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10 Best Ant Killers in 2024

Are you dealing with the problems associated with ants in your home or office? If yes, then you need to buy the best ant killer as early as possible. It is important to get rid of them as they can contaminate your food and even bite your family members. It is very important that you should tackle the problem by using a suitable remedy.

In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best ant killers to buy in 2024. Our team has added each one after extensive testing and research that lasted for hours. Check out each of them and buy one that suits you perfectly.

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10. Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

Advance Ant Killers

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This ant killer manufactured by the Advance brand is a perfect choice for getting rid of ants in the home. It comes with a slow-acting fungus Abamectin B1 that destroy the ant colonies completely in 24 hours.

It can be applied directly from the container making the product easier to use. Also, it is a biodegradable product possessing no threats to the surroundings.

9. Aunt Fannie’s Ant Remedy

Aunt Fannie's Ant Killers

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Using this spray on a monthly basis will not kill the ants but also make sure that they don’t come back. It is the best ant killer that comes with essential oils allowing the spray to complete its work effectively.

There are no harmful chemicals used in this product that make it completely safe for the kids. Also, it has a subtle scent that creates a pleasant environment. Overall, it is the perfect ant killer that you can buy at an affordable price.

8. Terro T1812-2 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer

Terro Ant Killers

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This chemical manufactured by the Terro, who have immense popularity among the buyers. It is a tried and tested ant killer that deserves to be the part of this list by every prospect. The T1812-2 kills not only the ants that are visible to eyes but also the ones that hide under the walls.

It has some chemical attracts the ants to come out and let them transport the bait to the others in the colony. It is available in a pack of 2 and 3 units for the convenience of the customers.

7. Combat 100023400973061 Max

Combat Ant Killers

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This product is not only one of the most effective, but also best ant killers that you can buy in 2024. It is fully resistant for the child and doesn’t create any mess at all. The Combat Max brand has manufactured in such a way that its effect increases when the ants travel.

It is a fast acting killer that completes its job within 60-90 minutes. There is a syringe applicator in its bottle that allows the cleaner to reach the difficult areas.

6. Terro Liquid Ant Bait Station

Terro Ant Killers

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It is another product manufactured by the Terro brand using sodium tetraborate decahydrate allowing the chemical to kill all types of ants. This product is perfect to use in a variety of places like grocery stores, warehouses, apartments, homes, etc.

This ant killer is completely safe to use and made using highly active ingredients. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect the health of the pets in any way.

5. Safer Brand 51702 Diatomaceous Earth

Safer Brand Ant Killers

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The Safe Brand 51702 is one of the best ant killers that even approved by the USDA for organic gardening. It listed by the OMRI and can be used for many other insects like silverfish, crickets, bed bugs, and earwig along with the ants.

It comes in a 4 lbs resalable bag and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. This non-toxic product can be used in both indoors as well as outdoors. The 51702 kills the ants by dehydration within two days.

4. Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer Granules

Ortho Ant Killers

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The product that deserves the fourth position in the list of best ant killer is the Ortho Home Defense. The effect of this product lasts up to 3 months offering a full value to your money. In addition to ants, this chemical also kills centipedes, spiders, and other similar insects.

It is completely safe for the kids and pets making it an ideal option to buy. This product is very easy to use and needed to be applied near the foundation of the home.

3. Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer

Scotts Ant Killers

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This ant killer by Scotts Snap Pac is an effective and long-lasting product whose effect lasts up to 4 months. It directly hit the fly-in queens and colonies so that the ants get destroyed from the basis. Despite being an effective product, it is available at a very budget-friendly price.

In addition to fire ants, it works perfectly on the fly-in queens in the homes.

2. Advion Ant Gel Insecticide

Advion Ant Killers

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This product manufactured by the Advion brand comes in an applicator tube that effectively kills the ants from the core. It is the best ant killer based on the highly homogenous formulation that let the product work on all types of ants easily.

However, it strongly suggests that you should keep this solution away from the pets and children. The most active ingredient in this product is Indoxacarb that kills the ants in a short time.

1. Raid A&R Aero-Unscnt

Raid Ant Killers

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The product that will top our list is the Raid A&R that has made a reputation for killing the insects at a faster rate. It is an aerosol spray having Cypermethrin that eliminates the ants as well as kill other insects that came in its contact.

It comes with a light lemon scent and doesn’t spread any lingering chemical odor. Furthermore, it dries out at a faster rate without leaving any residue on the surface. It comes in a pack of 1, 2, and 3 units.


We believe that you have selected one of the best ant killers added in this list. Each of them effectively destroys the ants and ensures its effects last for a long time. Make sure you follow the precautions properly while using the ant killers.