Top 10 Best Bartender Kits in 2020

Being a bartender is not as easy as it may sound. It needs a lot of equipment and also your skills need to be excellent. However, to make your bartending show interesting, one needs to have the right set of product. And a bartender kit is just the right set that you need for making it perfect. It includes all the essentials that every bartender seeks for.

In this list, the bartender kits are reviewed for helping you to make the right choice. So study all the points and you are not going to be disappointed.

List of Top Best Bartender Kits Review

10. Bar Social Professional Bartender Cocktail Kit

Bar Social Bartender Kits

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Entertaining guests with cocktails and experimenting with different kinds of drinks is easier with this bartending kit from Bar Social. Most components have a high quality brushed stainless steel construction.

As a result, looks amazing and is extremely durable. So even if shaker slips off of your hand while practicing a few tricks, it won’t be damaged.

Key features:

  • The stand has an amazing look and made from lightweight, organic bamboo.
  • Certainly, capable of resisting oxidation or rusting.
  • Stand resists bacteria formation and is used even in damp conditions.

9. Bartender Kit

shamix co.

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No matter if you are a student bartender, an enthusiastic host or a club owner, this bartender kit from Shamix is equipped to suit all your needs. With heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction that is food grade, your kit won’t bend or break.

Moreover, it has high-quality craftsmanship that doesn’t leave room for leaks and is completely free from toxic materials like BPA.

Key features:

  • Citric or alcoholic content of your beverage mix will not stain it.
  • Most components have rounded smooth edges so that you aren’t injured while using them.
  • It won’t resist any stain or leak from any side.

8. SHlotusS Bartender Kit


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Whether you are someone who is just trying out bartending as a hobby or a professional well-versed with his skills, this bartender kit has all the essential components that you might require.

The large 20 oz shaker is perfect for making one or multiple cocktails. It rather has a 304 stainless steel construction like most accessories on this kit.

Key features:

  • Long ice tongs let you reach deep into the bucket and has a sturdy grip on a slippery block of ice.
  • Maintenance doesn’t require a lot of money or labor.

7. X-cosrack Bar Set Cocktail Shaker

X-cosrack Bartender Kits

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X-cosrack provides you with an elegant bartender set that has pristine quality and wouldn’t disappoint you in any way. All the accessories and shaker that comes in this set is easily stored with the slotted rack that is made from acrylic plexiglass.

The turntable stand can rotate a full 360 degrees and gives you easy access while entertaining your guests with its one of a kind look. It will become the star of your bar table at home or business.

Key features:

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty period.
  • Ships with a complimentary recipe booklet for cocktails.
  • Dust caps on liquor pourers keep everything hygienic.

6. SUPERSUN Bartender Kit


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With a lustrous silver finish and top quality 394 stainless steel construction, this bartender kit doesn’t just look good but will last you for years to come. It has a cocktail strainer that has punched holes. That’s why prevents pulp or granular ingredients from being poured into the glass.

For precise peg or shot measurements, you also get a jigger which has different capacities on two sides.

Key features:

  • You get a total of 15 pieces in this bartender kit.
  • Strong, yet lightweight design weighs just around 2 pounds.

5. Segauin Cocktail Shaker


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You can make any cocktail with style and gift your guests an incredible evening with this premium bartender set from Segauin. The shaker tin has a weighted design which allows you to easily spin it for better mixing and has an integrated strainer as well.

You also get a wine pourer which makes an excellent leak-proof seal on any bottle. Now, lets you pour wine or liquor without any spills or mess.

Key features:

  • Cheese knife lets you cut a slice without compromising rest of the structure.
  • The slotted stand is made from natural wood.

4. 34andMORE Jumbo Bartender Kit

34andMORE Bartender Kits

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34andMORE provides you not just a top-quality bartender kit for your domestic or professional use but also gifts you a complimentary E-book which has around 1000 recipes for refreshing cocktails.

In this set, you get a shaker which is super convenient to use and also a muddler with a long ergonomic handle. As a result, allows muddling of mint leaves and lime with ease for those incredible mojitos.

Key features:

  • Double-sided jigger has graduations so that you can mix everything proportionately.
  • Huge stainless steel ice bucket that can hold 110 ounces.
  • Wine stoppers maintain an airtight seal over any wine bottle.

3. FINEDINE Cocktail Shaker

FINEDINE Bartender Kits

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This Bartender set is modeled after the Manhattan style and has a total of 14 pieces which includes all the tools you need for running an excellent bar. You get two shaker tins with one being 15 ounces while the other doubles that quantity.

Furthermore, the two sides jigger lets you prepare refreshingly perfect cocktails each and every time. You don’t need to rely on guesswork anymore.

Key features:

  • The bottle opener is 7-inches long and has a round cut-out for easy use.
  • Can be used in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • 6 different spouts for pouring drinks.

2. Barillion Bartender Kit

barillio Bartender Kits

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Barillion comes in attractive packaging so that you can easily gift it to your loved ones for an upcoming anniversary. The stand mare from African Bamboo is a work of art by itself. It has super high tensile strength.

Therefore, exceeds that of steel and has cutouts that fit in all the accessories of your kit perfectly. You also get a carrying bag for easy transportation.

Key features:

  • Premium and a well-built cocktail shaker with 24 oz capacity.
  • Dual-sided jigger with different measurement capabilities.
  • Bottle stoppers let you lock in wine flavor in opened bottles.

1. NAUZone Professional Bartender Kit


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This 14 piece bartender kit has everything that your home bar needs. It has 5 pourers which have a silicone seal base and stainless steel spout. They are compatible with liquor bottles that have a standard size and don’t allow leaks or spills while pouring.

You also get a Boston shaker of 28 ounces and a 16-ounce shaker cup that matches perfectly and lets you mix ingredients with style.

Key features:

  • Professional Hawthorne strainer that stops ice and allows a pure drink to flow into the glass.
  • 11-inch long bar spoon with a fork at the other end.
  • This leak-proof product has a classic look.

Your bartending skills will now not go unnoticed. The premium bartender kit will aid in honing your skills like a pro.

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