Top 10 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2020

If you are a basketball player, carrying a basketball with you while going to school, training session or to a travel destination is a must. But the backpacks we generally use in daily life have no provision to carry them. If you put the ball somehow, you will not have enough space to carry anything else. Therefore, the basketball backpacks have been designed to carry the ball in the mesh pocket in the front comfortably. Check out the top 10 best basketball backpacks in 2020 below.

List of Top Best Basketball Backpacks Review

10. HW Polyester Pattern Schoolbag

HW Basketball Backpacks

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This backpack is perfect for multipurpose uses. This bag has a 3d style print which makes the bag very attractive and modern in style. There are two pouches on the sides of the bag. The bag is capable to carry a good amount of weight. The double zipper of the bag is smooth running and secure. The shoulder straps of the bag have padded construction which makes the straps long-lasting and comfortable to carry. The padded back side of the bag has an ergonomically design which keeps your shoulder and back away from the pain. This bag is ideal for the kids within 6 years to 16 years.

9. Nike Hoops Elite Backpack

Nike Basketball Backpacks

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This modern design backpack has a quad zip system which makes it more user-friendly and easy to access. There is a compartment on the side of the bag to keep your water bottle securely. The straps of the bag are not only adjustable according to your need but also it has an air shoulder design which makes it comfortable to carry. This bag is of good quality material which is long-lasting and easy to maintain at the same time.

8. MIER Basketball Backpack

MIER Basketball Backpacks

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This large size sports backpack is not only attractive for its exclusive design but also for its durable and strong outer shell. You can use the bag in a multipurpose like for a short trip or attend your gym. Everything you can arrange in this bag securely. The ventilated pockets of the bag are perfect to hold a basketball and water bottle. The outer layer of the bag has a good quality water resistant fabric construction which can keep your things secure inside the bag. The top handle of the bag is strong and can provide you with a comfortable hold. You can also adjust the shoulder straps according to your need and comfort while carrying things in the bag.

7. GoFar Sports Basketball Backpack

Gofar Basketball Backpacks

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This high-quality yet lightweight bag can help you to carry your essential things in it securely. The outer part of the bag is of high-quality nylon which is durable, strong and long-lasting at the same time. There are some pockets in this bag that can help you to keep things in an arranged manner. This bag can hold many things that you need to carry on a regular basis. The spacious bag with several pockets has padded shoulder straps that keep you comfortable while carrying the loaded bag. The mesh back of the bag can keep your shoulder and the backside comfortable as well.

6. Gudui Laptop Backpack with Basketball Net

Gudui Basketball Backpacks

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The special ventilated pocket at the below of the bag makes it more unique and different from the other bags. There is an external USB charging port in this modern bag which perfect for loading the essential things for a short tour or sports practice. An earphone hole is also there at the top of the bag to make your journey more exciting and enjoying. There are more than 10 compartments in the bag where you can keep things in an organized way.

5. NIKE Hoops Elite Max Air Basketball Backpack

NIKE Basketball Backpacks

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This synthetic backpack has a water-resistant construction which is durable and long-lasting. The quad zip system of the bag makes it more user-friendly and easy to access. This backpack has separate compartments for wet and dirty clothes and fresh clothes. The main compartment of the bag is large and spacious where you can load your essential gears in an organized way. The max air shoulder straps have padded construction that can keep you comfortable while carrying the bag.

4. Under Armour Backpack

Under Armour Basketball Backpacks

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This large size backpack has a good water resistant capability. This bag also has a bottom panel which is abrasion-resistant and tough at the same time. The bag has comfortable sleeves to carry. The bag has a strong protection which keeps the essential things in the bag secured. The zips are also smooth and durable. The front pocket of the bag is also water resistant and secured for keeping your valuable things.

3. Athletico National Soccer Bag

Athletico Basketball Backpacks

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The backpack has a large ball compartment in the front for carrying any ball whether it is a soccer ball, basketball, or volleyball. There is a separate compartment for carrying shoes and keep the dirt out. In case you want, you can carry a second ball in that. Besides, there are 7 different pocket organizers available and one of them is padded for the laptop. The backpack has rugged construction and it is highly durable thanks to polyester and nylon fabric use. It can withstand rain, dirt, and mud. The straps are adjustable and highly comfortable.

2. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

Nike Basketball Backpacks

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Nike is one of the most popular brands worldwide in the sports gear industry and this backpack is large enough to carry any ball. The bottom surface is waterproof and the exterior is highly durable. It is a multipurpose backpack where you can use the main compartment for carrying books or clothes for school or travel bag when you are not carrying the ball in it. There are diverse storage units available inside and the ventilation is great to keep the interior dry and fresh. The unique zip system makes it easy for the user to access the main compartment from any angle.

1. KOLAKO Outdoor Travel Bag with Basketball Net

KOLAKO Basketball Backpacks

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There are three different colors available and it is one of the most ergonomic basketball backpacks. There is a net to place the ball and you can use it as a school bag or travel bag. There is a USB charging port available along with a hole for headphones. Therefore, it is a great product for the teenagers. The interior is spacious and there are various compartments available to carry all things organized. There are 2 side pockets available for carrying umbrella and water bottles. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort. The heat dissipation and air permeability are top-notch.


There are different types of basketball backpacks available and most of them are multipurpose backpacks that you can use on various occasions. While buying one, you have to check the material and the durability of the backpack. Some of them are capable of carrying two basketballs in one. If you need your smartphone charging and headphone banging, there are backpacks for that too with space for carrying the basketball. Therefore, go through the descriptions and understand the features to purchase the most profitable one.

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