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10 Best Black Seed Oils in 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Black seed oil, or commonly known as kalonji Oil, is naturally derived from the seeds of the plant named Nigella Sativa, which are generally found in Western Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle east. The oil is naturally packed with Thymoquinone and essential omega fatty acids and boasts many health, beauty, and gastronomic benefits.

The demand for this oil has grown many folds over the years, as it shows promise in curing many dangerous diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or asthma. The oil is believed to be a superfood to the heart and helps lower bad cholesterol. When consumed daily, it also controls the level of blood sugar and blood pressure. The oil also minimizes many other age-related issues like digestion and skin problems and gives a youthful and radiant looking skin and healthy and lustrous hair.

Since the oil is gaining its position in the market rapidly, we have gathered information and reviewed the top 10 best black seed oil available, to help you buy the best one.

List of 10 Black Seed Oils in 2024

10. High Potency Black Seed Oil by Purity Products

Purity Products Black Seed Oils

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This black seed oil is prepared by extracting oil from Mediterranean Nigella sativa plants, and it is twice more substantial than ordinary black seed products. The brand uses cold press technology to extract more from the seeds, and the dose to be taken for availing the benefits is just 500 mg.

This black seed oil contains a 3% concentration of Thymoquinone, an active ingredient that supports heart health, maintains your Lipid profile, and keeps blood pressure in control. For being rich in Omega 6 and 9, this oil provides many other benefits to your body and improve skin texture, support male reproductive function. The antioxidants of the oil support your body’s defense system and build a reliable immunity system, and thus is excellent for people suffering from regular cold and flu or even Asthma.


  • Easy to swallow pills
  • Twice stronger than competitors
  • Cold-pressed
  • Great for the cardiovascular system
  • Supported by science and research


  • Very few people complained of issues with digestion

9. NutraChamps Organic Black Seed Oil


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This organic and extra-virgin black seed oil is made from pure and organic black cumin seeds using cold pressing technology. This unfiltered and unrefined oil with no preservatives contains a 2% concentration of Thymoquinone and is a best friend to your heart, skin, and hair.

This premium oil provides many other health benefits to you as well. From cleansing toxin from your liver to giving adequate support to your heart and keeping your blood pressure and diabetes in check, the oil does it all. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil works wonders for people with osteoarthritic and heals joint pain. Just have a spoonful daily, and you will be amazed to see your radiant skin and healthy hair.


  • Boosts immunity
  • Supports heart and other vital organs
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties
  • Natural cleanser of the liver
  • Guarantees youthful skin


  • Few might not like the taste of the oil

8. Freshfield Black Seed Oil

Freshfield Naturals Black Seed Oils

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This 100% pure, vegan and unrefined black seed oil is extracted from premium black cumin seed oil, Nigella sativa, to provide you the maximum benefits without any alteration. The powerful antioxidant of the oil works best as an immunity booster and protects your heart.

The oil contains a 1.6% concentration of Thymoquinone, which guarantees a healthier heart, lowers bad cholesterol, keeps blood pressure and blood sugar in control. The antioxidant in the oil acts better than any painkillers and reduces arthritis pain, back pain, etc. The oil is also beneficial in improving your skin conditions and boosting your immune system. So, if you want a glowing skin with lustrous hair, go for this oil.


  • FDA registered, and GMP certified
  • Discounted price on the purchase of 3
  • Strong and healthy hair and skin
  • Improved digestive system
  • Energy booster and supports weight loss
  • Planet-friendly and free from pesticides and heavy metals


  • Taste might be the issue

7.  Sweet Sunnah Black Seed Oil

Sweet Sunnah

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Free from pesticides and other additives, this cold-pressed black seed oil is pure and contains 2.26% Thymoquinone, loaded with multiple anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The oil is mild, made from high-quality raw black cumin seeds, and is free from artificial colors. It oil improves your immune system, thus taking care of your heart, blood sugar, and blood pressure level. As a rich source of Omega3-6-9, it is beneficial for your digestive system and promotes the healthy function of bones. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil are excellent for your skin and hair growth as well. When used daily, it provides many nutritional benefits to all the vital organs of your body and improves your overall health.


  • Loaded with vitamins and Omega 3-6-9
  • No additives or preservative
  • Free from pesticides and GMO
  • Plastic-free and so environmental-friendly


  • Few might find the smell and taste pungent

6. SVA ORGANICS Black Cumin Seed Oil

SVA ORGANICS Black Seed Oils

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This USDA certified black cumin seed oil is a 100% pure and organic therapeutic oil. It is a vegan oil, purely extracted from the Nigella Sativa plant using cold-pressing technology, and is entirely alcohol-free, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians.

This oil is dark in color and has got a strong smell. Also known as Kalonji Oil, in the native language, this oil is loaded with Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. The daily use of this oil provides many nutritional benefits to your body. It adds volume to your dry, thin hair and makes them look lustrous. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin rashes and itchiness and balance skin’s pH to give you a glowing, youthful skin. The oil is equally great for your bones and can be used as a painkiller for your joint pain.


  • GMP, ISO, and USDA certified
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Relaxing and pleasant fragrance
  • Therapeutic nature
  • Works best for skin and hair


  • Smell is too light for a few
  • Few issues with the dropper of the bottle

5. Black Seed Oil from Heritage Store

Heritage Store

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This 100% pure and virgin black seed oil is a certified organic oil that boosts your immunity and cardiovascular health and is believed to provide multiple other health benefits.

The oil is packed in a glass bottle to preserve all its nutrients and is loaded with Thymoquinone, omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, and amino acids that act as a protector of your heart health. This cold-pressed oil is beneficial for improving the health of your skin and hair and provides you with glowing and young-looking skin. When taken daily, the oil improves digestion and reduces your appetite, thus maintaining a balanced weight. It is gluten-free and alcohol-free as well. Therefore it can be used by vegetarians as well.


  • Unrefined and cold-pressed oil
  • Promotes healthy weight
  • Benefits skin and hair
  • Organic and 100% pure
  • Gluten-free and no added preservatives


  • Smells like chemical oil

4. Prime Natural Organic Black Seed Oil

RIME NATURAL Black Seed Oils

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A good source of Omega 3-6-9, amino acids, vitamin A and Thymoquinone at 0.93%, this black seed oil is pure and organic and provides you with heart and lung benefits.

The oil is USDA certified and does not contain GMO, alcohol, and other added preservatives and additives, making it an excellent choice for Vegan people. It is cold-pressed to extract maximum health benefits from the seeds. The oil, when taken orally daily, helps promote your heart health and keeps your blood sugar and blood pressure level in check. It provides you relief from many digestive issues as well. You can also apply the oil topically to get healthy skin, beautiful hair, and durable nail.


  • Vegan and gluten and GMO-free
  • Naturally restores skin, nail and hair growth
  • Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar level
  • Good for respiratory problems


  • A spicy, peppery taste

3. Organic Black Seed Oil by Zhou Nutrition

Zhou Nutrition

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This 100% pure, organic, and cold-pressed black seed oil is packed with nigellone and Thymoquinone and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids to provide maximum benefits to multiple vital organs of your body.

Black seed oil or otherwise known as kalonji oil, when consumed daily, supports your heart and lowers your cholesterol level dramatically. It also maintains your blood pressure and blood sugar level at normal range, thus keeping diseases like hypertension and diabetics out of your life. The oil is available in both easy-to-swallow capsules form and liquid oil form for your choice. The oil is a superfood for your skin and hair and promotes thick and healthy hair and radiant young-looking skin. It may also benefit you by providing digestive comfort and joint pain.


  • 100% pure virgin and cold-pressed
  • Rich anti-oxidant and supports heart and lungs health
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Vegan and additive and GMO-free
  • 60-days money-back guarantee


  • Unpleasant taste

2. Amazing Herbs 8 Fluid Ounce Black Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oils

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Packaged with 100% pure, cold-pressed, and unrefined black cumin seed oil, this premium oil is one of the best available in the market. The oil contains 0.95% Thymoquinone, an essential superfood for the heart and lungs, and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

Loaded with a rich source of EFA’s and antioxidants, this oil is beneficial to fight against age-related health problems. Regular intake of this oil helps your bad cholesterol and maintains your blood sugar and blood pressure level within the normal range. The oil is gluten-free and vegan, thus can be consumed by vegetarians. It provides support to your bones and relieves you from joint and back pain. Moreover, it also boosts your digestive systems and aids in healthy weight loss. It certainly is a must for people suffering from lung diseases such as asthma and other skin problems as well.


  • 100% pure, cold-pressed and unrefined
  • Combat age-related health issues
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Provides naturally glowing skin and healthy hair


  • Not an enjoyable taste

1. MAJU’s Black Seed Oil

Maju Superfoods

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This 100% Turkish black cumin seed oil is believed to be better than any organic black seed oil available in the market. Cold-pressed and free from GMO and other pesticides, this oil contains a 1.5% Thymoquinone, which is 3-4 times more than most of the other brands.

The oil, known as the superfood for your immune system, provides varied nutritional benefits to the vital organs of your body, like the heart and lungs. Packed with amino acids, omega 3-6-9, and antioxidants, it lowers your bad cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure level. It thus is a must-buy for people with diabetes, hypertension, and other heart issues. The antioxidants improve your digestive processes and lower respiratory-related diseases, like asthma. It improves your skin and hair texture, supports healthy bone tissues, and an excellent supplement for your digestive system as well.


  • Superfood for heart
  • Promotes strong bones
  • Provides youthful skin and healthy hair
  • Light and palatable oil


  • Pungent smell

Buying Guide – Factors To Consider Before Buying Black Seed Oil

The following are the crucial tips that will guide you to choose the best black seed oil, based on your requirements.


The purity of black seed oil is generally mentioned on the top of the oil bottle. To get the maximum benefits, it’s always better to buy the oil that is 100% pure and is free from GMO, alcohol, artificial colors, additives, or any other preservatives.


Black seed oil is offered to us in either capsule or liquid form. Generally, this oil has a pungent smell and taste that does not suit many. So, this makes the capsule a natural choice to swallow, without getting a bitter taste. But if you are buying black seed oil for cooking or beauty purposes, it is better to go for the liquid form.


There are no scientific studies to prove the many health benefits of black seed oil, but it is the users who strongly recommend oil as a savior for many health issues. So, it is advisable to go by the advice of your doctor and never use the oil as a substitute for any of your medications.


The oil us usually packaged in either plastic or glass bottles. For getting the maximum nutritional benefits of the oil, it is better to select a dark-colored bottle, preferably glass or HDPE plastic, for preserving it for a long duration.


Considering the multiple benefits it provides, the black seed oil is quite expensive in comparison to the other oils that we use. Hence, always compare the price of the brand with the benefits that it is providing, picking the best one without spending a lot.


Though black seed oil is quite popular among users for its varied health and beauty benefits, many of these claims are not yet scientifically proved. The United States Food and Drug Administration does not support the claims of these supplements. So, it is always better to talk to your doctor, and, based on his/her advice, make a uniformed decision to buy the best black seed oil.