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10 Best Hand Mixers in 2024

Mixing ingredients is not that of a tough job. But when you need to smash or blend certain ingredients together, you need a good amount of manual labor. The process becomes very tiring and it may end up with an uneven texture. So, switch to technology and get a hand mixer. Having many powerful functions, these mixers will be a boon in your kitchen. You can hold it properly and it will not even occupy a lot of areas.

So, read our reviews and order a hand mixer online without the risk of getting cheated. These products on Amazon have warranty and reliability.

Best Hand Mixers in 2024 Review

10. SHARDOR Hand Mixer Powerful

SHARDOR Hand Mixers

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When it comes to buying a hand mixer then this product from the house of Shardor must make it to your list. It makes use of a powerful heavy-duty motor of 300W. Thus, it promises you a better and more optimum performance at each speed. In fact, it comes with 5 different speeds and a turbo function. As a result, you will be able to meet all your mixing needs.

Start at the lowest speed and work your way up to the turbo functionality as per your requirement to reduce splashing and having the best results. Furthermore, you will get a storage base along with this product. Therefore, you will be able to safely store your hand mixer without having to worry about the mixer sustaining any damage.

Key Features:
  • It comes with four different attachments including 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks. So, you can easily mix the dough or easily make whipped cream as you wish.
  • There is an eject switch that helps you to easily eject the attachments.
  • Most importantly, it takes care of your safety completely. So, it makes sure that the attachments do not get ejected while you are working with the mixer.

9. SHARDOR Hand Mixer 350W


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Another marvelous product from SHARDOR, this one is actually much more powerful than its predecessor in our list. One of the most intriguing things about this product is the fantastic attachments that it comes with. As a matter of fact, this hand mixer comes with five high-quality stainless steel attachments. These include two beaters, two dough hooks and a whisk.

Since the attachments are from best quality steel, they are completely food grade and completely resistant to rusting and corrosion. So, you can easily use them without any issue. It also includes a special eject button in its design. Finally, you can easily remove the attachments and clean the product efficiently whenever you need it.

Key Features:
  • The hand mixers provide you with 5 different speed levels to choose from thanks to its powerful 350W motor.
  • You also get a special turbo mode which speeds up all the gears to provide optimum performance.
  • Also, it comes with special vents which dissipate the heat and prevent the mixer from getting heated up.

8. Lord Eagle Hand Mixer

Lord Eagle Hand Mixers

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A fantastic hand mixer, this Lord Eagle product surely proves to be a crucial addition to your list of kitchen equipment. One of the best things about this product is the fact that it makes use of an all-pure copper motor instead of a copper-alloy motor of 400W power. So, it is much more powerful, durable and also it does not get heated up easily.

Thanks to its incredible motor, you can easily mix butter, eggs, dough, milk, cream or even cake without any trouble. Most importantly, this hand mixer provides you with five different speeds from 1 to 5. As a result, you can go for fast, medium or slow speeds as per your requirement of mixing.

Key Features:
  • Of course, it provides you with a very convenient and ergonomic grip. Hence, you will be able to comfortably use the mixer.
  • All the attachments of these mixers are of food-grade stainless steel. So, it will never rust and completely safe to use.
  • It also provides you with a balloon beater for beating eggs and cream.

7. Utalent 180W Multi-speed Hand Mixer


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When it comes to buying a powerful hand mixer that performs the task without siphoning much power then this product from Utalent promises to be a great buying option. The very first thing that needs to be talked about in the design of this multi-speed hand mixer. In fact, it comes with an excellent non-slip handle which offers a comfortable grip. So, it offers the utmost comfort and convenience of usage.

Moreover, the attachments that the product comes with are completely dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can easily remove the attachments and clean them in your dishwasher without having to face any trouble.

Key Features:
  • An excellent thing about this product is that you can change the speed levels from 0 to 5 and turbo easily from a single button.
  • It also provides you with two beaters, two dough hooks and a single whisk for beating cream or egg.
  • Also, the special eject button lets you remove the attachments safely.

6. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers

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If you are looking for the best hand mixers then this one from Hamilton Beach is surely one of the best products out there you can find on Amazon. The foremost thing about this product that you need to know is that it makes cooking very easy. It comes with 6 different speeds. In fact, you will get a slower low speed and a quick burst button. Thus, you can adjust your hand mixer to your requirements in order to accommodate any recipe.

However, the best thing about this hand mixer is the fact that it comes with a snap-on case for storage along with an easy access door. Therefore, you will have no trouble storing the product.

Key Features:
  • It provides 275 watts of power to easily take care of all your cooking needs.
  • Moreover, you will also get traditional beaters, dough hooks and whisk along with this product. Thus, no matter what your needs are, you will be able to get the perfect solution.
  • Furthermore, it comes with an inbuilt bowl resting groove. So, you can easily place the hand mixer over the bowl and do the work.

5. Mueller Electric Hand Mixer


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Mueller Electric is undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the industry and this hand mixer proves why. This product has a very slim design. Thus, it can easily squeeze into tight drawers with perfect ease. However, the best thing about the product is the fact it is also completely light in weight. As a result, you will never have to worry about straining your hands while using the product.

Besides, it also makes use of heavy-duty materials in its construction despite being lightweight. Thus, you can also be completely sure about the durability of the product. Also, the ergonomic handle design further offers a comfortable grip. Thus, using the product becomes even more convenient.

Key Features:
  • You will get 5 different speeds with a regular turbo function. Therefore, you will be able to set the speed as per your need.
  • Maintaining the product is very easy indeed. While you can easily clean the body of the mixer with a damp cloth, the attachments are completely dishwasher safe. So, you will have no problem with cleaning them.
  • More importantly, the attachments are of incredible quality and come with special chrome plating. Thus, they are not only resistant to rusting but also safe to use.

4. Cuisinart HM-50 Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Hand Mixers

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Well, here you have another excellent product that you can opt for. The very first thing that you need to know about this product is the fact that it has a wattage of 220W. So, it is powerful enough to cut through cookie dough or hard butter easily. Furthermore, the shape of the mixer is such that it offers a complete balance between power and work.

Plus, it also provides you with an ergonomic grip. Thus, it offers unparalleled comfort and stress-free work even for extended hours. Besides, it does not require any extra power boost. It comes with a special feedback mechanism that easily offers extra power when needed.

Key Features:
  • The unique swivel cord design makes sure that you can use the product whether you are left or right-handed without any issue.
  • It also comes with a special beater release lever which helps in the easy ejection of beaters.
  • Furthermore, the beaters have no center post. Therefore, it makes sure that the ingredients do not clog up while using.

3. BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer


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With this professional hand mixer, you will be easily able to tackle a wide variety of kitchen tasks with complete ease. This mixer obviously comes with one whisk, two special dough hooks and the best quality wire beaters. Therefore, it makes sure that you can have the best performance in your kitchen.

Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining the product is very easy. While you can easily clean the body of the mixer with a clean cloth, you can easily put the attachments in your dishwasher for ease of cleaning. Also, it offers a 20 % slower start thereby ensuring no splashing of the ingredients.

Key Features:
  • Of course, you will get a hard shell storage case with the mixer. Therefore, you will easily be able to store the mixer along with its attachments in a single place.
  • It also delivers 6 different speed levels which you can opt from easily as per your need.
  • Also, the mixer has a special turbo button that takes the speed to a maximum for difficult mixing tasks.

2. BLACK+DECKER MX600B Hand Mixer


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Another marvelous hand mixer from BLACK+DECKER, the MX600B seriously deserves its place in the penultimate position due to the extraordinary performance that it delivers. One of the key things about this product is the fact that it extends the mixing area two times. Therefore, due to the increase, it ensures more contact with the ingredients. Thereby providing complete control over the entire mixing process.

Also, it comes with two special helical beaters. Thus, it offers better overlapping thereby ensuring more efficient mixing of the ingredients and great results. So, you can easily use it to mix doughs, batters, toppings, spreads and different other items.

Key Features:
  • The special helical beaters that these mixer offers are from reinforced nylon material. So, it is highly durable and can easily handle even the toughest mixing jobs with consistency.
  • Moreover, the comfortable grip makes it very easy to use the product.
  • You will also get 5 different speed levels along with turbo speed for optimum mixing.

1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach

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This mixer from Hamilton Beach is surely the best one that the market has to offer. Not only in terms of its design, but it is also unparalleled in terms of performance. It obviously provides you with 6 different speed levels. You can change the speed easily with a quick button without any effort. So, you will be able to speed the hand mixer to meet your requirements without any issue.

Furthermore, it can easily handle any mixing job without trouble thanks to its 250W of peak power. As a result, you will be able to mix almost anything with utmost convenience.

Key Features:
  • Of course, it comes with a built-in groove to rest the mixer above the bowl and mix without straining your hands.
  • Next, the snap-on storage case allows you to easily store the mixer and the attachments together.
  • Lastly, it offers two traditional beaters and a whisk.

Why do you need a hand mixer?

A hand mixer can come in handy for a number of purposes if you have a love for cooking and baking. Whether you are baking a cake, whipping cream or beating an egg, doing it manually with a spatula can take a lot of time. Most importantly, such a process will leave you tired and strain your hands. Thus, you need to opt for a hand mixer. Runs on electric power, these products can easily attach with a number of attachments.

Also, they offer different speed levels. So, you can easily use the right attachment and the speed to mix or beat any ingredient you like. Therefore, with a hand mixer, you will be able to explore and hone your culinary skills to a further level.

Which hand mixer is the best?

This is actually a trick question and the answer comes in different parts. However, in short, the best hand mixer is the one that can mix any ingredient even the tough ones without compromising your comfort. So, in order to choose the best hand mixer, you must be very careful about its design. The hand mixer must be light in weight so that it does not strain your hands. However, it must have fast as well as slow speed levels. In that way, it will allow you to select the right speed level as per your requirement. So, these are the things that must be there in the list of features of an excellent hand mixer.

What are the key features to look for in a hand mixer?

Well, there are a few things that you must be careful about while buying a hand mixer. The very first thing that you need to be cautious about is the peak power of the said mixer. The mixer must have enough peak wattage such that it can perform even the toughest mixing tasks in the turbo mode. Moreover, you must be sure about the quality of the attachments the mixer offers. The attachments must be of high quality and durable. Also, the ejection system of the attachments and the safety of the mixer must be taken into consideration.

Final Verdict

Make the smoothest mixes and get a perfect consistency. The hand mixer machines will help in attaining the ideal texture and eliminate the runny nature. So, you will always be at again.