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10 Best Electric Massage Tables in 2024

Back pain, body aches, neck pain and a lot more are some of the most common problems amongst the generations. Due to prolonged sitting and less physical activity, we fail to take care of ourselves. So, you can always get some relaxation by taking a good massage. However, if you are a masseur you need the right skills and equipment. And the most important product is the electric massage table.

Hence, in this article, we are talking about the best electric massage table deals and how they are going to benefit you. Study your product well and never miss out on a good product.

Best Electric massage table i 2024

10. Skinact Store Cloud Electric Massage Table

Cloud Electric Massage Table

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The best kind of messages will never fail to make you feel good, relaxed, and energized in the right way. Giving the best massage, however, depends largely on the masseur. One can easily elevate the feel by getting hold of a good electric massage table like this. Finished in high and premium quality leatherette upper, this table is available in beige color. Overall, it gets a high quality of make and design that one can depend on.

Metal framing of the table delivers unquestionable durability and strength for everyday needs. It even comes with an attachable headrest so that everyone can enjoy the massage best way.

Key features:

  • Uses a couple of motors so that you can adjust the height, backrest, and knee all at once.
  • Promises a one-year warranty ensuring so that you can buy without doubt.
  • Comes with skin touch padding, making sure one can always get the plush and premium feel out of it.

9. Master Massage Store Electric Massage Table

Master Massage Store

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Depending on a massage table for giving away relaxing massages is how you can embrace technology to be better at your work. This 30-inches X 73-inches X 24-inches table’s height will raise to a maximum of 35-inches from 24-inches. Coming with an advanced mechanism like a lift actuator, one can easily adjust the height using the fitted foot pedal.

Furthermore, the motor has got UL approval for ultimate reliability. Although the table weighs just about 230 pounds, the high-quality make ensures a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. Owing to the use of 4 lockable caster wheels, you can use these both stationary and move them around.

Key features:

  • Gets a heavy-duty steel frame, something you can rely on and use for the longest period of time.
  • PU upholstery used is oil and water-resistant and is free from CFCs as well.
  • Added benefits of adjustable face cradle and ultra-plush face pillow made of memory foam.

8. SKINACT Monet 4 Motor Electric Facial Chair

Monet Electric Massage Tables

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With the benefits of electrical height adjustment, it will be totally effortless to adjust the height from 20-inches to 35-inches whenever needed. In addition to that, the table also gets an electrically adjustable backrest and footrest for more convenience. The elegant white color looks incredible and perfectly sits in any salon or spa.

It doesn’t matter what kind of décor your salon is, this will look good on all. Innovative electrical adjustable tilt allows you to easily tilt the chair backward during the massages.

Key features:

  • Uses hidden wheels that can be locked to keep the table at the place and move when needed.
  • Gets a total of 4 motors and a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • The white color looks elegant and will elevate the beauty of your home.

7. EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table


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This smart and technologically advanced table has some interesting designs. First of all, it is a totally whisper-quiet machine that never disrupts the relaxing feeling of massages. As it offers hands-free lift adjustments, the masseur can always focus largely on the massage and nothing else. Also, the height range offered by this table is a good 17-inches to 36-inches and it is ADA compliant for maximum dependability.

You can choose between the three available colors as well. Last but not the least, this table is in the USA with components that are trustworthy. Thereby delivering unmatched quality and strength.

Key features:

  • Uses a heavy-duty and UL-listed motor, something that will never cause any sorts of troubles.
  • Comes with 3-inches triple-density cushioning along with a Natursoft upholstery. Hence, feels super smooth on the skin.
  • The powder-coated solid steel frame is super strong and offers a huge lift capacity of 600 pounds.

6. Sage Electric Spa Table Massage

Sage Electric Massage Tables

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An excellent choice that will make the life of any salon and masseur easier, this is the kind of table you need in your establishment. Starting off, you will get a total of 3 motors. Hence, you can easily adjust the height, the backrest and also the inclination. Then you have a high-quality finish that not only looks incredible but also feels amazing. Ultra-soft PU upholstery along with the comfort padding supports your body entirely always.

Moreover, this finish is very easy to clean and maintain always. The cushions have a thickness of 4” and the natural wood finish of the base delivers strength and aesthetics.

Key features:

  • The backrest inclination can be adjusted from 0° to 70° for maximum comfort.
  • Comes with a weight limit of 330 pounds so that you can use it with anyone and everyone.
  • Has remote control convenience that lets you adjust the table conveniently.

5. LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Facial Bed/Massage Table


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Give your clients the best kind of treatment and comfort without any compromises on this amazing electric massage table. With all the best features and mechanisms, this table always understands the needs of the customers and the masseur. Featuring a high-density comfort padding of 4-inches, this always delivers great comfort to the body. One can easily adjust and extend the headrest up to 6-inches, making it even suitable for taller clients.

If the arms of the table are disrupting the massage, you can easily remove them without having to struggle with any tools or anything. This is totally height-adjustable and is extendable from a minimum of 26-inches to a maximum of 31-inches.

Key features:

  • Comes with a pillow on the headrest which you can remove and fix as per your needs.
  • A whisper-quiet operation for maximum relaxation along with remote control operation.
  • Can be cleaned to perfection easily using a damp cloth.

4. Skinact Store Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed/Table

Milo Electric Massage Tables

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If you are looking for something smart and stylish in terms of a good electric massage table, then you need to have a look at this option. From the house of Skinact store, the Milo line of massage tables is good-looking with all the great features. Firstly, you will get a premium dark brown finish with high-quality leatherette upholstery. In addition to that, there is an attachable headrest. If you have a client who seriously likes to relax to the maximum, then the headrest comes in really useful.

The table in itself has perfect construction and meant for long years of service. Reliable metal framing delivers outstanding strength and durability in your day-to-day applications.

Key features:

  • Comes with two motors, one makes height adjustment easy while the other takes care of backrest and knee adjustments.
  • Has a face cradle that comes in handy to maximize the massaging benefits.
  • If you are facing any problem with the product, just claim what you deserve in the one-year warranty period.

3. Oakworks Proluxe Convertible


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This is not a complete table with cushion and padding but a frame of a good electric massage table. Hence, lets you customize and finish it as per your needs. The table is extremely top-notch with the right set of advantages and features. 16-inches of the electrically adjustable height range for maximum convenience to both parties.

From 14-inches of height, this can go to 30-inches. Talking about the entire conversion, it takes about just a minute to convert this. You can do it without disturbing your client in any possible way.

Key features:

  • Includes a 3-year warranty that you can rely on and the table has been assembled in the USA.
  • To support the weight of any individual, a huge working weight capacity of 550 pounds.

2. Master Massage TheraMaster Flat Powerlift Electric Table

Master Electric Massage Tables

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Extremely well-built so that you can always depend on it even when you have people on the heavier side. Featuring a rugged and durable steel frame, this delivers the best kind of support for your confidence. The maximum weight capacity on this outstanding table goes as high as 550 pounds. On the inside, it comes with a CE and UL-listed actuator.

Easy and effortless foot pedal lets you change the height easily from 21-inches to 34-inches. Thoughtfully designed, the minimum height of the table is just 21-inches. Therefore, making it convenient even for people with mobility issues.

Key features:

  • Easy to adjust and set, this uses a built-in head cradle along with an armrest.
  • Multi-layer small cell foam 2.5-inches cushioning has been used for maximum comfort to every inch of the body.
  • The top of the table has a contoured design so that everyone gets maximum support.

1. SkinAct Turin Spa Facial Treatment Table


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 With all the convenient design innovations to promote your ease of handling and client’s comfort, this is undoubtedly a great choice to consider. It gives you an adjustable height range of 17-inches to 31-inches, making it very suitable for everyone. The table features an adjustable backrest and towel holder. Air-gas pump technology of the backrest aids in easier adjustments always.

As a matter of fact, it’s durable and the high-quality 4-inches PU upholstery is skin-friendly and assures comfortable usage.

Key features:

  • The length of the table can be set between 86-inches to 92-inches.
  • It meets the ADA standards and will stand by its quality.
  • Its headrest is removable, making it easier for everyone to use however they need.

Why choose an electric massage table?

Massages give such a relaxing feel that almost everyone enjoys them. The only individual who feels the struggle is the masseur. It takes a lot of strength and technique to carry out the massage perfectly. Conventional massage tables are okay and workable but electrically powered tables have a clear advantage. The masseur can focus entirely on giving the massage while not having to worry about height and backrest adjustments.

Electric massage tables ensure an effortless adjustment of all the factors. Height and lean angle can always be changed so that the client gets the maximum level of comfort without any compromises. These tables are way easier to use and focuses primarily on the convenience of the masseur and the comfort of the customer.

Which factors to look for while buying an electric massage table?

When a device is electrically powered it goes through a lot of intricate innovations to ensure non-stop service and maximum ease of usage. As these complicated machines have parts that move from the power of electricity, there is often a compromise with the quality of make. When you are buying an electric massage table for your salon or for anyone else, you need to pay added importance to the quality of design and make.

The quality of the motor used in the table plays a major role in making the process more efficient and result-oriented. Low-quality motor or low quality of make may lead to uncomfortable issues or at times unwanted accidents. From the frame to the material used and even the electrical components, you have to make sure they are the best.

How to choose the right electric massage table?

While you are focusing on how the table is made, what motor is used, and what materials are used, there are some other things that can help you choose the best option. High-quality upholstery is a must-have because often your client’s bare body rests on the upholstery of the table. Failing to choose the right kind leads to skin issues, rashes, and unwanted discomfort. In addition to that, you can always benefit more from a table fitted with lockable caster wheels. They let you move the table around and also stay stationary during the massage.

There are options of tables that are equipped with removable headrest, backrest, etc. These add to the comfort and relaxation of your client. Most of the height adjusting is done with a foot pedal fitted on the table. If you are not getting that, it is better if you reconsider your decision of buying that specific electric massage table.

Final Verdict

Give your back a proper massage and all the knots, as well as pain, will be gone. To make it more of a deal, look for electric massage tables for sale and save a lot.