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10 Best Electric Motorcycles for Kids in 2024

Electric motorcycles provide a thrilling ride to kids and give them an enjoyable experience of riding. It is available for all age group children. Nowadays, all children put up the demand to have an electric motorcycle. The coming up generation has shifted to motorcycles from cycles. It is designed in a manner such that each child can handle it.

All motorcycles contain sport wheels to help children balance. A music player with some songs keeps the children entertained. Some bikes have the feature of Bluetooth also. Are you confused about which motorcycle to buy?

Don’t worry. The given list contains the top 10 Best Electric Motorcycle for Kids with their features. Go through the detailed description and choose the best for your child. Each motorcycle is best in its way. It’s just that they differ in size, color, material, etc. Let’s have a look.

List of 10 Electric Motorcycles for Kids in 2024

10. Honey JOY Kids Ride-on Electric Motorcycle


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This Honey JOY electric motorized toy is 12 V powered by a battery. It is available in red color and includes all the features of a motorbike. To save children from shock, it has a shock-absorbing spring so that children experience a smooth ride. There are training wheels attached to it for balance.

Inbuilt music player, rearview mirrors, headlight let children have the same feel as of a real bike. This electric motorcycle is made of environmentally friendly material, which is not at all harmful for children. Riding a bike like this gives confidence to your child.


  • Foot pedal with forwarding and backward function
  • Comfortable seat
  • USB slot to enjoy your favorite sounds
  • Shock absorbing spring to ensure safety
  • Good quality battery used


  • No color option available

9. Fit Right 12 V Kids Electric Motorcycle

Fit Right

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A mini electric bike with LED wheels is a perfect fit for your child. Supporting weight is 66 lbs. This bike has controllable speed with a foot brake. 3-8 years old children can afford the full benefit of this bike.

Add on point to its features is that Fit Right offers you 12 months replacement period for various parts of the bike and 90 days for the battery. Isn’t it great? The wheels of this bike have LED light, which attracts the children to have a ride on it. The speed of the bike ranges from 2-4 mph. It has an automatic system of battery charging and takes 6-8 hours to charge it fully.


  • Smart technology of battery charging
  • Electric brake system and soft start
  • Multiple in-built options to entertain the child
  • Assembly time required is 20 min
  • Four color options available


  • Cannot move on grass
  • A bit expensive

8. Kid MOTORZ 6 V Electric Motorcycle

Kid Motorz

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This bike with forwarding and reverse gears are available in blue color. The unique feature in this bike is- it has a storage case at the back. So when you go out in the park, you can keep some of your belongings in it. It is one button start, and working headlights give your child a realistic feel.

It can run a maximum speed of 1.8 mph. A 6 V rechargeable battery runs for 50-60 minutes. Stickers on this bike add on to its beauty. It is suitable for children of 3 years old or more and handles a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs.


  • Includes storage rack
  • Easy to assemble
  • Three color options available
  • Soft sound effects


  • Battery used is not of good quality
  • Cannot run at high speed

7. QABA 6 V Electric Battery-Powered Motorbike


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QABA electric motorcycle is perfect for 3-6 years old children. It is easy to ride. You just have to press the button to move forward and release it to stop. To get fully charged, it takes 8-12 hours. 2 side wheels are attached to it to ensure safety for the children.

The maximum speed to which it can ride is 1.25 mph. It is good to ride on rough surfaces, wet grass, and brick road or cement floor. Red and green are color options to choose from. It has a roomy, comfortable seat and handles the weight of 55 lbs. Along with the bike, you get the bike charger also. The material of the bike is also of good quality.


  • 4 wheels to ride on rough surfaces
  • 45 minutes continuous ride
  • Includes battery charger
  • Easy to ride


  • It doesn’t support the backward motion
  • Supporting wheels are not balanced

6.  MIGOTOYS TRIKE Motorcycle Powered Ride


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 With its lifelike design, this motorbike has a formidable starting sound, just like the real bike. It has a pedal accelerator for a comfortable and smooth ride. Both forward and backward motions are supported. Horn sound is present to alarm people around you. Children of 1-3 years of age will love it. Assembling different parts of the bike is not a tough task to do.

Riding bikes like these encourage your child, boost his level up with confidence, and let him enjoy the feeling of immense joy. The side mirrors are sliding, and children can quickly move them to either side.


  • Sliding side mirrors
  • Material used is good
  • Assembling is easy
  • Modern look design


  • No information about the battery required
  • Running speed is slow, and the pedal is hard to push

5. 3 Wheel TRIKE Chopper Motorcycle for Kids

Lil' Rider

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Designed like a chopper, the three-wheel motorbike is easy to ride for your young baby. Looking at its features is the same as a motorbike. Backward and forward motion, headlights turn on and off, battery-operated, colorful design-are some of its great features. Tires of the bike are of suitable material which smoothly rides on wood and cement floors.

The material used is washable and cleaned quickly. All the parts are made of high-quality plastic. This plastic can hold up to 50 lbs in weight. The bike has been tested beforehand to ensure full grade safety.


  • Battery used is 6 V
  • Speed can go up to 3 mph
  • Cool design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Manufacturing quality is not so good

4. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike


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SYX bike, with its unique design, has a real 2-stroke engine. Speed gets limited from 30 mph to 15 mph. The warranty period of particular months is given along with the bike. The company provides you with 365 days of customer service. A manual is given in the box to help you to assemble the bike and have a joyful ride.

It is an off-road vehicle. Yellow color gives it a finer look. 49 cc engine allows this bike to ride on any of the surfaces, whether it be wood or cement floor, wet grass, etc. Front and back disc brakes make the bike sturdy. It is a fuel bike instead of an electric motorbike.


  • Modern look design
  • Engine works well
  • Spring to absorb the shock
  • Recommended for six years old and up


  • Requires fuel not electrically charged
  • Maintenance is a bit difficult

3. 12 V Police Electric Motorcycle

National Products

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This particular motorcycle is designed the same as that of police in white color. It is lovely. The unique feature of the bike is its two forward speeds and one backward speed that are 2.5, 5.0 mph, and 2.5 mph, respectively. A storage rack at the back helps the child to store the toys or the necessary belongings while going for an outing.

Weight capacity is 110 lbs of the vehicle. Hand accelerator, headlight, signal lights are all included in its features. A charger is also made available along with the bike to charge a 12 V battery. After charging, it gives your child a smooth and continuous ride for 50-60 minutes.


  • Realistic music effects
  • Impact design
  • Tail light, headlight, front and back gear included
  • Side view mirrors


  • Service is not good after-sale

2. Best Choice Products Kids Riding Bike

Best Choice Products

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Best Choice sells this electric bike in five colors that are red, orange, purple, black, and pink. It is made up of a plastic body that is highly durable and for long term use. The plastic is also non-toxic. Just to excite the child, its body frame designed with vibrant colors. Bright LED lights, music, horn, daring stickers attract children towards this bike.

A built-in storage rack lets your child carry his favorite toys with him. Foot pedal helps in case of an emergency. This bike is recommended for children of 3 years and above. Just like the others, it also has a rechargeable battery of 6 V.


  • 3 wheels for balancing
  • Windshield to ensure safety
  • Maximum speed of 2 mph
  • Multiple color options available


  • Poor after-sales service

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motorbike


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This off-road electric motocross bike is recommended for children of 13 years and above. It has air-filled tires in it, hand-operated rear brakes, and twist-grip throttle. Razor MX350 fulfills the fantasies of younger children. The speed limit is 14 mph, which allows you to use it continuously for 30 minutes.

The motor of the bike is chain driven, and the body frame is steel constructed. The handlebars are adjustable and smooth to ride. There are two lead-acid batteries of 24 V that is 12 V each.


  • Chain-driven and high torque motor
  • Wonderful speed of up to 14 mph
  • Large 12-inch tires
  • Electric motor of 350 W


  • Size of the bike is not fit for 13-year-old
  • Not fit for long term use

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying the Electric Motorcycle for Kids


You need to compare the size of the models and select them by keeping in mind your child’s age. All the bikes are not fit for the same age group kids.

Some bikes have adjustable heights also. Bike size should not be large enough to be handled by the child.


The material of the bike needs to be environment friendly. If it is a plastic frame, the plastic should be non-toxic. Make sure that the material of the bike does not cause any harm to your child. Choose wisely. The seat also should be comfortable so that child can experience a fun ride.

Maximum Speed

The speed of the bike is the most crucial factor to look into while buying. Electric motorcycle must have adjustable speed and should not go up to high range.

High-speed limits are suitable for eight years old and above. Try buying a low range speed motorbike.


Electric motorcycles run on battery. So, the life of the battery must be good enough for long term use. 6 V, 12 V batteries are good options to go with. Batteries can even be changed once they destroy.


The budget is also a factor you should consider. List all the features, compare them, and choose the one with affordable price and multiple features.

Other Features

Some bikes have new and attractive features like storage boxes to keep your child’s favorite toys, sliding rearview mirrors, and foot pedal for balancing, windshield, and many more. Make sure the bike you choose has new features to let your child avail the benefit of them.


The above description makes you aware of the different top models for buying Best Electric Motorcycle for Kids. This motorcycle will train your child for a better future. It will develop confidence and give him the courage to face massive traffic around the city. Compare the features among the top 10 models and choose the best one for you.

So, wear the helmets and get ready to have a smooth and peaceful ride.