Top 10 Best French Fry Cutter in 2019

A French fry cutter is a proper kitchen tool used to cut uniform shapes from raw potatoes for French fries. There is a broad range of cutters accessible that physically control the width and profundity of the cut, yet regularly not the length. It is the best thing you can have to save up your time and prepare the best looking French fries in no time at all! You just have to place the potato on the blades of the cutter and by applying a little force; you will see the properly sliced French fry potatoes coming out from the other end. Then you can easily follow the recipes and enjoy it at your home.

But when it comes to choosing the one for you, the best French fry cutter you should possess, everyone will get confused. So to ease up your doubts here is the list of top ten French fry cutters list of 2019 from which you can choose the one for you!

Top 10 Best French Fry Cutter Reviews

10. ICO Stainless Steel 2-Blade French fry Cutter, White


It comes with 2 Different Blade Sizes which is made up of Stainless Steel. It’s a firm steel base with suction cup cover. It is an average cutter, but it won’t last that long. The whole body is of steel and so as the lever. It is not that easy to handle the gear and can be later on dangerous also. Moreover, it can also cut through other vegetables also. It is a good fry cutter but is not as strong as the other chip slicers mentioned above.

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9. Gourmia GCU9245 Professional Potato Slicer with 2 Interchangeable Blades


You can quickly achieve accurate and perfectly diced potato strips in no time with this product. Not only potato but other vegetables can also be handled easily. It has two sets of Heavy Duty grates/blades with the perfect similar pusher blocks. It also has Cut Jumbo swap for skinny and precise strips of potatoes. The blades of High duty are made up of ABS plastic and very sharp stainless steel for no rusting and perfect slicing. It has a suction base for better placement, and the lever is easy to grip and handle also.

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8. Westmark Multipurpose potato Fry Cutter with Three Thickness Stainless Steel


This product is made up of excellent materials and is very easy to use. It can slice up to three different sizes! Starting with 9 into 9 millimeters, then the 10 into 10 millimeters and finally the 12 into 12 millimeters size of the French fries. The levers are easy to handle and come with rubber suction tool which helps to hold and apply force on the machine without any dangers. It can be easily cleaned with some soap and water. The blades look healthy. It comes with a warranty of 5 years. It can also slice other vegetables easily, but if the vegetables are little soft, then it may not be as precise as it should be.

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7. Prepworks by Progressive French fry Cutter and vegetable cutter


The genuine thing about this cutter is it has Interchangeable stainless steel grates with in total 25 holes for fat and 49 holes for small French fries. The lever is easy to operate and has an excellent grip. Yes, it needs a little more force than usual, but the result is perfect. Not only potatoes but you can also slice many other vegetables without any problems. But what I did not like about this product that it can’t handle large potatoes, you have to cut it in half or place a small potato for a better use. If that is not an issue for you, then you can buy it without any problems.

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6. Culina French fry Cutter with Round Bottom for Easy dicing, 2 Blades


It is a French fry cutter with two interchangeable blades/grates. The best part for me is that it has two size slice options for the standard size (half an inch) and thinner gourmet style (three eights of an inch wide) fries. It can be used for home and commercial purposes also. Not only it can slice potatoes in this way, but this excellent product can also dice other vegetables without any problems. It is easy to clean and easy to handle with the small body which is curved in the bottom part of the slicer tool to fit the potatoes of any size comfortably.

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5. TigerChef fry cutter Heavy Duty blade with Suction Feet


This is a heavy duty product which can be either mounted on the wall or can be kept on the counter without any problems. It can easily cut any vegetables but needs a little more force. You need to keep pressing, and perfect sliced pieces will come out in no time. Make sure not to use it on wet counters as there is a risk of suction cup sliding a little which is dangerous. Other than this the product is good and an outstanding buy as well!

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4. New Star Foodservice 43204 Commercial Grade Cutter with Suction Feet, Limited Edition Black


It has a heavy duty cast iron body, and it is structured with the aluminum alloy which makes it resistant to any corrosion. This product comes with 1/2inch and 3/8 inch grate/blades and pushing blocks. The body looks beautiful and sharp and as exclaimed by the company that this product is a special edition ‘black’ color French fry cutter. Well, it does looks elegant and good. You can easily mount it up on the wall or place it on your counter. This product has three washers which are already there to hold the slicing grates. But I noticed that slicing soft vegetables is pretty messy in this cutter. Other than that the lever is comfortable to hold and makes it easy to apply force.

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3. New Star Commercial Grade 42313 French fry Cutter


It is a fabulous product which can have heavy duty cast iron structure with is painted with rust proof powder. The grate of this product can slice fries in 1/2″ pieces precisely. With the help of suction cups, the French fry slicer will remain intact, and you won’t need to mount it on a wall or counter which is very good. The body looks fantastic and gives a promising look of durability.

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2. Superbuy French fry Cutter Vegetable Fruit Potato Slicer for Commercial Grade

Superbuy -french-fry-cutter

It creates no problem in assembling and is very easy to use. It is corrosion free as it is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy steel. The body of this French fry cutter looks sharp, and after using it, I am sure that it can easily handle heavy duty without any problems. It has a good 304 Stainless steel blades for better slicing and the aluminum alloy knife rest which makes it even better.

Furthermore, It comes in different blade sizes like 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/8″ and the 4th module can be used for dicing apples and oranges. (8-cut). The legs of the machine are very sturdy thus won’t easily budge when cutting or slicing the vegetables and fruits. The lever is reasonably long and easy to grip for better performance. It is small and takes up less space. It is also a good option if you want to buy it for both commercial and home use as it will last very long.

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1. Weston Restaurant Quality French fry Cutter

Weston-French Fry Cutter

This product has a Heavy-duty cast iron construction which makes it very sturdy. You can easily experiment with peeled or unpeeled potato with this device and then, later on, cook those sliced potatoes as per you like. The best part of this product is that it effortlessly dices vegetables (most importantly potatoes) into 6 inches long X 3/8 inch French fries perfectly. It also has Suction Cup feet for more stability. The stainless steel blade part of this French fry cutter looks durable, and I guess that it will last for a long time. With its Long arm which makes the gripping easier is makes cutting those potatoes very comfortable and safe. It is the best option if budget is not a problem on your part.

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The above list is the best French fry cutter you can get this year. Of course, the top three one is the best, but if you want an alternative to those, then the Culina French fry Cutter, Prepworks by Progressive French fry Cutter and vegetable cutter and Westmark Multipurpose potato Fry Cutter should be the perfect choice for your kitchen counter. So bring these excellent products home and enjoy the professional made French fries with your family without any hassle at all. Dice and slice vegetables and give your family and nutritious touch in their diet.

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