10 Best Bed Risers in 2022

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When you buy a bed, you fail to realize the height needed to fit the bed in your room. So, you must have something that will elevate the bed to a sufficient height without disrupting the balance. And what can serve this motive excellently than a bed riser? These risers will easily fit any type of bed and willfully keep you in comfort. Interestingly, it’s not just perfect for beds but also for all sorts of furniture.

Still, confused about the one model that can make the difference? Well, our bed riser buying guide sorts all the necessary information and will guide you on the right path.

List of Best Bed Riser Review

10. iPrimio Bed and Furniture Risers

iPrimio Bed Risers

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iPrimio has brought to you furniture risers that can lift you to a considerable height about the floor. As a matter of fact, it also adds more storage space under the bed for keeping your room free from clutter. Your bed would look more elegant and have sophistication unlike never before.

Each of the legs can raise your bed up to 3-inches and have the capacity of bearing 10000 pounds of load. So, even if you have a double bed made from dense and heavy mahogany wood, you won’t have any problem using these risers. You can also use them for lifting up your sofa and other heavy furniture

Key features:

  • Having a dense and thick ABS plastic construction will last you for a prolonged period of time.
  • Has padded feet which prevent the risers from slipping or sliding on the floor.
  • Don’t leave any dents on your expensive hardwood flooring.

9. iPrimio Bed and Furniture Risers


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iPrimio yet again presents to you an excellent set of bed risers that can raise up your furniture by quite a good margin to make it look elegant. But other than the looks, the raisers also add great functionality since it adds storage to your bed. As a result, makes for efficient use of floor space with increasing real estate prices. You get a total of 6 risers and each of them can raise your bed by 2 inches effortlessly.

No need to worry about its sturdiness either since it has been constructed out of high-quality ABS materials. Therefore, they aren’t affected by moisture or other elements that easily. These are much better than metal since they aren’t just resistant to corrosion. However, also leave your hardwood condition in the same condition as before, without any scratches or dents.

Key features:

  •  The risers have a stackable design that lets you use them on top of each other for a significant height gain.
  • Each riser can handle a lot of weight as long as it is within 10000 pounds.
  • The top stack has a diameter of 3.25-inches.

8. Utopia Bedding ] Bed Furniture Risers

Utopia Bedding Bed Risers

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Utopia bedding has truly created a versatile set of bed risers that are used extensively according to your needs. You can also use them on furniture other than your bed, like sofas or lounges. While elevated furniture looks amazing, it also gives you exceptional storage space that used to be unutilized for so long.

With floor space in the cities getting more and more expensive, these bed risers are the perfect solution. It lets you store things of less frequent use under the bed. Unlike products, you aren’t stuck with a single height option when it comes to the bed risers from Utopia. You can stack them up according to your requirement to get custom elevation within the range of 3-inches to 8-inches. Free up your closet and store an extra guest mattress or inflatable bed under your sofa or bed.

Key features:

  • Having a plastic construction that is unbreakable and heavy-duty enough to bear the heaviest of loads.
  • Edge of the casters has been raised by 1-inch. As a matter of fact, the legs of your furniture stay inside and have fewer chances of sliding out.
  • Combined this set of 4 risers can lift up 1300 pounds of weight.

7. Whitmor Bed Risers


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Whitmor has made these risers from strong black plastic resin material that can handle a tremendous amount of weight. You don’t need to worry about using it for your heavy bed or snuggling with the kids. it can stand up to a lot of pressure without breaking or getting deformed. The extra storage space that you get under your bed is used for multiple purposes from storing extra linen and blankets to yoga mats and fitness equipment.

Finally, it is actually one of the simplest products to use and indeed has a weight of 1.65 pounds. So, nothing more to worry about.

Key features:

  • Raised walls fit in furniture leg posts till 2.63-inches for better security.
  • When not in use you can also stack up these raisers together for neat and minimal storage.
  • Excellent Whitmor service is always ready to answer and address any of your problems.

6. Greenco Super Strong Bed and Furniture Riser

Greenco Bed Risers

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These risers from greenco have heavy-duty plastic construction which is superior to metal in terms of corrosion resistance. Moisture or dirt can’t damage them and they can massive weight. So don’t shy away from using this for your heavy furniture including your twin-sized bed.

In combination four of these risers can lift up 1200 pounds of weight without incurring any damage on themselves or your floor. Their triangular structure gives your bed a height boost of over 5-inches.

Key features:

  • Risers add extra storage under your bed for better organizational capabilities.
  • A bedpost with a diameter less than 2.75-inches is accommodated easily.
  • Have an eye-catching sleek design that looks pretty good.

5. Home Solutions Premium Bed Risers

Home Solutions

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Home Solution has created a really tough set of bed risers that are virtually unbreakable and have immense resilience under heavy pressure. These risers allow you to raise your bed by many levels instead of getting you stuck with a single elevated height. Depending on your needs and requirements you can raise the bed to 3 inches, 5 or 8-inches above the floor. You can clear up a huge space under your bed. In fact, store a multitude of things that otherwise take up room in your closet or shelves.

The risers come in a set of 8 with half of them being 3-inch risers, while the rest of them being 8-inches. By using them individually or stacking them up against each other you can achieve three different height levels. Moreover, all of the risers have walls that are raised by a small margin to fit in the leg posts of your bed. This leads to a secure connection with zero chances of slip-ups.

Key features:

  • Risers have smooth edges which don’t cause abrasion or scratch your floor.
  • Bed posts with a width of 2.75-inches or less can easily fit into the recessed walls of the risers.
  • Has excellent craftsmanship which lasts for years to come.

4. DuraCasa 5 Inch Bed Risers

DuraCasa Bed Risers

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Instead of being flat on the upper surface, these risers have a recessed wall. This might limit the furniture that is accommodated due to the width of the leg posts, but it adds a lot of security compared to other models.

You won’t be at risk of accidents due to the furniture posts slipping off from the risers. These risers are square-shaped and rise up your bed by 5-inches from the floor surface. You can fit these to beds of any size and it will deliver equally amazing results.

Key features:

  • Don’t get chipped away or break that easily.
  • Weight 4.75 pounds, you do not have to struggle to fit these in.
  • Can hold up beds that have a maximum weight of 2000 pounds.

3. iPrimio V Shape Furniture Riser


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If you want a truly universal furniture riser that would just lift your bed and sofa, but other furniture in your house, then look no further than this V-shaped riser from iPrimio. The deep V-shape can accommodate regular furniture posts, as well as ones with caster wheels. So if you have furniture with caster wheels that tend to roll off on your smooth floor, then these casters can stop that as well as raise them by 2-inches.

Having a solid design, you certainly get a padded bottom for causing no harm to your wonderful floors.

Key features:

  • Stackable design makes the risers modular and adds height by buying more of these in the future.
  • Comes in a pack of 6 and can hold more than 8000 pounds of weight.

2. iPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser

iPrimio Bed Risers

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iPrimio always makes some of the most innovative furniture accessories and dominates over its competitors for all the right reasons. This set of risers is another example that shows the supremacy of their products over the competition. Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals available to mankind and has been responsible for a great deal of technological advancement.

That same material has been used in this riser so that it is lightweight by itself but can bear an unbelievable amount of weight without suffering any damage. Unlike competitors, this riser has been made from thick and dense heavy-duty aluminum instead of thin plates. So, it can handle the weight of your bed or other heavy furniture easily. Unlike other risers or lifters, this one has a wide base which makes for better-anchored support to the floor.

Key features:

  • Each leg can bear a massive 9000-pound load and combined you get a total of 36000 pounds of load-bearing capacity.
  • Rubber plugs prevent screws from scratching the floor.
  • Foam pad makes soft and gentle contact with tiles and hardwood flooring.

1. MEETWARM 3-Inch Bed Risers


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Meetwarm has combined great engineering with visual brilliance to offer you this incredible furniture riser from the brand. The risers are constructed out of high-density ABS plastic but have a beautiful imitation wood grain finish on the outside. So, you won’t have to tolerate ugly pieces of risers under your bed for functionality. Meetwarm allows you extra storage and lifts, without compromise on style.

As a matter of fact, these sturdy risers have multiple uses; as a result, you can fit them anywhere. Besides, the functional foam pad will certainly stop any occurrences of cracking as well as sliding.

Key features:

  • Sturdy risers can tolerate around 1000 kgs or 2000 pounds of weight.
  • Indeed has a perfect size that will fully save a lot of space.
  • Floor pads are made from a soft and shock-resistant foam material.

Fit in the perfect bed risers and after a long tiring day, sleep comfortably. These risers are just the right product to look out for.


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