Top 10 Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines in 2020

The laws for the environment are preventing the release of refrigerants in the air and that is why it is becoming tough for various refrigerant related services like air condition servicing and repairing, refrigerator services and repairing and likewise. That is why the popularity of refrigerant reclaiming machines is rising as it has become a must-have for service providers. There are various types of refrigerant recovery machines available like some have a large screen to monitor every operation effortlessly, while some are compact and every function has to be performed manually with the options provided. The following is the list of top 10 best refrigerant recovery machines in 2020 from where you can choose to buy the best-quality machine available.

List of Top Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines Reviews

10. Goplus Refrigerant Recovery Unit


This refrigerant reclaiming unit works with all the different types of refrigerants. All the components are highly efficient and the design is very scientific. There is also a shut-off switch in case the pressure rises above the safety limit. There is another low-pressure shut-off switch for the internal circuit’s safety. The gauges are clearly visible from a distance and the handle is ergonomic and a filter screen is provided for better visibility.

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9. Dayton Refrigerant Recovery Machine


This refrigerant reclaiming machine is suitable for all refrigerants. The cord provided is very long and there are automatic external and internal shut-off safety options. A shoulder carry strap is provided for comfortable portability. An in-line filter dryer is also provided for the cleanliness of the work. The compressor is oil-free and there is a manual changeover option from liquid to vapor. The performance of the machine is better than some of the best refrigerant machines available in the market.

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8. Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Recovery Machine


This is an automatic refrigerant machine that comes with an advanced sensor. It is designed for faster recovery and it is suitable for refrigerant of Class II, IV and V. There is a single control valve provided for the quick and easy changeover from liquid to vapor. The machine will automatically restart if the pressure rises above the limit. The components are of high-quality and there is going to be least vibration and noise. The gauges are located at a certain angle for better access and viewing. The cleaning is very simple and you can eliminate the residual refrigerant to prevent clogging and contamination.

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7. Bacharach Refrigerant Recovery Machine


This is a very powerful and economical refrigerant machine and it is capable of handling high pressure and demand for all residential and commercial works. The compressor is oil-less, the twin cylinder is fan-cooled, and the speed of operation is extremely high. In comparison, it produces less vibration and noise. It does not let the pollutants escape in the environment and the residual refrigerant is easily cleanable. It has been certified for the fastest recovery operation. This machine is suitable for class III, IV and V refrigerant. There are automatic high and low-pressure shut-off options. A rugged case is provided and it is rather lightweight and compact for easy portability.

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6. Robinair Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine


Robinair is the most popular brand in the refrigerant recovery machine segment. It comes with a twin-cylinder design that is cooled by powerful and efficient fans. It provides best recovery performance and it is capable of handling both vapor and liquid refrigerants. If the pressure rises above 550 PSI, it shuts off automatically. There is also a self-purge feature due to which there is no cross-contamination chance. It is suitable for all types of refrigerants.

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5. CPS Pro-Set Refrigerant Recovery Machine


This is a thermally protected refrigerant machine that is designed for industrial and commercial use. The performance is top-notch and all the components are of high quality. Its noise level is very low and even the vibration of the motor is the least. It has the typical two-cylinder oil-less compressor design for high efficiency. After 550 PSI is reached, the machine shuts off automatically and it is also overloaded protected. The mesh screen is cleanable and you can remove the residual refrigerants easily.

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4. Robinair Premium Refrigerant Recovery Machine


This is another awesome refrigerant machine from Robinair and this one is fully automatic in functioning. The accuracy is extremely high and it has recycling facility along with recover and recharge facilities. You can inject UV dye with it and there is an automatic oil lubrication facility to determine much oil is required into the A/C system. It comes with caster wheels for easy transportation and you can perform vacuum leak test and do automatic oil draining. The entire refrigerant management system is integrated into it and you can see all the parameters and control them through the touch screen provided.

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3. Inficon Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine


The recovery rate is extremely high thanks to the dual-piston compressor of industrial-standard. There is a micro-channeled condenser provided for outstanding heat exchange and the recovery rate is maintained consistently throughout the operation. There is a big fan provided for extreme cooling and the self-purge prevent cross-contamination. The filter and dryer are included and even in a very hot temperature, the operation is super-fast and constant.

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2. Robinair R-134A Refrigerant Recovery Machine


This is one of the best products from Robinair and this refrigerant machine can help in recovering, do vacuum leak testing and recharge without the need of operating panel valves. The display is very advanced and it shows you the need to replace the oil and the quantity required. There are various visual alarms to notify the user of the completion of work and problems occurring. The automatic air purge eliminated the damaging air from the system and there is no monitoring required as everything will be alerted on the screen provided. There is a multilingual option available and it is considered to be the most efficient recovery machine for industrial usage.

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1. Robinair RG3 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair-Refrigerant Recovery Machines

This is the bestselling refrigerant reclaiming machine and it is from the best brand in the industry. The machine is lightweight and compact for easy portability but it is extremely powerful and highly efficient. It is suitable for all refrigerants and there is automatic internal and external shut off options for high and low pressure. The cross-flow design is highly effective and there is an oversized fan for constant cooling. The gauges are easy to read and a rugged case is provided for better durability.

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All the above-mentioned top 10 best refrigerant recovery machines in 2020 are of top quality and designed for rugged use. Some of them have various advanced and automatic features that will make your work effortless. Buy according to your requirements and budgets such that the chosen one satisfies all your requirements completely.

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