10 Best Key Lock Boxes in 2023

A key lock box is essential for all those families whose members go out to work, school, college, marketing, and other outdoor activities. They can come back at different times and unlock the key lock box to get the keys to the home. There are highly protected from the thieves due to their sturdy construction and keyless combination. Therefore, you will have no headache of having multiple keys for each member to carry every time they go out. Check out the top 10 best key lock boxes in 2023 below.

List of Top Best Key Lock Boxes Review

10. KIPRUN Key Storage Lock Box

KIPRUN Key Lock Boxes

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This rustproof and all-climate safe key-safe locker has tough steel material construction. The four digit blend code protects your home and auto keys from sawing, prying and pounding fury. It has the limit of holding the most extreme number of 5 keys. This locker-box is anything but not difficult, to set and recollect. You can set up this locker with the assistance of a well ordered manual book. You may put this container on any hard surface. With the locker box, you can have 4 nylon expandable stays and 4 screws for easy setup.

9. AUTSCA Key Lock Box

AUTSCA Key Lock Boxes

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You can use this key lock box at your home or outside of your home. The lock box is of long-lasting steel which protects your keys from sawing, prying and hammering and it is also a waterproof product. The four digit combination key locking system is easy to set and recall. With the help of pre-pierced holes, you can effortlessly assemble this locked box. The locker box comes with four stretchy wall anchors and four screws for setting up. It has the dimension of holding up to 5 keys.

8. First Alert Steel Wall Mount Key Cabinet

First Alert Key Lock Boxes

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The long-lasting and steel coated key-safe wall-hanging locker has the key entry for the protection of your keys. The locking key has the standard key lock with two entry keys. It has a cabinet style knob for your convenient usage. This locker holds up to 28 keys with separate labels for an effortless arrangement. You can have the mounting hardware included with the key-safe box to make your installation work stress-free.

7. KeyGuard Punch Button Lockbox

KeyGuard Key Lock Boxes

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This is a sturdy lock box and it provides keyless access. Therefore, it is more secure and any family member can easily memorize the number and ask the number over the phone. The push buttons are better than dials and there is ample space in the interior for storing keys, gobs, and cards. The ABS plastic coated value has a metal frame and it is safe from scratches. Furthermore, there is a plastic cover in the front to keep the keypad hidden from sight and protected from different weather conditions.

6. Tekmun Realtor Key Lock Box

Tekmun Key Lock Boxes

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This oxidation-proof and all-weather resistant key-safe locker have a hardy steel material construction. The four digit combination code keeps your home and car keys safe from sawing, prying and hammering free. It has the capacity of holding a maximum number of 5 keys. This combination lock is very easy to set and remember. You can set up this locker with the help of a step-by-step manual book. You may place this box on any hard surface. With the locker box, you can have 4 nylon expandable anchors and 4 screws for stress-free installation.

5. Kidde AccessPoint TouchPoint Entry Key Locker

Kidde Key Lock Boxes

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This imported, wall-mounting locker is of robust steel with additional security for your keys. You do not have to get stressed to find out your keys at the time of emergency. This locket for keys is capable of holding 30 keys with individually numbered tags. It is eligible to combine over one thousand re-settable combination key entry. The key locker box provides enough space for large keys; so that you can easily take out and remove the keys. This key-safe box kit comes along with wall anchors and screws for easy installation.

4. ORIA Key Storage Lock Box

ORIA Key Lock Boxes

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The key storage lock box is of heavy-duty steel and zinc alloy which makes it very durable. The four number combination lock keeps your keys totally safe. You can reset your combination with over ten thousand unique combinations. It has the storage capacity of maximum 8 of your household or vehicle keys. This wall-mounting locker box permits both the indoor and outdoor use. The material secures your keys from slicing, thrashing and snooping. The color used in the locker is entirely eco-friendly and causes no harm to your body.

3. Master Lock Wall Mount Key Safe

Master Lock Key Lock Boxes

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This wall-mounting key-safe box is of sturdy metal and protected from all-weather toughness. You can easily use it both for the indoor and outdoor purpose. This key holder is perfect for holding your keys with the ring and access cards. The push button combination with 12 alpha/numeric keypad enables you to your own combining password. This compact key-box is eligible for permanent installation. The large area in the locker permits multiple key storages.

2. Kidde AccessPoint Push Button Key Lock Box

Kidde Key Lock Boxes

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This is the best key lock box with wall mount. In fact, the product features under Amazon’s Choice for the same. This lock box can hold 2 keys but if you need more, there is a bigger size of the same available. The box has the key combination for opening and therefore, your family members can get keyless entry. There are as many as 1000 key combinations possible and the push buttons are easy to use. The setup is also easy and the mounting hardware is available in the package. There are different colors available to camouflage with the wall color.

1. Master Lock Portable Key Safe Lock Box

Master Lock Key Lock Boxes

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the lock box category. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can keep your keys and cards safe and the interior cavity is large for keeping multiple keys. The 4-digit combination is safe and the construction of the key lock box is highly durable. The vinyl coating prevents scratching and it is weather-protected. Besides, it will fit with different styles of the doorknob. It is one of the most portable and versatile key lock boxes.


There are different types of key lock boxes available. Some are wall mounting while others are portable. All of them are weather-protected as they are likely to get exposed to sunlight, rain, and even snow. They keyless combination makes it safe and secure and in case one forgets the combination, they can call up and ask it from other family members who are away. Therefore, no one has to carry any key and one can also store cards and small items which could be essential for the incoming member.

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