Top 10 Best Kitchen Playsets for Kids in 2020

Kids love to play with the items that we use in our kitchen daily. But being in the kitchen is not a safe place for kids and it could be annoying for the cook. Therefore, you can buy your kids a kitchen playset that includes not only the cookware but all the associated accessories. Most of them come with electronic gadget replicas that make the kitchen playset complete. We have listed the top 10 best kitchen playsets for kids in 2020 that you can buy to keep your kids engage and away from the kitchen.

List of Top Best Kitchen Playsets for Kids Review

10. Little Treasures Mini Kitchen Playset


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This kitchen playset for kids comes in attractive bright colors and is very easy to clean. It has got a total of 65 pieces and includes cups, kettle, spoons, and much more. This is suitable for kids over five years of age and will really cherish it. This is also very lightweight and is very safe for your children. The combo set is made to give joy to your kids as it will give them a real kitchen experience with many different items.

9. Kimicare 42-Piece Kitchen Cooking Set


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This is a very lovely kitchen playset which will be loved by your kids. It comes in 42 pieces and includes many items. It is made up of high-quality material and is safe for your children which is also got many fruits and vegetables and has got a cutting board. This will also help in developing the mind of your child and will keep them engaged in learning new ideas. This is very suitable and is recommended for children over three years of age.

8. KidKraft Kids Kitchens Playset


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With this, you kids will get the experience of a real kitchen. It comes in two different colors and has got an ice maker which makes a sound. The knobs in it also turn and will also click. The countertop has got a speckled granite style to give a realistic appearance. Attached with it is a sink which comes with a faucet and also a trap that can turn. There are also many other items like oven, refrigerator, and washer. This is convenient and can be assembled without any problems.

7. VIPAMZ Cooking Toy Cookware Playset


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This is an 11 pieces kitchen playset for kids which is made up of metal. It will give them endless fun and is made of stainless steel. It includes cooking utensils like pans and pots and has also got two covers. Moreover, It comes in a canvas bag making it convenient for you to store them. This will give your kids endless fun and is a perfect tableware set. This looks like real utensils and is very lightweight. This is suitable for kids above six years.

6. Kimicare Kitchen Toys Food Playset


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This kitchen set will help in developing the mind of your kids. It comes in multiple colors and has got a total of 24 pieces. This is safe for your children and is the best playset for them. This is suitable for children over three years old and has got many items like fruits, vegetables, pizza, cutting board, and knife. This will help them in the better co-ordination of hands and eyes and will also make them learn it. This lightweight product is made up of high-quality material.

5. Liberty Kitchen Cookware Playset


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This is another amazing metal kitchen playsets for kids, which will give them a real experience of the kitchen. It includes four pots and pans and has got two lids. The playset is metallic and will not rust easily. It has got realistic design and can pretend cooking when they play. This will encourage them with imagination and will also enhance their creativity. This is very lightweight and perfect for learning development. There is also a colander as well as a saucepan.

4. Step2 Kitchen Playset


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This kitchen design playset for kids comes with many features. It has got a grocery bag, recycling bin as well as nurturing center for pets. It has a cupboard door as well as a stainless steel refrigerator. These make realistic sounds of a bobbling stove and comes in a farmhouse style. It will give your kids a realistic experience of having a kitchen. This has got many other accessories and has got adorable pet dishes. Your kids will really have the fun and will keep them engaged.

3. Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set


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This one also comes in a realistic design and has got a beautiful sink attached to it. The kids’ kitchen playset has got a microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and freezer. It comes with wonderful graphics and there is a four-burner gas stove. This is very suitable for kids three years an above and will give them a learning experience. The modern look kitchen playset will be adored by your children and is a perfect way to make them learn and enjoy.

2. Step2 Bakers Kitchen Playset


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This is a beautiful color combined kitchen playset, and it includes pretend oven, microwave, freezer and storage space for accessories. There are special frying pans, and boiling pots with lids and the sound of water boiling and frying are embedded. A high chair is attached for sitting and playing with the items. There are a total of 30-piece kitchen accessory including a granite-looking countertop. Furthermore, there is a sink with faucet and baskets for fruits and vegetables.

1. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Playset

KidKraft Kitchen Playsets for Kids

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It is a large collection of kitchen cookware items, and multiple children can play with it. There are the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, dishwasher replicas and they all open and close like real ones. There is also a chalkboard surface, and you can find a speckled countertop design. The storage space is enough for holding a complete set comfortably. Furthermore, there is an ice machine inside the freezer, removable plastic sink, four burners, cordless phone, paper towel holder, pegs for hanging accessories, and much more. It is a complete value for money kitchen playset for kids.


There are different types of kitchen playsets for kids available, and before buying any of them, you can show your kids for choosing the one they like. You should consider the budget and the space available at your home while buying. Some of them have only the cookware items while others include the electronic items needed for cooking. All the above playsets are safe for kids and made of non-toxic chemicals.

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