Keeping a fuel transfer tank is essential to enjoying a faultless journey with your vehicle. This is more important if you are traveling long distances as you can run out of gas mid-way into your trip without a fuel station nearby. Consequently, you are left at risk of being stranded for a long period and, in worse cases, robbed.

Fuel tanks come in different designs and sizes which are created to suit your peculiar needs. Whether you ride a bike, car, or large truck, there’s always the perfect type that ensures you have some extra-liters to cater for unplanned gas needs. On their own, fuel transfer tanks are easily refillable, safe, and portable to keep.

However, there are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to fuel transfer tanks and you may end up choosing a below-standard option if you’re unfamiliar with the products. To avoid this unfortunate scenario we are providing you with a list of the top 10 best fuel transfer tanks for 2020. These top-standard products are listed below.

List of Best Fuel Transfer Tanks Review

10. Emaliana Fuel Container

Emiliana Serbatoi Fuel Transfer Tanks

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Alongside being a top rank fuel transfer tank due to its large size and impressive features, the Emaliana Fuel Container is also known for its sophisticated build. This gives it an impressive design that is uncommon to most fuel transfer tanks. In terms of size, this fuel transfer tank has a fair weight of 31 pounds and dimensions of ’36 × 23.15 × 24.5 inches’. So, you should have no problem fitting it into your vehicle’s trunk.

The Emaliana Fuel Container’s features include air vent device, filling plugs, fuel transfer units, handles, integrated forklift pockets, and integrated recesses. It is made up of high-quality linear polyethylene and is primarily for diesel-keep.

Key Features

  • Automatic fuel nozzle
  • 58-gallon capacity
  • 13-ft length antistatic rubber hose
  • 12 or 24 V DC fuel transfer pump

9. Rds Transfer Fuel Tank


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The Rds Transfer Fuel Tank has a high score when it comes to easy of carriage and durability. This is further backed by the fact that it is approved by the DOT as this puts an official stamp on its high quality. The Rds Transfer Fuel Tank is made up of high standard aluminum material which means that it is safe for transporting diesel, gasoline as well as aviation fuel.

This tank also has additional features that one is the locking gas cap which is essential for any RV. Measurement-wise, the Rds Transfer Fuel Tank has dimensions: ’19.2 × 13 × 56 inches’. It also has a weight of 89 pounds which is attributed to its aluminum makeup.

Key Features

  • 60-gallon capacity
  • Diesel install kits (separately sold)
  • 3/16 aluminum mounting brackets (HD)
  • DOT tested and approved

8. UWS Rectangular Transfer Tank

UWS Fuel Transfer Tanks

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The UWS Rectangular Transfer Tank is a big performer when it comes to strength. With a weight of 89 pounds and dimensions ’21 × 21 × 63 inches, it guarantees you an easy and safe transfer of your reserved gas. Also, it is accompanied with a warranty from its maker and is usable with the different car and tank models.

Interestingly, the UWS Rectangular Transfer Tank comes with massive 100-gallon capacity and has a baffle in it. It’s suitable for both private and non-private transportation of fuel. Also, the UWS Rectangular Transfer Task has a drain hole which ensures the excellent flow and further makes it comfortable to use.

Key Features

  • 100-gallon capacity
  • Aluminum buildup
  • Drain hole

7. Dee Zee DZ91750 Square Transfer Tank – Aluminium

Dee Zee

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The Dee Zee Square Transfer Tank has an excellent buildup of non-rusting tread aluminum. It has good external features which include a cap and a couple for the purpose of venting. In its design, the Dee Zee Square Transfer Tank has a radius curve that takes away the weld pressure points from the tank – thereby increasing its safety score.

This tank weighs 50 pounds, and this is quite impressive considering the tank’s main body parts is made of aluminum. Its dimensions are ’25 × 25 × 28 inches’ which makes it easy to store in vehicle trunks. Ultimately, the Dee Zee Square Transfer Tank is an excellent choice for private use.

Key Features

  • 55-gallon capacity
  • Brite-tread aluminum build
  • Cap and coupler for venting

6. Dee Zee Long Rectangle Transfer Tank

Dee Zee Fuel Transfer Tanks

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It is not surprising that the ‘Dee Zee’ is turning up on our list of top 10 fuel transfer tanks for 2020 again. The manufacturer is known for several high-quality products and this tank is one. Dee Zee Long Rectangle Transfer Tank has a sleek look that is heightened by its black powder coating. The purpose of the coating is to reduce the tank’s exposure to erosion, thereby increasing its durability.

Also, the tank has a lockable cap, that acts as an additional layer of coverage to ensure your gas is never exposed and you’re always safe. Maintenance-wise, Dee Zee also performed an excellent job with this transfer tank. The tank has a 0.375-inch drain-hole which makes it easy to use. The Dee Zee Long Rectangle Transfer Tank has a dimension of ’59.5 × 9 × 19’ and weighs 93 pounds.

Key Features

  • 38-gallon capacity
  • Lockable cap
  • Draining plug and venting coupler
  • Not suitable for gasoline

5. Dee Zee Narrow Rectangle Transfer Tank

Dee Zee

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The Dee Zee Narrow Rectangle Tank is characterized by its skinny design as it comes with the dimensions: ’19 × 9 × 59.5’ inches. The tank is made from tread aluminum prevents it from rust. It has a radius curve that eliminates its weld pressure points, and it designed to hold 38 gallons at once.

From its skinny nature, it is apparent that the Dee Zee Narrow Rectangle Tank has a fair weight which is 57 pounds. The tank is easy to transport. And, it has a coupler and cap for the purpose of venting. The Dee Zee Narrow Rectangle is recommended for private use.

Key Features:

  • 38-gallon capacity
  • No-rust bite-tread aluminum buildup
  • Cap and coupler for venting
  • Radius curves

4. Arksen Portable Gas Caddy Fuel Storage Tank

ARKSEN Fuel Transfer Tanks

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The Arksen Portable Gas Caddy Fuel Storage Tank is an uncommon type with a two-way rotary pump. It is built from steel and is capable for repeated use over several years. The tank can hold as much as 30 gallons at once and is easily transportable.

Now, you might be bothered about the weight of this tank due to its metallic makeup. However, you’ll rarely have to carry the Arksen Portable Gas Caddy Fuel Storage Tank as it has strong wheels for easy moving. It also comes with a clam and safety ground wire. The tank weighs 84 pounds and has a dimension of ’31.5 × 15 × 15 inches’.

Key Features

  • 30 gallons capacity
  • Visual level gauge
  • Heavy-duty flat-free tire
  • Antistatic ground clamp

3. Moeller Portable Fuel Tank


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If you’re on the lookout for a highly portable and easy to use fuel transfer tank, the Moeller Portable Fuel Tank is an excellent option to fit you. This tank has a small size with dimensions ’14 × 14.5 × 23.2 inches’. It can hold as much as 12 gallons and comes with an impressive dual self-venting cap.

All of this tank’s components are attached to its center body, thus making it easy to transport and keep. The Moeller Portable Fuel Tank is made up of polyethylene and is perfect for private use.

Key Features

  • 12-gallon capacity
  • Polyethylee buildup

2. Mr. Gasket Fuel Transfer Pump (Battery Operated)

Mr. Gasket Fuel Transfer Tanks

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The Mr. Gasket Fuel Transfer Pump comes with unique ease of usage. It weighs just 1.2 pounds and can be used for vehicles and other types of equipment like lawnmowers and so on. This tank requires only 4 AA batteries and it has a fascinating transfer rate of 3 gallons/minute. Of course, this is quite surprising considering its size.

The Mr. Gasket Fuel Transfer Pump has an auto-stop nozzle that helps it to mitigate spilling. It is accompanied by varying types of adapters for efficient filling of tanks, and its hose is made to retain high flexibility.

Key Features

  • 3-gallon per minute flow rate
  • 25 ft. discharge hose (flexible)
  • 3 fuel can adapters

1. Scepter DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer  Pump

Scepter USA

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The Scepter DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer  Pump is by far one of the top-selling and top-standard fuel transfer tanks available. The tank is made up of resin and rubber which gives it high flexibility, sturdiness, and durability. It can be used for storing and transferring kerosene, diesel, and gasoline.

In terms of usage, the Scepter DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer  Pump can transfer as much as 14 gallons of fuel. To ensure that no fuel is a loss in the transfer process, the tank is accompanied with a hand pump which puts an end to overfilling and spillage. Also, the Scepter DuraMix Fluid Transfer Pump has a distinctly long hose which ensures easy usage.

Key Features

  • Resin and rubber buildup
  • Siphon and at-the-handle pump
  • Suitable for private and industrial use

In conclusion

While selecting your fuel transfer tank, it is critical that you pay attention to the capacity and transfer rate of the tank. This is because you will need tanks with high transfer rates and size when dealing with industrial vehicles and equipment, and the case would be the opposite if it were private. Also, you must look out for safety features as this is vital to preventing accidents on use. The fuel tanks listed above are some of the best options available and you stand a chance to enjoy the best value with them.

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