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10 Best Beach Carts in 2024

When on the beach, you need to make multiple arrangements before hitting the beach. Apart from carrying your essentials, you need something to use this to set-up beach picnics. The beach carts are readily available for making transportation through the sandy beaches easy. These carts will not sink in the beaches and will smoothly roll. In fact, the carrying capacity is also pretty high. Given these, the carts offer sufficient space for storing.

Now when you have the option of researching through the internet before making any purchase, take that benefit. Therefore, study the beach carts buying guide and don’t be confused anymore.

List of Best Beach Carts Review

10. TCP Global Wide Wheel Wagon

TCP Global Beach Carts

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Be it the park, a picnic, a camping experience or just some relaxing time on the beach- carrying all those stuff is a tedious affair. When you have a beach cart such as the TCP Global Wide Wheel Wagon, it becomes tremendously easy. The beach cart is wrapped in a huge 600D polyester fabric and features an immensely voluminous area. The strong fabric and sturdy frame can easily support up to 256 lbs of weight. Therefore, giving you ample of stuff to carry.

This cart has an inside dimension that proves to be perfect. Well, this is a multipurpose cart that you can fold when storing.

Key Features:

  • 4 wheels are huge and broad having diameter of 7-inches and width of 4-inches. Therefore, making it go easy on every terrain.
  • Two handles on each end of the cart are designated for individual push or pull purposes.
  • The wagon comes with two mesh cup holders to accommodate your cup of coffee.

9. Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

Rio Brands Beach Carts

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The Rio Brands beach cart is high on both utility and comfort of using. This cart is laden with specific wheels that are great for this task. The rear wheels are 10-inches in diameter and are each 4-inches wide. That’s why making it very easy to tread through sandy beaches without plowing or sinking.

The cart has dedicated space to hold up to 4 foldable chairs, an umbrella, and even a mesh to hold your coffee mug on the go. It is layered with spun polyester material which is sturdy and very unlikely to undergo wear and tear. In fact, it folds flat for makes the storage process extremely easy.

Key Features:

  • The front wheels are small at only 4.5-inches diameter and pivoted so as to aid in maneuvering the cart.
  • The cart itself weighs almost nothing at just 12.8 lbs. However, has an immense capacity to carry things up to 77 lbs.
  • It includes a tote bag which you can remove at any point in time.

8. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Beach Wagon

Mac Sports

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The Mac Sports beach wagon is indeed designed to carry heavy-duty articles. It can carry as much as 150 lbs of stuff without failing, though a limit of 50 lbs should be maintained on the beach for the best functioning. The 600D polyester fabric is robust, resistant to UV rays and is easily washed after taking off from the cart. The fabric even features 2 mesh cup holders that can carry coffee mugs, water bottles, juice cartons and so on.

Furthermore, when it is folded, the size simply comes down to a thickness of 9.7-inches. Finally, it weighs 24.5 lbs which are pretty light.

Key Features:

  • The interior has a large capacity for storing purposes.
  • Its handle is adjustable to give you the most comfortable position for dragging the cart along.
  • You can assemble, fold as well as unfold it without taking any extreme assistance. 

7. BEAU JARDIN Push Wagon Cart


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The Beau Jardin Push Cart is a tremendous innovation that is very helpful in carrying things through any terrain. It is specially used in the beaches, as the wide wheels easily distribute the pressure and do not sink into the sand. It is spacious and features a dimension of 31-inches x 17.7-inches x 10.6-inches within and has sufficient space to hold all your beach articles.

The sturdy frame of this cart is adorned in a 6000D polyester fabric that is rugged and does not get damaged easily. It can also be easily removed and washed off according to your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Features wide and sturdy wheels for easy maneuvering on the beach. The wheels are 7-inches in diameter and are 4-inches apart.
  • The wagon wheels are allowed a 360⁰ swivel. Therefore, you can direct the beach wagon in whatsoever way you want to.
  • Spacing between the wheels is adjusted as per the surface it is treading.

6. Mac Sports 2-in-1 Outdoor Beach Cart

Mac Sports Beach Carts

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Buying a beach cart to carry all your beach paraphernalia is a great thing. What if, you can get a beach cart that can even function as a relaxing beach chair? Yes, the compact Mac Sports 2-in-1 Cart is here and it is going to rock your world. It functions as a cart to carry all your implements. It is enclosed in a 600D fabric that is tough and can hold all your belongings appreciably.

When opened into a chair this fabric acts as the seat and does a tremendous job in holding you to. It can even be taken 9of and washed easily.

Key Features:

  • This compact 2-in-1 design folds down to an even more compact size. Thus making it super easy to store.
  • The aluminum frame is layered with powder coating material making it resistant to the effects of water, direct sunlight and sand particles.

5. Sea Striker BRSC Beach Runner

Sea Striker

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A beach cart should be something that aids you in carrying things through the beach and not come in the way of it. When you overload a beach cart it seems to sink into the sand and there is a difficulty pulling it. However, with the Sea Striker BRSC, you can get the best of carrying things through the beach.

Be it fish or surfing equipment, or just enough substance to get along with another great day at the beach, this amazing cart can carry it all. Its metallic framework is powder-coated making it repellent to the vagaries of nature.

Key Features:

  • Laden with 7-rod holders with immense strength. Now you can use to put up anything to protect whatever you are carrying.
  • Wide and broad wheels make it very easy to push this wagon through in the sand.
  • Having a dual design, it can also act as a beach day lounger.

4. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler

Rio Beach

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Getting a beach cart that has a simple structure and high utility is the best thing that you could ever do. Thus you should opt for the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler. It has a large capacity and can store as much as 15 m3 of your stuff. The stroller styled handles feature a neoprene grip to make it comfortable to use.

The beach cart features two smaller front wheels that can swivel. On the rear, two gigantic and ultra-wide wheels prevent the cart from sinking into the sand.

Key Features:

  • This simple looking beach cart can easily carry as much as 100 lbs at one go and makes for the reliable cart.
  • Loaded with a side umbrella holder that you can put to great use to keep away the blazing sun.
  • All the parts in this cart are removable and it collapses down to its frame making storage super easy.

3. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon

Timber Ridge Beach Carts

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A beach cart is a leisurely thing to use to carry all your stuff through the sand. With the 3.3-inches thick wheels on this sturdy beast, you can easily carry it through the sand. The wheels are huge at 8-inches diameter. The metallic framework on which the beach cart is built can bear a load of up to 150- lbs on any terrain.

When going through the beach the limit goes down 110 lbs which is still reasonably great. The rear wheels stay fixed while the front wheels can swivel and direct the cart. This makes for a better handling experience of this cart.

Key Features:

  • The telescopic handle is very easy to use and maneuver and gives you great control of the cart over any terrain.
  • Very easy to open by pushing from the bottom and no assembly required.
  • Features an internal dimension that accommodates everything and has sufficient space to hoard all your stuff.

2. Sekey Folding Wagon

Sekey Beach Carts

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Getting just about any beach cart is not a good idea. You should opt for one that is sturdy enough and spacious enough to be able to easily hold all your stuff. The Sekey folding wagon is a great beach cart to buy in this respect. It has a strong metal frame and voluminous storage area. This cart runs on 4 gigantic wheels which are each 4-inches wide and has a diameter of 7-inches.

These wheels easily distribute the pressure and keep the cart from sinking. They can swivel in any direction which makes the cart perfectly adaptable to all kinds of terrain.

Key Features:

  • Hass a compact dimension with just 7-inches thickness when folded. This makes it very easy to store this beach cart.
  • The 600D Oxford fabric is highly durable and is taken off to give it a good washing.
  • This sturdy cart has the capacity to pull up to 265 lbs at just one go without failing through the sandy beaches.

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

Mac Sports

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A beach cart is a highly efficient tool that takes away a lot of woes. You can carry all your stuff at one go, whether you are going to the beach or camping or even to a sporting event. A beach cart such as the Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon is of durable material and features great space. The inside of this cart measures a whopping 35.5-inches L x 20.1-inches W x 22.5-inches H. As a result, it is sufficiently spacious to carry a lot of articles.

Its huge wheels make it greatly possible to run this cart through a multitude of surfaces. Moreover, it features two mesh cup holders that assure safe placement of your beverages.

Key Features:

  • When you collapse this amazing wagon, it is only 8-inches thick making it super easy to store the wagon.
  • The strong fabric material can hold up to 150 lbs without having any wear and tear.
  • The handle comes up to a height of 30.5-inches from the ground making it convenient to use.

Your beach days are really going to be interesting! The wheeled beach carts will help to transport the beach essentials to your destination.