Top 10 Best Kitchen Playsets for Kids in 2020

One of the adorable moments of parenthood is when you have to play pretend with your child whether it be kitchen work or barbie world, it’s a must. Someday when your child gives you soft noodles or invites you to her tea time you are no wonder so happy. Here are the reviews of the foremost kitchen playsets of 2020 that one can consider to gift children while they are so fond of cute kitchen playsets. We help you choose from numerous models and price ranges that aid you to shortlist the most suitable set for your convenience and the child’s preference.

Kitchen playsets are a part of most children’s growth years. Kitchen Sets are popular because they ignite the imaginations of the young ones to deal with the kitchen equipment as the adults do. Purchasing kitchen sets suffice this curiosity and even come in handy for a thing or two in real life.

Best kitchen playsets for kids in 2020 – Reviews

Is your child complaining of the old kitchen sets she has and wants a modern one? Something more realistic and intricate that other friends of hers have as well? We bring to you this guide that allows you to choose from the very best of 2020 kitchen playsets. We respect your time and money, knowing that you have scrolled through many such online items and are unable to choose one most suitable and valuable for the child. Try out the guide that suggests you the best and most popular picks of the year below! – Top 10 best kitchen playsets for kids in 2020.

10. ALEX Toys Complete Kitchen Playset

Step2 Kitchen Playsets for Kids

Alex kitchen playset it adored for its variety of utensils and everything the child would want for their kitchen playset. The package offers stainless utensils, bakeware sets, porcelain tea sets and 5 pieces of stainless steel cookware set. This gives the child the reality and engages them to prepare something relishing and creative with the toys, bringing a big smile on their face that you so adore. What else would the child admire other than vibrant sets that illuminate their play area and kick start their imaginations into the world of toys and culinary?

9. My Modern Kitchen Doll Playset


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Children are attracted to anything that is the closest resemblance to their kitchen, hence the 32 inch flaunts its average size and whole appearance. Moreover, what makes it more fascinating is the lights and sounds developed by the microwave and stove while operating. The detailed shelves also encourage the children to set up their utensils such as pots, pans, cups, plates, etc. When it comes to reality, the smoothly operating doors enlighten the mood. Oh, and ensure 2AAA batteries to keep the sound and lights in action.

8. Battery – operated Deluxe Modern Kitchen Playset

JOYIN Kitchen Playsets for Kids

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Tired of the old kitchen playsets? Well search no more than the contemporary and developed realistic modern kitchen playset. Enhanced by a well architected kitchen and realistic sounds and lights while operating the kitchen sink or even fridge. Allow a little mix and let your child even involve the dolls in the kitchen works that are accommodated for 11 – 12 inch height dolls. A lively kitchen with a lifelike feel and atmosphere will surely make them happy and engrossed.

7. Wooden Kitchen Set – My Creative Cookery Club

Melissa & Doug


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Durable and qualitative, what’s more, desired? Then be sure to check out the Wooden Kitchen Playset – solid and painted on the surface for the game. A splendid craft with the woodwork that was sourced only from sustainable areas, makes it more natural and admired. Utensils such as the cookery set, the cups, toy food will definitely be the favorite of your child. Recollecting these items is no big fuss since it’s accompanied by a guide that lists the utensils in the playset.

6. Teamson Kids Wooden Kitchen Playset

Little Tikes Kitchen Playsets for Kids

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When it comes to a colorful, aesthetic kitchen set, this tops the selective list for your darlings. Resembling a feminine touch to the set that is colored by a baby pink hue. Matching the pink atmosphere is the intricate brass handles. A real- life fridge with the compartments of upper, lower and ice. An exciting feature is the storage place that will influence your child with the great constructing journey of this piece which takes quite some time due to the plentiful decorative pieces.

5. Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen Playset


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If an elegant and stylishly fashionable playset is what is expected, then they deserve to get this. The imaginary world is struck by the creative notions of frying something in the pan or boiling hot water. Besides, there are exuberant items such as coffee pots, tea time utensils, microwave, stainless steel devices that enumerate this piece. Interestingly, one can also play around with the electronic key of the microwave operator. Lastly, plates, bowls, silverware, pans, pots and others make up to 30 accessories.

4. Kidkraft New Limited Edition – Wood Green Corner Kitchen

CUTE STONE Kitchen Playsets for Kids

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Well, what can I say except that one would not get tired of this flashy lime green wooden corner kitchen? Its funkiness and new features will grab major attention and kids will lose track of time during playtime. The set includes the fridge, dishwasher, metal set, cooking equipment and kitchen accessories. Your child could invite friends over as this set allows the space of more than a person to play on. Accessories like the sink are removable and cleanable and safeguarded but doors for each compartment. The complexity of the kitchen can take a few hours to assemble though. Hurry up! If you have liked this piece since it is only available in limited edition and you don’t want your child complaining or rambling about it anyways.

3. Super Chef Kitchen By Little Tikes

Little Tikes

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Little Tikes is known for developing top models and fine brands, so there should be no doubt in checking out this piece, as the set includes vibrantly designed appealing accessories that will surely engage the playtime activity and enhance the decorative rooms. Despite the loaded items such as the microwave, kitchen set, oven, the set is completely compact which gives the room a better touch. As far as the appliances, they are very smooth and durable such as the doors that cover the cabinets and the supports. Constructing the kitchen playset takes a fair amount of time, nevertheless, this set has a unique design that unfolds to the eyes of the children, it will be fully enjoyed.

2. Step2 Kitchen Playset – “ Heart of the Home”

Step2 Kitchen Playsets for Kids

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A modern and realistic kitchen set that helps the child move around freely during activity. It comes with minute details unlike others like a dispenser bag, grocery back, recycling bin, and a pet nurturing center. Items like the cupboards, doors, slabs, etc have a realistic appearance sufficing 24 pieces of restoration in cupboards, etc this gives a wholesome effect to the child while engrossed. Though assembling it is a minor challenge, it’s definitely worth a shot.

1. Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set

Our Generation

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This kitchen playset accomplishes no less than full points. Users are impressed by the minute details put together to complete such realistic work and the amusing color combination is what gives it the great feel too. Fine design and architecture of wood, cupboards, cabinets, food compartments and items have been the favorite of many. It’s most recommended for the best kitchen set for the child gifted by the parents. Caution – young ones should be careful of the minute pieces that this set provides.

Our Verdict

Above where the selective Top 10 Best Kitchen Playset for Kids in 2020. Decide the perfect match for you while considering your child’s opinions as well as the budget limitations. There are many models, some offer quality, while some give quantity and some are expensive because they are the top brands that follow up the market. Choose only the ones that are recommended and branded as the other cheap ones do not maintain quality or standards. This will end up in a way where you will make roundtrips several times to purchase the same unreliable set.

Scrambling through the market online can be an obstacle for many indeed, so best it to select from the shortlist that we have prepared for you which offers different top models that provide durability as well as quality for the best choice for the kid. We know that your child deserves one of the best since modern toys and friends are all that children desire. They like to have toys that they see in the market and sometimes create a fuss over such only one item. You can shop for choices over brands in the specific link that directs you to the details of the kitchen playset you liked and how, when and where to purchase it.

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