Top 10 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars in 2019

If you are an athlete or like working out regularly, instead of going to the gym, you can buy a free stand pull up bar at your home. With a pull-up bar, you can do various types of exercises like chin up, traditional pull up, dip, leg raise, sit-ups, crutches and much more. In short, you can do a full body muscle workout starting from the chest and shoulders to your abdominal and leg muscles. We have listed the top 10 best free standing pull up bars in 2019 and you can workout indoors or outdoors without any arrangement requirements.

List of Top Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars Review

10. Dtemple Adjustable Power Tower


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In this free standing pull up bar, you will be able to adjust the height in four different positions. This is multifunctional, and you can perform activities like chin-ups, knee raise, and dips. You can also work on your biceps, abdominal muscles, chest, triceps, back, and arms. This is very comfortable to use and has got a sturdy frame. In it, there are supportive cushions, and you can work without adding any weight. This can be used by both men and women for various purposes and has got single parallel bars.

9. Goplus Tower Rack Pull Up Stand Bar


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This one has the ability to withstand a total weight of 330 pounds. In this free standing pull up bar, you will be able to comfortably carry out your exercise regime. This weighs 73 pounds and has got 1.6 inches thick pad. It can be assembled very easily and comes with an instruction manual. This will help to tighten your core muscle as well as your arm. You can perform many other techniques and is designed in an ergonomic way. It does not require any screwing on the floor.

8. Happybuy Adjustable Height Power Tower


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This free standing pull up bar can bear a weight capacity of 550 pounds, and even the height can be adjusted. It comes with a strong cushion as well as an arm cushion. This can be used for various purposes like pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, and push-ups. It is very strong and is made up of still which is powder coated. This has got foam rubber grips and also includes a padded back for you to rest your arms. This can easily be used in your home, and the get the experience of a real gym.

7. FITNATURAL Doorway Fitness Tower


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This is a multi-functional standing pull up bar which can also be used by women. You can workout on your full body with this. Apart from pull up, you can also do push up and full dip. There is back support for protecting your lower back. There is also removable arms support which helps in better storage. The telescopic parallel bar can be removed and will fit people of different sizes. This is very small and lightweight and is a perfect way to experience a real gym at your own house.

6. Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower


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This is a very strong free standing pull up bar which can withstand outdoor elements. It is specially designed for a workout and can be used in all kinds of weather. This is also corrosion resistant as well as paint chip and comes with a UV protected body. This will stay new for a long time and maintain its vibrant color. It is made up of solid steel and is very durable. This can also be used for other exercises like tricep dips, vertical knee raise, and sit-ups. It has got many grip positions.

5. Trapezerigging Elite Pull Up Bar


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This free standing pulls up bar is made up of aluminum and is manufactured in the United States. It has got a height of 92 inches but can easily be adjusted. This is very lightweight and weighs just 36 pounds. Assembling is very easy and does not require any tool. It comes with a removable bar and has got a built-in stabilizer. It is very portable, and you can perform any form of exercise in this. This bar has got a neutral grip handle which is perfect for doing knee raises.

4. GoBeast Pull Up & Dip Station


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This is a very comfortable free standing pull up bar which can be used on hard surfaces. In this, the height can be easily adjusted and you can perform various forms of activities in this. You can workout anywhere in this and it weighs only 48 pounds. It comes in a size of 12.2 x 50 x 18 inches and there are many positive reviews about it. This can easily fit in any room of your house and will give you the experience of a real gym.

3. WorkHorse Fitness Portable Pull-up & Push-up Bar


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With this, you will be able to shape up your body. The free standing pull up bar will help in shaping your biceps and back. This is very portable and is suitable for the entire body workout. You can easily use it at home or outside. It does not require any drilling and also no tools. This is made up of steel which is very lightweight and will hold a person of 300 pounds. Apart from push-ups, you can also pull-ups and many other exercises in this.

2. Ainfox Power Tower


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The maximum weight this sturdy power tower can take is 550 pounds which is the best in its class. There are non-slip grips, and the frame is made up of the reinforced steel frame. The tower has a step-up design, and the base is highly stable for all the different types of exercises. It is designed for a whole body training workout starting from chest to leg muscles.

1. ANCHEER Fitness Power Tower

ANCHEER Free Standing Pull Up Bars

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This is an extremely sturdy power tower for a heavy fitness workout. There are non-slip padded grips, and it can take a maximum user weight of 330 pounds. The frame is made up of the thickened carbon steel frame, and there is a powder coating for longer durability. It is designed for regular rough uses, and the design is very ergonomic and versatile to perform different types of exercises. The product is easy to assemble, and you can adjust the height for your convenience. You can do training for your arms, abdominals, chest, shoulder as well as legs.


While buying a free standing pull up bar, make sure the height is optimal for your size. There are some bars available that allow you to adjust the height so that the kids and the adults can perform their exercises comfortably. The assembling is easy, and there is no need for creating holes in the walls. You can do the exercises indoors and outdoors as they are easily portable. Check the maximum weight capacity so that it can sustain our body weight comfortably.

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