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10 Best Catan Expansion in 2024

We have got something exciting for you guys so that you can spend quality time with your family member in a competitive way. Is (Catan) is a table (board) game; the game consist of various corrections consistently, however, the idea continues as before.

The game consists of various development packs. You can incorporate 3-6 players. Occasionally, the luck involved in rolling isn’t the same here in Catan, that is the most challenging part one could face. Here, players require exchanging assets with appropriate methodologies and needing to construct an empire.

The player earns victory by making the agreements and the construction of the roads. As always, the player with the best points wins the race; similarly, the player who has the most victory points dominates the game over here. You’re good to go.

Here, for everyone out there at home, we have provided you the best 10 Catan Expansions. Do check their availability and portability to find the best suitable for your family.

List of Best Catan Expansion Review

10. The Settlers of Catan

Mayfair Games

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Board games have always been close to everyone’s heart, and then there is no option that you won’t like Settlers of Catan. You will love to see the friendliness and awesomeness of this game once you have started the game at the beginner level as a beginner or as a seasoned gamer.

In this game, how wishfully and wisely you manage the resources is the key. Here, you will negotiate, trade, and, most importantly, interact with the players for the support.

You will be astonished to realize that this game is the means by which available and generally welcomed, so, don’t go here and there just check the reviews. It’s one of those games, which even amuses the experienced players. You won’t believe it, so let’s try it and give your review.

Key Feature:

  • Players count can be 3-4.
  • Ease of understanding the rules of this game.
  • Appropriate for ages of people who are 12+.
  • Extraordinary game you can play during family social affairs.

9. Catan Civilization-Building Board Game


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In this Catan game, you will enter the captivated island of Catan, where you go through assets for manufacture your structures, and topple your adversary, and assurance triumph in the game!

As every game rolls over the table, the first thing that comes up is that this game is suitable for which age? Well, you will be amazed to know, this game is ideal for everyone. Here, you have to go through building structures, construction of roads, and creating settlements and developments. First of all, you are required to gather resources. In the game, you will get a block made of hexagonal tiles, and each tile has its number. Assets in this game are lumber, brick, ore, grain, and wool.

It takes about 60 minutes to complete the game, and it is easy to learn it. The player who achieves more the victory points wins the game, and who gets ten victory points at first wins the game.

Key Feature:

  • Convenient to learn and play.
  • Use the procedure to outmaneuver your rivals.
  • Suitable for a very long time ten and up.
  • It takes around an hour to finish.

8. Catan Extension – 5-6 Players

Catan Extension

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Extension to any game is always useful. With the expansion, you will get the opportunity to play with more players and get new wooden pieces, cards, and hex tiles.

This augmentation ends up being another one and does exclude the help game. This item accompanies an exceptional number of markers for the fresh out of the box new hex tiles. It extends the size of the guide(map).

These movements were done to incorporate more players and prevent littering. In the interim, with the augmentation, there is an expansion in time, and it ends up being a decent alternative as it can suit more players one after another.

Key Feature:

  • Magnify the roadmap.
  • Recurring turns on clearing building phase.
  • 5 to 6 player can make an extraordinary expansion.
  • Adds profundity and unpredictability in the game.

7. Catan Junior Settlers Of Catan Game

Catan Junior

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When it comes to your small ones, Catan junior can be proved to be the best gift for them.  It is alike the base game with smooth-running rules. The changes which took place are like pirate ships and plate lairs, which are the replacements of the settlement, cities, and roads of the base game.

This game is intended to be youngster neighborly. A portion of the first game’s assignments, for example, exchanging cards with different players, made simpler for kids. Coco cards are an essential segment. Cards give you free objects and allow you to roll the Ghost pirate captain.

Key Feature:

  • Recommended for person ages 6+.
  • An interesting theme attracts children.
  • Untangle version of the notable support game Catan.
  • 2-4 players are permitted.

6. Catan Expansion – Seafarers

Catan Expansion

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Seafarer is a development of the Settlers of Catan table game. This game is another form of the base game. Here, the player sails to their cherished islands of Catan. This accompanies ocean title theme.ayouting.

Because of various mapping and bigger separation, pontoons will be utilized for transportation in this game. Most extreme tally, 3-4 individuals can play this game at once. What’s more, each game takes as long as an hour to finish. There is no uncertainty that Seafarers is wind up being the best Catan augmentations. As the continuation rolls, the player with the best number of triumph centers commands the match.

Key Feature:

  • You can play this with 3-4 players.
  • Scenarios change up the game.
  • Maps are enormous because of extra tiles.
  • Simple and straightforward.

5. Catan Expansion – Cities & Knights

Catan Extension

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In this Catan game, protect the place that is known for Catan from attacking savages in the Cities and Knights development! With the new arrival, players get the structure knights that would be useful to guard the land. With the other benefit of building cities, players get an interest in the game.

Overhauling the level stops by including city multifaceted nature, players gain improvement cards. These cards accompany gigantic advantages. With the utilization of them, you can charge the sum from different players, could get more advantages, for example, assets, and develop streets for nothing. The player with a bigger number of knights than the complete number of urban areas and vanquished brutes would be pronounced as the victor.

Key Feature:

  • Barbarians and knights are an extraordinary idea.
  • Expansion adds profundity to the game.
  • Deploy knights and shield urban communities.
  • Can be played among 3-4 players.

4. Star Trek Catan Board Game

Star Trek

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Chief Kirk and the best Mr Spock have consistently been fantasied characters for everybody. To give more feel of characters, and gives the star topic Catan. It has likewise highlighted Star Trek Catan can be played by an aggregate of a limit of 4 players. The game can require some investment run from 75-an hour and a half to finish.

The game is really clear. You can begin playing the game by putting two stations at the edges of the planet. Each planet has a number. At whatever point a number is rolled, the player will pick up assets from the planets. The player will get triumph focuses from stations, starbases, and improvement cards. The player who accomplishes the 0 triumph focuses from the outset will dominates the match.

Key Feature:

  • Easy to play between 3-4 players.
  • Takes around 75-an hour and a half to play.
  • Features the exemplary Star Trek characters.
  • Support cards are an amazing expansion.

3. Seafarers 5-6 Player


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Sailors Extension is only the overhauled rendition of Catan Seafarers development. The expansion underpins up to 6 players. This game is the most recent release of the base game and expectations simply like the base game, and it would likewise end up being a decent version. The base Catan game, Catan 5-6 player expansion pack, and the Seafarers advancement are required to use this game.

This expansion ends up being an ecstasy for players, likewise, with this augmentation, players get extra parts. This game will take as long as an hour and a half to finish. In the event that Seafarers development is one of your preferred games, at that point this game will include 5-6 player augmentation without hardly lifting a finger.

Key Feature:

  • Adds profundity and unpredictability to the game.
  • Can be played between 5-6 players.
  • Each game takes around an hour and a half.
  • 9 new situations increment replayability.

2. Cities & Knights 5 to 6 Player

Catan Extension

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This extension comes up with the expansion of players limit increased with two. This product doesn’t require the support game for the use; that is the reason named as an independent item. There is another advantage for the player having the knight more grounded than the opponent’s, and afterward the player can uproot them. Which could be gainful to repulse the looters?

The player can win one triumph point by having the most noteworthy number of knights. The player who has 13 triumph focuses would dominate the match. Here, the playing time would be as long as an hour and a half.

Key Feature:

  • Extension bolsters up to 6 players.
  • Progress cards include profundity and unpredictability.
  • Games take around an hour and a half to finish.
  • Cities and Knights is an energizing idea.

1. Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player

Explorers & Pirates

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In this Catan Board game, The Explorers and Pirates was an awesome development that had a staggering idea and one of a kind ongoing interaction components. It doesn’t contain the base game since this game is the most recent release of Explorers and Pirates Expansion.

Besides, because of the expansion of two additional players, it likewise expands the game time. Here, Each game will take from 90-180 minutes to finish.

Key Feature:

  • New players can become familiar with the standards rapidly.
  • Extension bolsters up to 6 players.
  • Map size is immeasurably expanded.
  • Games normally take around 90-180 minutes.

That’s it these are the best in the market right now. We hope that you might find what you are looking forward to this article.