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10 Best Carpet Rakes in 2024

Having carpets at your home is very important from the hygiene’s point of view. Apart from that, there are various other benefits like comfort, aesthetics and likewise. Similarly, it is important to clean your carpet regularly, and that is why you need a carpet rake. With a carpet rake, you can remove hair and do general cleaning. This will restore the original form of the carpet, and it will be as effective as a new one. Check out the top 10 best carpet rakes in 2024 below.

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10. GLOYY Rubber Push Broom

GLOYY Carpet Rakes

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This carpet rake comes with a long handle and is very suitable for cleaning dog hair. The rubber push broom will effortlessly work on open areas and is known to attract pet hair. This is very soft and will not scratch the surface. You can easily clean the brush and is very efficient when compared to a vacuum cleaner. This is highly recommended for people who own pets, and it can be used for different surfaces like wooden floors and linoleum. This will collect all the dust as the rubber bristles are very flexible.

9. BCW Carpet Rake

BCW Carpet Rakes

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This is a very long carpet rake which can also be used without a pole. You can easily attach it to a standard vacuum cleaner, and it is very firm. This has flexible bristles and will release the dust and grime in heavy traffic areas. This will make your task of cleaning very easy and can be done in a single step. With this, you will also be getting a vacuum adapter and weighs very less. This is a perfect product for carpets and will ensure that your home remains clean.

8. Dutch Rubber Broom

Dutch Carpet Rakes

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If you are looking for a carpet rake which can be used on all types of surfaces, then this is the one for you. This can work both on the dry and wet surface and is an ideal rubber broom. With this, you can easily remove the pet hair from your rugs and carpets very easily. This can also be used to wash the wheels of your car. This has a 12 inches head which will give efficient cleaning. You can attach any handle on it.

7. CLEANOVATION Carpet Cleaning Brush


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With a unique brush head, this carpet rake comes with a removable telescopic handle. This will save your time as well as your money as it can clean your carpets and rugs even from a heavy traffic area. In this, you will be finding two brush settings like the aggressive setting and the easy setting. This can remove the spills, embedded debris, and other stubborn stains. This will renew the look of your carpet and make your task of cleaning very easy.

6. Groom Industries Groomer Rake

Groom Industries Carpet Rakes

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If you are tired of cleaning your carpet with long rakes, then this one can make your task very easy. This will revitalize the look of your carpet and can be used easily with your hands. You will only have to hold it with your hands and use it manually. This will scrub the deep spots as well as the pet stains from your rugs and carpets. The handheld groomer can be used for various purposes, and there is also a spatula which can be used for scooping up the excess spillage.

5. MR.SIGA Rubber Broom

MR.SIGA Carpet Rakes

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With a soft bristle, this carpet rake is a rubber broom which will collect the dust. This will attract the dirt and can be used both indoors and outdoors. There is an extendable telescopic handle and has got a width of 12 inches. This is washable and can also remove water. It will not damage your carpet and is very suitable for removing the debris. It is also lightweight, and you can easily disassemble it. This is highly recommended for homeowners who have carpets.

4. Roberts Carpet Rake

Roberts Carpet Rakes

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With an extra-long handle, the carpet rake has got specially designed bristles which will reach deep in your carpet’s base. The head has a width of 12 inches which will clean effectively in a single swipe. This will easily cover large areas and will make your work of cleaning very easily. This is very suitable for your carpet maintenance and will release the trapped dirt. It comes with a three-part handle and can be stored conveniently. This will also remove the vacuum tracks and allows you to use it in different motions.

3. LandHope Push Broom

LandHope Carpet Rakes

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If you are looking for an effortless sweep, then this is the perfect one for you. This has rubber bristles which are quacking in removing dust and hair from the floor. This is very efficient when compared to a normal broom and will not damage your carpets as the bristles are very soft. The handle is very long and can easily be adjusted. This can be used by people of different heights, and you can easily wash the broom. This can be used both indoor and outdoor and is a very durable product.

2. Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake

Quality Line Enterprises Carpet Rakes

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This carpet rake is perfect for people who have pets. This is very effective in remove pet hair from the floor and will also help in eliminating the pet odor. This is very convenient to use and is better in comparison to a vacuum cleaner. You can remove your pet hair even from areas where your hands don’t reach. It is very lightweight, and you can store it conveniently. It is also very safe for use, and you do not have to use any chemicals or electricity.

1. Evriholder Carpet Rack

Evriholder Carpet Rakes

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Made with natural rubber bristles, this carpet rake will efficiently remove the pet hair without destroying your carpet. This comes with a long pole which can also be used for cleaning the ceiling. Forget about using a ladder as you can easily adjust the height to up to 60 inches. You can also clean the spills and windows as it has a rubber squeegee. It can be used on various surfaces like hardwood, carpet, linoleum, and tile. This will make your task of cleaning very easy and will remove the fine particles very fast.


There are different types of carpet rakes available, and you have to choose based on your needs. Some of the factors to consider are whether the fur type of the carpet is long or short, the type of particles you want to clean, the type of carpet and likewise. Go through the description of these best carpet rakes and choose the best one for you.