjoyment.


  • Equip with a very solid resistant laminate
  • Create perfect bounce and bankability
  • Give professional playing experience


  • Highly expensive air hockey table to buy

How to choose the right air hockey table?

Have a look at things that you have to check while shopping the perfect air hockey table mentioned below:

  • Table Size

The air hockey tables are available in a great variety of lengths like 8 feet, 10 feet, and 7 feet. The tournament level games have 8 feet tables. However, we suggest you going according to space in your space.

  • Rink walls

The rink walls are an important component in the air hockey table so it should be strong. We suggest you go for one made from high-quality aluminum and nylon that is capable of giving proper deflection and rebound of the puck.

  • Motor

This game greatly depends on the table’s motor that will supply the air across it. So, it is important that the motor should be quiet and give air consistently to ensure a quality play. It shouldn’t overheat even if used for extended periods.

  • Pucks

The sizes of pucks vary according to the size of the table. For example, a 2.75 inches diameter puck is enough for small tables with a length of 6 and 7 foot. On the other hand, the one with 3.25 inches diameter is ideal for large tables. So, we suggest making sure that the puck size compatible with the air hockey table that you are buying.

  • Budget

Budget is an essential thing that needs to be keeping in mind while buying this equipment. We suggest you shouldn’t overspend and go for the product that suits your budget. Also, think about the frequency you will use the table every week before spending thousands of dollars in it.


Selecting the right air hockey table is an important decision as you are spending solid money on it. To reduce your tensions, we have tried to add the best air hockey tables in this post, so you have a brilliant experience. Identify your needs and choose one that you find perfectly matching your needs. If you still have a query in mind, then please tell us below. Our team will help you at the most appropriate level.