Top 10 Best Laundry Carts in 2019

Organizing laundry before and after washing has never been easy. It takes a lot of effort to keep your dirty laundry well organized and it even takes a lot more effort to transport them to your washer. We have put together a list of great laundry carts to reduce the stress in doing laundry. Check them out.

List of Top Best Laundry Carts Reviews

10. Honey-Can-Do SHF-04272 Rolling Laundry Station


This well-made laundry cart is easy to put together. The wheels are strong, and you can wheel your cart from room to room collecting dirty laundry. You can also use the same process to distribute washed clothes. The cart is attractive, and it does all you expect it to do. This heavy-duty cart makes your laundry chore much easier. The size of this cart is great, it holds up your laundry well. the cart is sturdy. It also seems durable enough to last for years.

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9. Seville Classics Commercial Heavy-Duty Canvas


This cart comes already assembled. It is sturdy and easy to move around. The bag is thick and well made. This cart also seems durable. The wheels work well, and they roll over uneven floors easily. this cart is stylish as well. it holds up well even when you load it with heavy laundry. It is also made of high-quality materials. The height is great for unloading laundry. You can do your laundry with ease. This cart is solid.

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8. DecoBros Heavy-Duty 3 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart


The DecoBros cart is heavy duty enough to hold your heavy laundry. The construction is all metal even the joint connections are metal. This tells you that your cart will not break anytime soon. The cart makes it easy to organize your laundry and makes it easier to do your laundry. It is also easy to assemble. This easy to use cart is sturdy. The cart is stylish, and it looks great wherever you place it. you can fold your laundry cart when it is not in use.

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7. Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart


The Rubbermaid laundry cart is made of high-quality materials. It is sturdy, and you can easily fold it when it is not in use. This makes it great for people who are managing space. the cart helps you to sort your laundry. It holds a lot of laundries and it is easy to move around. This cart is easy to assemble as well. it is durable, and the wheels are smooth. The wheels are also quiet when you move this cart around.

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6. Artesa Verona Collapsible Metal Laundry Cart


You can easily assemble this laundry cart in minutes. You do not need a helping hand or extra tools. There is enough room for your clothes, your detergent, bleach, and other items. This cart also folds up easily for storage purposes. The cart is also sturdier than expected. It is also attractive and well finished. The wheels are well made and they roll easily. they make it easy to maneuver your cart around. You do not have to carry your heavy laundry when you have this cart.

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5. Organize It All Chrome Laundry Center


This laundry cart is very sturdy. The assembly process is a breeze. You do not need any complicated tools and methods for the setup. this well-made cart has reliable wheels. This makes it easy to maneuver your cart. The cart allows you to organize your laundry without issues. The cart is also beautifully designed, and the finishing is great. The top hanger is a great addition. The height and size of this cart are just right for regular use. This cart also handles really heavy items.

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4. Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart Black


This laundry cart comes with clear instructions that make it easier to assemble it. the finish makes this Whitmor model more attractive. It is light in weight and easy to move around. The cart folds up easily for storage purposes. It is also made of high-quality steel. This makes it durable. The wheels are also sturdy, and they make it easy to move your cart around. This cart makes easier for you to do your laundry. It also handles heavy loads rather easily. the size of the cart is perfect.

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3. SimpleHouseware Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart


This laundry cart makes laundry a breeze since it helps sorts your clothes. This cart holds a good number of clothes. It is easy to set up, it takes less than 30 minutes to set it up. the cart is made of high-quality materials. The cart is also light in weight and easy to wheel around. The SimpleHouseware laundry cart is sturdy. This cart also allows you to manage space. there is plenty of room to keep all your laundry. The cart is well made and it is great for any home.

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2. Whitmor Supreme Laundry Cart


There are many great reasons why you should check out the Whitmor Supreme laundry cart. This cart is easy to assemble. You can assemble this in 20 minutes. It is sturdy, it is sturdy enough to hold heavy items. The quality is commendable. This cart helps you to organize your space. the wheels work well, they glide easily over uneven floors. The cart itself looks attractive. The Chrome finishing is great, and this gives the cart a luxurious look. The shelves are adjustable which is great.

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1. Whitmor Commercial Laundry Butler Chrome

Whitmor-Laundry Carts

This model of the Whitmor laundry is sturdy and easy to assemble. You do not need any complicated tool to assemble it. You only need a screwdriver to set this cart up. it also offers you plenty space to accommodate your clothes and towels. The wheels are heavy and well made. They also roll easily. You can move your laundry around easily. The quality of this laundry cart is impressive. This Whitmor laundry cart definitely makes laundry easier. This cart works as a great laundry sorter. This might end up being your most indispensable purchase in a while.

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