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10 Best Neck Massagers in 2024

Getting a massage on the neck after a long and tiring day is something that everyone wants to have. It only not elevates the pain but also helps in making mobility better. On top of that, enjoying a neck massage is also considered very beneficial for boosting blood circulation. However, finding the right neck massager is never an easy task considering the number of options available in the market.

If you are going through the same confusion, then you need to check our list of top 10 best neck massagers to buy in 2024 properly. We have done extensive research and brief testing that will surely help you in making the right choice. Let’s check out the complete list and choose the one that fulfills your needs comfortably.

List of Best Neck Massagers Review

10. Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager (best for intense massage)

Brookstone Neck Massagers

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The list is going, to begin with, this brilliant model from Brookstone Company that can soothe the muscles and eliminate tightness to a greater extent. It offers deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes that can be very useful for working on the core muscles. The three levels of intensity available in the unit can be used independently as per the requirement.

There is a proper heat provided to the neck that can relax the tired muscles from the body. Additionally, it boosts muscle recovery and makes sure the body feels relaxed.


  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Equipped with three intense levels
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Easy to travel unit


  • Hard to use controls

9. Medcursor Neck and Back Massager (best under $50)


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It is a multi-functional massager that is capable of relieving soreness from all body parts including neck and shoulder. There are programmable deep kneading massage rollers added on the unit by the manufacturer that can be controlled according to the requirement. You will get a UL-listed adapter with this unit that works brilliantly with overheat resistance capacity.

Besides that, the product comes with an auto shut down feature that turns off automatically when there is no need for power. Also, it is very lightweight in construction that makes it easier to carry during travel.


  • Ergonomically designed unit
  • Very safe & convenient to use
  • Work on all body parts
  • Extremely lightweight to carry


  • Complaints about tuning in some products

8. Five S FS8801 Deep Tissue Shiatsu Neck Massager (best for design)

FIVE Neck Massagers

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If you are one of those people for whom looks matters greatly, then invest money in this unit that manufactured from the Five S brand and has a very positive reputation in the market. This beautifully designed unit is available in two beautiful colors like beige and black giving you an extra choice to make.

We can say that it is a combination of massage and heat therapy that boosts the blood circulation and give relief from sore muscles and stiffness. There are premium leather and high-quality soft mesh material used for manufacturing this unit.


  • Extremely longer cord
  • Equipped with 8 different nodes
  • Capable of hitting important spots
  • Very beautifully designed unit


  • Doesn’t last longer than a year

7. Nursal Neck Massager (best shiatsu neck massager)


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There are many people who love having shiatsu massage on the beck and this product is made for such buyers. It is a brilliant model from Nursal brand that comes with four rotating balls for giving a human-like feeling. Adjusting the levels of this unit is a pretty easier task thanks to the convenient setting system.

All you need to do is wrapping it around the neck and adjusting the pressure as per requirement. After that, you are free to work anything while this massage will perform its job.


  • Very relaxing to commute
  • Automatic shut off operation
  • Equipped with heat function
  • Three different levels


  • Low level is completely useless

6. InvoSpa Electric Neck Massager (best for improving blood circulation)

Shiatsu Neck Massagers

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The sixth position is accommodated by this electric neck massager that you can buy at a very affordable price. It is a highly unit that offers a soothing acupuncture type pressure therapy that boosts the blood circulation along with eliminating tensions from the muscles.

There are six pre-set massage modes that allow you to choose any level according to the requirement. It has an integrated rechargeable battery and remote control for easier control.


  • Equipped with user-friendly digital LCD display
  • Flexible neck collar wraps
  • Extremely portable construction
  • Convenient to use


  • Slightly clumsy built

5. LiBa Cordless Shiatsu Massager (best cordless neck massager)


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The people who don’t want to deal with cords can think about shopping this cordless massager from LiBa Company. It is a brilliant model that can be taken anywhere as per the convenience due to its rechargeable battery system. There is a stretchy strap added to the unit by manufacturer allowing you to attach it even to a car seat.

This unit changes direction after every minute so that the complete muscle groups can be worked. If we talk about its battery life, it runs up to 1.5 hours is enough for a relaxing massage session.


  • Convenient to move due to cordless operation
  • Battery life up to 1.5 hours
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Made from imported material


  • Little bit costly option to buy

4. Atsuwell Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager (best lightweight neck massager)


Atsuwell Neck Massagers

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The next product that is worthy of mentioning and accommodating the fourth position is this U-shaped design from the Atsuwell brand. Eight different shiatsu massage nodes are making sure you can have a relaxing massage. On top of that, it comes with three adjustable speeds that ensure the buyers can relax according to their needs.

The manufacturer has added an infrared heating system in this massage pillow that can heat up to 45 degree Celsius. Overall, we want to say you will get everything needed for a terrific massage session in this unit, so don’t delay and wait any longer.


  • Hands-free massage system
  • Equipped with infrared heating system
  • Perform at three different speeds
  • Very lightweight construction


  • Not suitable for people with large built

3. Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager (best for upper body)


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If you are looking for something that can relax your complete upper body, then don’t look beyond this brilliant model from the Zyllion brand. It comes with four deep-kneading rotating nodes that eliminate your aches and muscle tensions to a greater extent. Using this unit is very simple, and even a complete novice can do it.

This rechargeable and portable neck massager fits perfectly with body contours and neck without causing any discomfort. The unit is backed by a one-year warranty, so there is no need to worry about damages from manufacturers’ end.


  • Relieves sore muscles perfectly
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Solid battery backup of two hours
  • Very portable construction


  • Minor complaints about cordless functioning

2. LuxFit Neck Massager (runners up)

LuxFit Neck Massagers

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The product that gives a strong competition to all the models in the market and secures the second position in the list is LuxFit Neck massager. It is an impressive unit that only not eliminates headaches but also eases tension pain. A great number of buyers are very happy with the performance of this unit and recommend the other to shop it.

The main thing of this product is you can control the angle, pressure, and pace according to the requirement. In addition to that, the pressure is applied very precisely without any pressure. Apart from self-buying, it is a great gift that you give to the loved ones for eliminating tensions from their life.


  • Give awesome masseuse feeling
  • Provide controlling over the pressure
  • Super cheap option to shop
  • No need for electricity or batteries


  • Balls made from cheap material
  • Not capable of giving intense massages

1. Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager (editor’s choice)


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The product that can tops the list is this high-quality neck and back massager made by reputed brands like Nekteck. It comes with a variety of features that range from 8 massage nodes to an awesome car adapter. This great model can be comfortably connected with the cigarette lighter in the car for enjoying massage even while traveling.

Overall, we can say you can buy this brilliant unit for enjoying a massage anywhere according to the needs. The good thing is there is no need to spend tons of money on buying it.


  • Equipped with 8 shiatsu massage nodes
  • Eases the muscles adequately
  • Multiple connection modes
  • Highly quality unit


  • Minor complaints about plugging by some users

How to choose the best neck massager?

There are lots of factors that need to be addressed while shopping for the right neck massager. Our team has made a list and writes about them below in detail:

  • Power Source

The first thing to check in the massager is what kind of power it used for working. There are mainly two types of models that commonly bought by consumers- battery operated and electric. The battery-operated models are easier to carry and can be used anywhere as per convenience.

On the other hand, the electric models can only work if there is a power outlet nearby. If you are shopping for this type of unit, then make sure that it has a long power cord.

  • Massage Techniques

Please keep in mind that there is a different technique used by every neck massager. Some use shiatsu strokes whereas others have a kneading working system. The most common one is the shiatsu that works on the rolling system and presses certain pressure points for giving relief from muscle soreness.

If we talk about kneading, it presses the soft tissues against bone hardness. This technique is best for those who want to boost their physical fitness. You can choose any of them according to the requirement of the body.

  • Budget

The next point that we want to bring in the limelight is the budget of the neck massager. You should decide in advance about how much you can spend on a neck massager? Can you afford the most expensive model or something falls in low price range works for you?

No matter which model you think about choosing, it is important never to put too much pressure on the pocket. After all, everyone has budget constraints that need to be taken seriously.


We understand that you are looking for a massager that works especially on the muscles of the neck. However, please ensure the model you shop shouldn’t only be limited to the neck.

The thing we want to say is to buy the model that also works on the other parts of the body. It influences the versatility of the neck massager to a greater level.

  • Size

Another important thing that you need to consider is the size of the massager you are shopping for. The massage pillow can move freely if it has adequate size. If you often have to massage lower backs and thighs, then a large model will be a better option.

On the other hand, the medium-size models are the right option to choose if you want a little bit extra versatility while massaging.


We are highly convinced that you have already selected your favorite model from the list of best neck massagers mentioned in the post. There is also a buying guide provided by our team to help you make the right selection. You can now the list of features is quite different in every model so make a choice precisely. If there is a query in your mind regarding the equipment, please write about it in the comment section.