Top 10 Best Hand Mixers in 2020

Stand mixers are probably many cooks’ favorite. However, there are also some cooks and bakers who prefer hand mixers over stand mixers. Some obvious benefits of hand mixers are the fact that they take a little shelf space, and they work great when it comes to hand whisking, manual beating, whipping cream, and frosting.

In order to help you in picking up the best hand mixer, we have rounded up 10 of the most well-reviewed and top-rated hand mixers in 2020 in a list below.

Top 10 Best Hand Mixers Reviews

10. Vremi Electric Hand Mixer


First off, let us introduce to you the Vremi Electric Hand Mixer. This is a handheld mixer that comes with 3-speed options and 150-watt power. This mixer can whisk and blend food to perfection. With the built-in storage case, this mixer is very easy to store. And, its professional stainless steel blades are capable of cutting through the thick batter to blend dry and wet ingredients effortlessly.

Plus, featuring a good-looking shape and easy grip handle, this sure is a convenient and lovely appliance in your kitchen. For care, please unplug this electric hand mixer when not in use, and you can always remove and handwash the beaters to clean this mixer up.

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9. Hamilton Beach Classic Hand Mixer


A top 10 list of any best kitchen appliance item is never complete without Hamilton Beach! This is the Hamilton Beach Classic Hand Mixer. Comes with a set, the purchase includes the mixer, traditional beaters, wire beaters and whisk. Made of brushed stainless steel, this is not just a high-quality handheld mixer but also a powerful one due to the 290 watts peak power.

Its mixing features also include the powerful QuickBurst button. And, interestingly, this mixer has a Bowl Rest function, which lets the mixer sit on the edge of the bowl comfortably when you are pausing the mixing process. Plus, the handle grip of this one is comfortable to use, too. Definitely, a solid hand mixer offered at a great price!

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8. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, White


Here, we’re looking at a white electric hand mixer. Some significant features of this one include the snap-on storage case, 250 watts peak power, and bowl rest feature. This mixer comes at 6 speeds for you to use; enough choices for baking jobs. Besides, there also includes an easy to clean set of traditional beaters and a whisk in the package. So, you can whisk it or mix it right away! And, the price is awesome!

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7. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, Black


If you’re looking for a classic piece of the best hand mixers, feast your eyes on this one. This mixer is only slightly different from the previous Hamilton Brach hand mixer as this one has a higher power (275 watts peak power). And, in slower first speed, this handheld mixer can reduce messy splatters better. It also has 6-speed options and bowl rest feature. Included with traditional beaters and whisk in the package, we think you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

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6. KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater


What about something a little more dynamic? This KitchenAid electric hand mixer comes with 7 speeds and a turbo beater! Each speed has its own specialization. For example, speed 1 is for slow stirring big ingredients, speed 4 is for making mashed potatoes, and speed 7 is for whipping. Innovatively, the mixer’s Soft Start™ feature gives the beaters a soft and slow start, and then it works its way up to the selected speed gradually to prevent messy splatters.

The cord can be locked from either the left or right side, allowing easy ingredients insert. The handle is very comfortable to grip. Plus, the price is excellent!

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5. OXO On Digital Hand Mixer with Illuminating Headlight


Another recommendation from us is this electric hand mixer from OXO. As a modern mixer, this guy also has the splatter-free function (slow start) like the previous one, 6-speed options, and, in addition, a headlight. This headlight illuminates the bowl while you’re mixing, providing ease in a monitoring batter consistency.

For storage, the beaters will be stored on the mixer body while you can wrap the cord around the mixer’s base as well. Besides, in this set, you will get a set of dough hooks, too!

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4. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with QuickBurst


We are back at it again with Hamilton Beach because this brand has so much to offer. The most significant feature of this guy is the Quick Burst button that can provide you an increased power at any speed picked! Along with that, some side important features of this handheld blender are the 300 watts peak power, bowl rest function, and the fact that the purchase comes with 2 beaters, whisk, and 2 dough hooks. Hamilton beach appliances never disappoint!

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3. Cuisinart Power Advantage Hand Mixer


Cuisinart finally appears, and it is our top 3rd of the list. This handheld blender has a 220-watt motor, 7 speeds, and swivel cord. The speed options can be changed with just a single touch/slide. This Cuisinart Power Advantage Hand Mixer, in addition, comes with extra-large beaters (that are dishwasher-safe) and beater-eject lever. What a perfection right here; check it out!

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2. KRUPS Quiet Hand Mixer


If you’d like to spend a little more for one of the very best hand mixers on the market, take a look at this KRUPS Quiet Hand Mixer. Comes in 10 speeds, this mixer’s got all the power you need; even an extra burst of power! It keeps on impressing us with the count-up timer, pause function, and, indeed, quiet operation at all time.

And, the accessories that this guy comes with are 2 silicon-coated beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a whisk. However, it is recommended to hand wash this mixer instead of dishwashing it. With so much to offer, this is definitely a worthy purchase!

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1. Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

Breville-Hand Mixers

Lastly, the greatest among all is this Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer. More convenient than ever, this is one of the best portable mixers that have Beater IQ intuitive interface that can detect the type of attachment you are using and automatically adjust the speed all by itself.

With the powerful 240- watt DC motor, high torque works even at low speeds, and quiet operation is guaranteed. The count-up timer is very handy and precise. And, the mixing light allows you to view ingredients while you’re mixing.

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There you have it – top 10 best hand mixers in 2020. After checking these beasts out, we hope you have found your ideal hand mixer. It is never a waste to get an effective hand mixer to simplify the cooking process. Grab yours.

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