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10 Best Heated Jackets in 2024

With the arrival of the winter season, the temperatures drop pretty low. It becomes especially difficult for individuals who have to venture out for daily work. Hence, the heated jackets come to rescue all these individuals during the winter season. The jackets are integrated with heated zones that give all-around protection. Plus, they are made of top-notch materials.

However, which one to buy and which one to say no to? The confusion may be struggling but the solution is one. Check out our review on heated jackets and settle for the best one.

List of Best Heated Jackets Review

10. CONQUECO Women’s Heated Jacket

CONQUECO Heated Jackets

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Now you can perform at full potential without discomfort with this heated jacket from Conqueco. It uses a 3.7V battery which is powerful enough to provide heat and warmth within seconds. You don’t need to worry about safety or quality since it has certification from CE. And you can use the battery to rather charge your smartphone as well.

Offering as many as 3 heating zones as well as 4 levels of heating, you can always stay in comfort. Furthermore, the shell is made out of soft fabric to provide extra coziness.

Key features:

  • Certainly repels water apart from being warm as well as breathable.
  • Has a zippered pocket at the waist.

9. CONQUECO Men’s Heated Jacket


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This jacket from Conqueco is made out of fabric. As a result, it is waterproof to keep you dry even on days with high snowfall. With a convenient power button, you can control 4 different temperature settings.

At the highest temperature of 50-degrees Celsius, you would stay warm even in chilling conditions. And at a low setting of 40 degrees Celsius, you would be comfortable while conserving battery life. Moreover, it also has a zippered pocket which is used to store the portable battery. It rather lowers the carbon fibers for heating.

Key features:

  • 3 separate heating zones indeed give you the liberty to choose from.
  • Rechargeable 10000 mAh battery guarantees long life.

8. ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

ORORO Heated Jackets

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Ororo has integrated its heating elements made from carbon fiber over the front and back at 3 different heating zones. With 3 different levels of temperature, you would always stay warm in any situation. Next, it comes with a detachable wood and the top layer is made from fabric. As a matter of fact, it provides you resistance against wind and water.

So you are dry even on rainy or snowy days. Having a stylish design that looks good on everyone, it also features fleece lining for added comfort.

Key features:

  • 5200 mAh battery is indeed portable in every way.
  • Supports USB type-C charging.
  • You can get up to 10 hours of warmth, hence, a long running time.

7. ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket


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You get an outer layer made from a soft yet waterproof fabric. It indeed helps to maintain the dry condition inside your jacket. Even with insulation, powerful heating elements and a battery, it is so light. Hence, it hardly feels different from a regular jacket.

However, it comes with a hood to protect your head from the falling snow. Finally, the zippered design allows you to attach or remove it whenever you want.

Key features:

  • 7.4 V battery can power the heating elements for around 10 hours.
  • A safe battery that has certification from CE and UL.
  • It certainly takes only a matter of seconds to heat the jacket.

6. Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket

Venture Heat Heated Jackets

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With 3 added heat panels strategically placed in the upper parts, this jacket would provide you with heat where you need the most. The top layer is made out of ripstop nylon which is weatherproof and resists wind and water magnificently. Next, the hand also has elastic cuffs which prevent any water from getting in. So you are certainly warm and dry irrespective of where you are.

Nevertheless, for controlling the temperature, you get a digital heat controller. Therefore, it lets you toggle between 3 heat settings.

Key features:

  • Quickly heats up in just mere seconds.
  • The removable battery is rather used as a power bank.
  • The battery has LED indicators that clearly hint the users’ every time.

5. DEWBU Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket


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Dewbu brings you an innovative heating jacket that helps you maintain your productivity even in extremely cold conditions. It has carbon fiber heating elements spread out in three separate heating zones for giving you effective heat. You can rather switch the temperature setting between three levels starting from low at 38-degrees Celsius to 55-degrees Celsius.

Moreover, you can change the temperature using just a single button. But the best feature is its powerful battery which can power the heating elements for up to 8 hours.

Key features:

  • Built-in pocket for keeping the battery safely.
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof jacket makes it suitable to be used for a long time.
  • Safe for machine wash as well.

4. Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 Heated Front and Back

Milwaukee Heated Jackets

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Other manufacturers are making heated jackets with 3 heat zones. But Milwaukee provides you 5 heat zones which cover your back, chest and hand pockets. As a matter of fact, those areas have heating elements which are made from efficient carbon fiber.

Instead of the soft shell fabric, this is made of ToughSheel polyester which is known for its stretch properties and longevity. In fact, it will indeed last you 5 times longer than those other fabrics.

Key features:

  • Water and wind resistance keeps the user warm even during extreme conditions.
  • Heat zones are rather controlled via a single button for different temperature setting.

3. Prosmart Men’s Heated Jacket


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Prosmart has made their jacket from a blend of cotton, nylon and polyester. As a result, it provides you with comfort yet require shielding from the elements. The heating elements are spread out on either side of your chest and at the back. Hence, your body is at the receiving end of constant warmth.

In addition to that, you get 4 different settings for controlling the heat zones. One preheat setting lets you heat up the jacket for 5 minutes before you wear it. Above all, the other three settings maintain a constant temperature at three different levels.

Key features:

  • A machine washable product that will certainly give the best results.
  • Uses 5000 mAh battery is pretty huge.
  • Can provide up to 18 hours of maximum use time.

2. ITIEBO Men’s Heated Jacket

ITIEBO Heated Jackets

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Itiebo uses a special battery to power its heated jacket. Within just 5 hours of charging, it can reach full capacity. Next, it has LED indicator lights on the charger to inform you of the battery status. However, it has an innovative design which lets you turn the hood into a high or low collar.

The zippers are also of very high quality and are made from a plastic material. It is indeed waterproof and lasts you for a long time.

Key features:

  • Three temperature settings offer a wide range.
  • Longer back protects you from exposure during bending.

1. Smarkey Cordless Heated Jacket


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A lot of carefully designed and constructed layers make up this heated jacket. The top layer has a lamination layer sandwiched between two layers of micro-fleece. This certainly gives you massive protection against wind and water to keep you dry in rugged conditions. Under that layer lie the carbon fiber elements with a lining underneath them.

Furthermore, this transfers heat to your body’s core areas and keeps you warm in the most extreme conditions. Even in places like mountain climbing or winter camping in the woods.

Key features:

  • Single button with changing colors to change heat settings.
  • Can give you maximum usage time of around 8 to 9 hours.

Keep yourself warm even in extreme weather conditions. The heated jackets will keep your temperature under check every time you are out in cold.