Top 10 Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags in 2020

To have the best outdoor camping experience, you need the right sleeping bag that keeps you comfortable and cozy in harsh weather conditions. Before choosing the best sleeping bag for you, you need to understand the different parameters required for comparing various sleeping bags.

The temperature rating shows the temperature range in which the sleeping bag can be used comfortably. The sleeping bags have different insulation types and each come with their own benefits. The weight of the backpack depends on the choice of an outdoor enthusiast. If you plan to hike a long distance, it is best to choose lightweight sleeping bags. Many sleeping bags have additional features such as hood styles, draft collars, zippers and much more.

If you know your requirements, you can always choose the right sleeping bag for you within your budget.

Here are our top 10 choices for the best lightweight sleeping bags.

1. X-Cheng Sleeping bag

X-CHENG Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag measures 73” x 32” and weighs just 3.9 pounds. The outer cover is made of moisture repellent polyester while the inner fabric is hollow fiber. It meets the euro environment standard. The waterproof sleeping bag can be tossed inside a washing machine for a thorough cleaning after a tiring outdoor adventure. This can be used as a single bag and you can also zip another bag together and make it into one large sleeping bag, ideal for a couple or parents with a kid. There is a zipper at the bottom that allows you to let your feet out when it is too warm inside. It comes with a complimentary pillow and packing bag.

2. Farland lightweight sleeping bag

FARLAND Lightweight Sleeping Bag

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The barrel-shaped design of the sleeping bag provides the right amount of coziness at night when you are tired after exploring. This can be used in the temperature range of 15°C to 30°C, which means that this is the only sleeping bag you need for summer and winter adventures. The double filled technology keeps dampness at bay. Measuring 33” x 75”, this mummy shaped sleeping bag is ideal for anyone who is 5 feet 11” tall. You can also zip another bag together to create more room. The outer Nylon is breathable, waterproof and it is filled with polyester fiber.

3. Sleepingo Double Sleeping bag

Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking

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This Sleepingo bag has room for a couple and it can be separated into two sleeping bags. The temperature rating is 32°F which means that it can be used comfortably in extreme winter. Measuring 12.01 x 12.99 x 16.5 inches, this double sleeping bag weighs 6.15 pounds. The outer layer is made of 210T polyester designed to last tough weather conditions. The inner lining is made of a combination of cotton and Tetron.

4. Amicool warm weather sleeping bag

AmiCool Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

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Measuring 6.7 x 10 x 15.8 inches, this sleeping bag is ideal for use in three different seasons when the temperature varies between 5-18 degrees. The outer layer is made of 210T polyester with skin-friendly cotton flannel lining. It has a two-way separating zip which allows you to convert this into a quilt by opening it up completely. It weighs 3 pounds and the temperature rating is 64°F.

5. IFLYIING ultra compactable sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag is your best choice if you are looking for something to use in summer, spring and fall. The compact sleeping bag comes with compression sack included. It can be used when the outdoor temperature is between 15°C to 5°C. Measuring 180 cm x 73cm, this is suitable for someone who is as tall as 1.8 m. This can be washed and cleaned easily. The full-length zipper makes it possible to detach completely. The weatherstrip provides warmth on a cold night. The outer layer is made of 180T polyester and the filling is hollow cotton.

6. California basics 3-4 season sleeping bag

California Basics

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To enjoy the best camping night as a couple, you need this sleeping bag with 400GSM. It can be used in all seasons and it weighs around 7.6 pounds. Measuring 75” x 59”, this sleeping bag is ideal for a couple and it can also accommodate one kid. The outer layer is made of 100% polyester that can be cleaned using a washing machine. The bag comes with 2 small pillows with zippers on each side. The Velcro tabs at the top eliminate cold drafts.

7. Coleman big basin sleeping bag

Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather

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If you are big and tall, this sleeping bag is the right choice for you as it can accommodate anyone up to 6 feet 6 inches. The draft tube design is ideal for use in harsh winters with fleece in the foot area to retain warmth. Quilting design keeps the cold spots away. Thermolock design locks the heat inside with a two-way patented zipper that comes with a no-snag feature. If you prefer to keep your foot out, use the bottom zipper. This bag comes with the stuff sack for easy storage.

8. Abcosport double sleeping bag

Double Sleeping Bag

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If you set out on outdoor adventure irrespective of the weather outside, the Abcosport sleeping bag is your best pal to remind you of warmth at night. The outer fabric is made of Ripstop polyester with 100% double filled polyester technology. This can be used in extreme weather conditions when the temperature hits as low as 5°F. The water-resistant sleeping bag can be rolled up and stored easily in the included sack. Weighing just 4.5 kgs, the non-allergenic sleeping bag comes with 2 pillows for added comfort.

9. Kelty tuck sleeping bag

Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag

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This mummy shaped sleeping bag is ideal for use in spring, summer, and fall. The 22-degree Thermapro synthetic insulation is designed to keep you warm all night long. This sleeping bag can accommodate anyone who is 6 feet tall. It weighs just 3 lbs and reminds you of your own bedroom at home. The zipper at the bottom can be unzipped if you want to stick your feet out.

10. Outdoor vitals sleeping bag

Outdoor Vitals Summit Lightweight Sleeping Bags

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This is the lightest sleeping bag on the list weighing just 2.5 lbs. Despite the lightweight, the 800 fill down power ensure that you are toasty on cold nights. The YKK zippers and included compression bag provides value for every penny. This is highly portable as the compression bag compresses it to just 10 x 8 inches. The 200 Ripstop fabric is tough as leather and light as a feather. The grid baffles design eliminates cold spots.

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