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10 Best Furnace Filters in 2024

If you have a furnace in your home, then you should fully aware of the dust and other hazardous contaminants that get trapped in it. It is important that you change the filter consistently for protecting your health along with maintaining the furnace. However, it is not easier to find a quality filter as there are plenty of brands manufacturing this product in the market.

In this post, we will talk about the list of top 10 best furnace filters in 2024. Our expert team creates it after a tremendous testing process that has lasted for hours. Now, we will start the process without any further delay.

List of Best Furnace Filters Review

10. Aprilaire 413 Air Filter (best for furnace protection)

Aprilaire Furnace Filters

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If you care about the heat exchanger installed in your furnace a lot, then the Aprilaire 413 is the ideal choice to make. Apart from protection, it offers complete relief from the allergies. With a MERV rating of 13, it is capable of capturing up to 93% particles even as small as 0.3 microns.

There is ample protection provided by this filter from irritants that results in asthma and allergies in youngsters. On top of that, this filter can last up to one year without causing any problem for the buyers.


  • Create a healthier layer in the area
  • Pretty convenient to install
  • Last up to a year


  • Design needs some improvement

9. Trion Air Bear 259112-102 (best for durability)

Trion Furnace Filters

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The people ready to spend extra bucks and only want a high-quality filter should go for this model manufactured by Trion brand. Due to its pleat construction, this product features a pretty bigger holding capacity.

With a rating of 11, it is capable of eliminating even pretty small microns like cement dust, lead dust, etc. This product is a superb choice that you can make for both residential and commercial purposes.


  • Capable to last 12 months in normal conditions
  • Equipped with a large holding capacity
  • Trap even smaller microns


  • Higher price won’t fit in everyone’s budget

8. Flanders Precision Aire 84857 (best budget-friendly pick)

Flanders Furnace Filters

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If you want to make a perfect utilization of the money, then we won’t mind suggesting this option. Delivered in a package of four, this unit is designed using baking soda media with a motive to kick out the offensive odors from the air.

There are v-pleats installed on this filter that offer a pretty larger media surface area when compared with other units available in this price range.


  • Compatible with all the HVAC systems
  • Eliminate contaminants quickly
  • Capable of maintaining its efficiency for 90 days


  • Some complaint about the product being flimsy

7. Lennox X6673 MERV Filter Media (best for long life)

Lennox Furnace Filters

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If you don’t prefer changing filters consistently, then this Lennox model can be an ideal choice to buy. With a pack of two and each one lasting up to six months, it is guaranteed that you won’t have to buy another pack for more than a year.

The manufacturer has used synthetic fabric mesh to craft this product for trapping contaminants even as small as 0.3 microns. Installing this filter will ensure that you don’t have to worry about mites, mold spores, dander, and many other contaminants.


  • Long life of six months
  • Minimum air resistance
  • Made from high-quality fabric mesh


  • Minor issues about inconsistent sizing

6. Nordic Pure MERV 12 Pleated Furnace Filter

Nordic Pure Furnace Filters

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This furnace filter manufactured by the Nordic brand is a solid choice that you can buy for staying away from allergies. It is an effective product available in plenty of different sizes for ensuring everyone gets one according to requirement.

The complete product is manufactured in the United States using hypoallergenic & antimicrobial material so that all the contaminants in the air get eliminated before entering your home.


  • Capable of eliminating even small dust particles
  • Manufacturing using recycled material
  • Eliminate allergens & filters pet dander


  • Pretty expensive to buy

5. Trophy Air Electrostatic Air Filter (best for pet owners)

Trophy Air Furnace Filters

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The level of germs increased to a greater extent if there are pets in your house. For that purpose, you need a special filter and this washable electrostatic unit is a perfect way for protecting your health. It filters the bacteria naturally from the air.

These filters can be washed and reused many times that make them a pretty better option than the majority of units available in the market. On top of that, they get fitted in the slots with minimal effort.


  • Perfect for pet owners and controlling dust
  • Can be shopped in a great number of sizes
  • Fit perfectly with the majority of furnaces


  • Pretty costly to buy

4. Filtrere MPR 1000 (best for allergies)

Filtrete Furnace Filters

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Are you one of those people who often deal with sniffling and sneezing due to harmful contaminants from the air? If yes, then the MPR 1000 is a top-filter to buy as it assists in keeping allergens away from getting circulated.

It can capture fine particles thanks to the MERV rating of 11. This unit is one of the best furnace filters that eliminate dust mite, mold spores, pet dander, and debris from the air.


  • Provide relief from seasonal allergies
  • Attract fine particles easily
  • Last up to three months


  • Complaint about black spots on filter

3. Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter MPR 300 (best for high-velocity systems)

Filtrete Furnace Filters

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If you are looking for a filter for high-velocity systems, then you should think about buying this product without too much discussion. It is a great option for individuals who want to keep their space free from all the allergies. Moreove, the capable of capturing up to 90% pollutants quite conveniently.

It comes in a package of six units and each one last for three months. It means you don’t have to buy one again for more than 1 ½ year. This filter built on the three-in-one technology that traps unwanted contaminants quickly.


  • Perfect option for high-velocity systems
  • Equip with six furnace air filters
  • Capable of trapping household dust & pollutants


  • Sizing confusion among buyers

2. Honeywell FC100A1037 (best for easier to install)

Honeywell Furnace Filters

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Manufactured by a reputed brand like Honeywell, it is one of the best selling furnace filters thanks to its deep filtration pleats. This product ensures that all the contaminants stay away from the furnace in every condition.

Buying this filter will ensure you don’t have to buy one again for three months. Moreover, it is compatible with the furnaces of all the models. It is a very efficient item that you can buy for proper cleaning.


  • Pretty effective in trapping contaminants
  • Fits with minimal effort
  • Provide excellent breathing experience


  • Description a little bit difficult to understand

1. FilterBuy AFB Silver MERV (editor’s choice)

FilterBuy Furnace Filters

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The top product that you can install for the well-being of your furnace is the Filter Buy AFB Silver MERV. It is a highly-rated product available in a great variety of sizes fitting the majority of furnaces. You will get four disposable air filters in this package, and each one lasts almost three months.

It is a tried & tested product having a MERV rating 8 that is perfect for normal homes. The company has designed it in such a way that no air pollutants enter the furnace. Overall, this product deserves to top this list in every manner.


  • Awesome life of three months
  • Capture up to 90% pollutants
  • Works great in both residential and commercial areas


  • Little bit flimsiness issues

Why replacing filter is important?

Many people avoid changing the best furnace filters for years and invite an unhealthy environment in their area. If you are one of them, then we have listed some reasons why it is important to replace the filters consistently.

Affect your health:

You will put the life of your loved ones in danger by not changing the furnace filter on time. It invites dust, mold, and dander to the home that can hurt the health negatively. So, if you want to stay away from diseases like asthma, then it is best to change your filter frequently.

Boost furnace lifespan:

Buying furnace is a costly investment, and that’s why it is important that you make necessary arrangements for boosting its lifespan. One way to perform it is changing filters consistently as it avoids overheating and strain on the furnace.

Make surroundings cleaner:

The level of dust will be reduced to a great extent if your furnace filter works properly. It will not only keep dust circulation low but also ensure that your home always stays cleaner.

Reduce maintenance cost:

You will see a significant increase in the maintenance cost by not changing the filter on time as the dust, and other contaminants get collected in the furnace.

We believe that these reasons are enough for making your mind to change the furnace filters consistently.


The quality of air that you inhale in the body needs to be free from harmful contaminants if you want to keep it healthy. Choose any of the products mentioned in the list of best furnace filters according to the compatibility and budget. If there is a query in your mind, then please tell us in the comment section. We will love to answer your questions regarding furnace filters.