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Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes in 2024

I believe an electric heated lunch box is a lifesaver since you will never have to eat your food cold anymore. So, if you prefer carrying your food when going to work, this is the correct lunch box to buy.

What is an electric heated lunch box?

These are lunch boxes made with heated elements and a power plug to connect the lunch box to a socket to warm foods. The term heated means that these lunch boxes can keep the food warm for hours. Some of the electric heated lunch boxes are compatible with a car charger if you want to warm your food while on the go.

The electric heated lunch boxes are made with compartments to organize your foods. This design makes it easy to carry more than one food without mixing it up. The set lunch boxes are easy to clean since the food compartments are removable to clean, and most are compatible with dishwashers.

How do the electric heated lunch boxes work?

Once you plug the electric heated lunch box into the power, it instantly starts to heat the inside of the lunch box, and the heat is transferred to the packed food. The heated lunch boxes have different heating levels as some can heat it to 200 degrees F.

Since the interior part of the heated lunch boxes is insulated, they later keep the food warm for hours. So, you can heat your food and leave it for 3 hours before eating, and it will still be warm.

Who best suits the electric heated lunch boxes?

Office workers

An eclectic heated lunch box will suit you if you work for long hours in the office. This is a lunch box model you can keep on your desk and warm food from the desk since they connect to most power sockets.

Delivery people

Another category of people who would need an electric heated lunch box is probably someone who does the delivery job. Some models can connect to a 12 or 24-volt power outlet. So, such lunch boxes can be heated in the car.

Benefits of an electric heated lunch box

Saves time

With an electric heated lunch box, you will for sure save your time when working in the office. You don’t need to spend hours out of the office looking for a place to have your lunch, connect the lunch box to a power source, warm food and enjoy.

Promotes healthy eating

If you are on a strict diet, you need an electric heated lunch box to ensure you stick to the diet. You get to carry your food from home, prepared healthily as opposed to eating from restaurants.

Saves money

You will for sure save a lot of money with this lunch box. If you spend around 150 dollars per day to buy lunch, imagine how much money you get to save for an entire month if you carry food from home? Well, make the wise decision and get one for taking your food.

Promotes healthy living

How many times have you skipped lunch simply because you don’t want to leave work pending to go out to look for food? It would help if you ate all meals of the day as you need the energy to be proactive in the office. However, with the electric heated lunch boxes, you will always have food at your disposal to eat.

The ticket to saying goodbye to cold food is to own an electric heated lunch box. You may have lost count of those moments that you had to endure an ordeal. For instance, you were in a hurry, but the microwave chose that moment to break down. If you are familiar with that, you need this product for a change. Under normal circumstances, the exercise of choosing one can cost you days if not weeks. Despite the search, you may not get the right one. We have relief for you. Consider this list of the top 10 best electric heated lunch boxes in 2024 for a great choice.

Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

10. Yibboss Mini Car Lunch Personal Portable Oven


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These are high-class reliable electric lunch boxes. The first-class engineering construction makes it durable and reliable. It is ideal for use in a car. It emits strong heat which keeps the food warm at all times. This product has a stylish and elegant design that is eye-catching.


  • The stylish design makes it visually appealing and elegant.
  • It features smart and modern technology which keeps your food warm at all times.
  • These Electric Heated Lunch Boxes are ideal for road trips. This is because it is operational in the car.


  • Electric lunch boxes are expensive compared to normal lunchboxes. However, the high value is undeniable.

9. Aisme Portable Electric Heated Food Warmer


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This is a modern electric lunch box that features first-class construction. It is lightweight but sturdy. This eases management and increases durability. For great transportation techniques, handles and hand-clapping are available. Less electric power is necessary hence it is economical.


  • High-class engineering construction improves its performance.
  • Minimum energy used to save on power.
  • It is available in different colors. Consequently, you can choose your favorite color.
  • Lightweight hence easy to transport.


  • In some cases, the lunch box may have some defects. However, the manufacturers got your back to replace the destroyed part.

8. Hot Logic Mini with 6 Cup Pyrex Included-Blue


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These are well-covered lunch Boxes that deliver healthy and warm food. It is uniquely designed to cook food and then hold it at a warm temperature. The temperature of the food runs at about 165°F. Other than the dish, it comes together with a recipe guide. It is lightweight hence portability is easy. They maximally serve those people with a tough schedule.


  • It thoroughly cooks food and keeps it warm for hours.
  • Safe to use in your car. Therefore, a great road trip companion.
  • Lightweight hence portable and easy to handle.
  • The materials behind its construction are high-quality and reliable.


  • In this product in case of uncontrolled use, the zipper might break.
  • It is not ideal for impatient people. That is the lunch box may take a while to cook and warm the food.

7. Yohoolyo electric lunch box food heater


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Yohoolyo electric heated lunch boxes have a unique and stylish design. They are lightweight hence easy to transport. A combination of PP material and stainless steel makes it durable and reliable. During purchase, the lunch box is accompanied by kitchen accessories, a power cable, and a manual.


  • The Electric Heated Lunch Boxes materials of construction are environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • Usable in different places.
  • Cleaning is fast since the stainless container is removable.
  • Unlike other lunchboxes, this product features an extra space to hold other kitchen accessories.


  • Heating up the food takes a long period.
  • It can only hold food for a single person.

6. EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box


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This is a modern lunch box that features a modern and stylish design. It features a sturdy carrying handle that eases transportation. The food containers are removable hence easy to clean. This Lunchbox can withstand a temperature of up to 70°. The material of construction is durable and strong. Consequently, delivering years of service.


  •  Lightweight hence easy to transport.
  • The electric heated lunch box is easy to disassemble for fast cleaning.
  • It is durable and reliable.


  • This lunch box takes a lot of time to warm up your food.
  • The handle may loosen up. However, it is fixable.

5. Yissvic Electric Lunch Box Food Heater


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Yissvic Electric heated lunch box is the best traveling companion. This is because it is portable and hence easy to transport. It resists temperature loss. The material of construction is healthy and environmentally friendly. It features an easy to remove stainless steel container. This eases cleaning and use. The maximum capacity of food held is up to 1.5L.


  • The Electric Heated Lunch Boxes material of construction is healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • It features a removable container that eases cleaning.
  • Lightweight hence portable.


  • You need to plug it about a whole hour before lunch. Consequently, this is time-wasting.

4. Yescom 1.5L Portable Electric Heating Lunch


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These electric lunch boxes have a sturdy handle and feature a stainless steel removable container. It is portable hence easy to handle and transport. Different foods can comfortably use this product. The product is usable in different locations. It has a carrying capacity of 1.5L. A well-detailed manual explains how to put this product into use.


  • It is portable and easy to transport.
  • The material of construction is a combination of PP material and stainless steel. Therefore, it guarantees years of service.
  • It delivers safe and reliable heating.


  • The Electric Heated Lunch Boxes use less electric power to operate.

3. Gideon Heated Electric lunch box 12-Volt portable stone-Heated lunch box


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Gideon electric heated lunch box is a 12V product. It is ideal for different places and foods. This product is easy to use and transport. The maximum temperature of the food is up to 300°. It features a stay-cool case that prevents any accident and eases handling the product. With a 6ft cord, using this product is easy and fast.


  • It features a front closure and tight lid to avoid food spillage.
  • Other than being lightweight, it features a sturdy handle which eases the use of this product.
  • It features an insulated material of construction. Therefore, heat retention capacity is high.


  • This product takes hours to get food ready.
  • Some people prefer larger sizes than this product.

2. Koolatron LBS-01 Black 12V Lunch Box store


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These modern electric heated lunch boxes operate under 12V of power. It is multifunctional. That is, it either cooks or warms food. The maximum temperature in the food is up to 300°. This product is usable in the vehicle. Within minutes the food is warm and ready to eat. To put it into use, you only need to plug it into the household Outlet.


  • It cooks and warms food within a short period.
  • The heat retention in the food is up to 300°.
  • These electrically heated lunch boxes are fast and reliable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Your car battery will run out if the lunch boxes are connected for so long.
  • When compared to other lunch boxes, this product takes more time to cook and heat up your food.

1. Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven, Black

HotLogic Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

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This is an easy to handle portable electric lunch box. These lunch boxes have a stylish interior and exterior part. It saves on electric power energy. Therefore, saving on power. The electric heated lunch box is easy to use and maintain. With the functional electric cable, an electric connection is easy. It has an inbuilt modern technology that is dual purpose. The high tech perfectly cooks the food and maintains its warmth.


  • The interior section has an aluminum lining that retains food heat.
  • It has a high-class inbuilt technology that maintains the food’s warmth.
  • These electric lunch boxes are available in several colors.


  • If not well maintained the product may lose its value.
  • The size is limiting. Therefore many people can’t use it simultaneously.

How to choose the best electric heated lunch box?

Consider the size

How much food capacity do you need to carry to eat? Are you bringing food for a single serving or foods that you can share with other people? Once you answer this question, you will select the right size of a heated lunch box. The electric heated lunch boxes are made in different sizes, whereby some are extra-large to carry food for a crowd, and others are small for single-person use.

Check out the design

Do you need a lunch box that can accommodate more than one food type, or are you okay mixing your food? Well, unless when packing only one food type, we can all agree that mixed food is not everyone’s favorite. However, you can choose a lunch box with compartments so you can efficiently arrange your foods to prevent them from mixing.

Some heated lunch boxes have two cases, and others have up to4. So, the choice is yours depending on how many dishes you prepare at home.

The connection cable

It is essential to check the adapter cable that the lunch box has and its socket to prevent inconvenience when you use it from different areas. For example, if you travel often, you will need a lunch box that connects to the car adapter to warm your food. A good lunch box should have an adapter that connects to 12 to 24 volts since most cars have this connection option. Some of the heated lunch boxes connect 110 to the 240-volt socket.

Check the materials crafting

It would help if you had a heated lunch box made with quality materials resistant to easy damages from high heat. So, choose a model made with heat-resistant materials. Also, for your safety, make sure the lunch box that you select has BPA material constructions.

LED indicator

Although not all the electric heated lunch boxes are equipped with LED indicators, you must choose one if you have never used it before. An indicator shows you when the lunch box is plugged on well and once the food is ready to switch off the power to prevent overcooking.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are electric heated lunch boxes worth buying?

Yes, these types of lunch boxes are worth your money since not only do they help in warming cold food, but they keep food warm longer.

Q; Are electric heated boxes suitable for cooking?

You can use the electric heated lunch boxes for cooking light foods that take little time to cook. The heated lunch boxes have a cooking timer that runs up to 30 minutes, respectively.

Q: Are electric heated lunch boxes safe?

In terms of warming and cooking foods, yes, the heated lunch boxes are safe since they use electricity to warm food, just like using a cooktop to prepare foods. However, since they are powered by electricity, they are not recommendable for kids if mishandled can cause electric shock.

Q: How do you use an electric heated lunch box in a car?

Just plug the lunch box adapter into the car connector, switch on and leave it to warm.

Q: How do you clean an electric heated lunch box?

  • Remove the food compartments and clean them separately, maybe in the dishwasher
  • Heat water and pour it at the base of the main case of the lunch box
  • You can add a slice of lemon as it helps get rid of odor and bacteria
  • Then connect it to power and allow it to run for about 20 to 25 minutes
  • Scrub the edges of the box using a cleaning object
  • Then rinse well and store


With the list of the top 10 best electric heated lunch boxes at your disposal, there is the hope of better days tomorrow. No need to eat cold food. You also don’t have to stomach fast food. You can carry your food in an electric heated lunch box. That way, you get to eat well-prepared food, what you want and when it is hot. It is a chance that you cannot afford to lose it.