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10 Best Microwave Carts in 2024

For keeping your microwave along with all other kitchen essentials, you need a stable platform. This problem is sorted cause with the inclusion of microwave cart. One can place it in kitchen or at any corner of the home; the carts will look amazing anyways. Having multiple shelves as well as a place for extra storage, the carts will indeed not upset you. You can choose the type of cart according to the microwave you own.

Looking for options? Here are all the products that have always been the best choice for so many users. As you have a fully researched article, rather take the benefit of it and pick the right one.

The Best Microwave Carts to Buy in 2024

10. Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart

Whitmor Microwave Carts

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Whitmor has been delivering long-lasting and reliable products to their customers for over 7 decades. It certainly has brought to you a microwave cart that won’t disappoint. The microwave cart has been created from heavy-duty materials that can take a lot of weight and stand up to everyday use. The steel frame makes it super sturdy and also has high resistance against most forms of corrosion. So, it won’t get chipped away within a few months and would hold your microwave along with a lot more for a prolonged period of time.

The cart also features caster wheels on all of its feet so that you can effortlessly transport it from one room to another without any trouble. Furthermore, don’t worry about stability or the wheels making the cart slide off with a slight bump. Above all, the wheels are safely locked in position so that it rolls only when you want it.

Key features:

  • The chrome finish looks very attractive and adds a sleek style to the cart.
  • The top shelf is of wood and is used as a permanent storage place for your microwave or a toaster.
  • Two additional shelves certainly allow you to store dishes or other items.

9. LANGRIA Industrial All-Purpose Rolling Cart


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If anything screams elegance and classy style signature, then it has to be this microwave cart from Langria. With this cart, you get the freedom of using it as a rolling cart or a stationary shelf. As a matter of fact, it comes with rolling caster wheels with a pair of them. As a result, they are locked and leveling feet as well.

You can interchange the wheels for the leveling feet. As a result, the cart has stable grounding even on an uneven surface. The three-tier cart has wire mesh built that gives it an amazing finish. Finally, it indeed keeps two hooks and even offers you two different height settings.

Key features:

  • Shelves have the smooth edge which will keep your hands safe from scratches.
  • Wheel brakes are activated or deactivated with a simple flick.
  • Middle shelf is indeed installed assembled with either of the two height settings.

8. Suler Utility Microwave Oven

Suler Microwave Carts

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Suler has made its microwave cart with a metal frame that has been powder coated for resistance against moisture and dust damage. It can stand years of use and would be your reliable kitchen partner. For storage, you get 3 metal racks that can store everything from milk and veggies to spice jars and teapots.

However, it rather has a large wooden top with two shelves under it. Combined these three wooden shelves can bear over 70 kgs of weight.

Key features:

  • It comes with all the necessary hardware and accessories required for assembly.
  • The top part can accommodate other appliances along with a microwave.
  • Serves numerous purposes from being a microwave cart to a dish rack and other uses at your home.

7. AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart


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Amazon never fails inefficiency and their homegrown brand AmazonBasics does the same. It has high quality and super strong steel frame that is responsible for the stability and sturdiness of this structure. At the top, you get a wooden flat board which won’t bend under pressure and is even removed for easy cleaning. The steel cart is already resistant to rusting, but for additional protection and aesthetic purposes, it has been coated with a layer of chrome.

Chrome plating makes the cart look brilliant and adds a shine to it. The cart also adds storage functionality with two wire shelves that are chrome plated as well. In fact, it has high enough built quality to bear around 50 pounds without any issues. Moreover, for smooth movement and maneuvering, you also get caster wheels that can swivel freely. Lastly, it allows you to change direction while pushing without any effort.

Key features:

  • One pair of the wheels is locked in position so that it doesn’t roll away accidentally.
  • Covered by a one year warranty period from AmazonBasics so that you can buy it worry-free.
  • Have 4 hooks that are used for hanging kitchen utensils or tools.

6. IRONCK Industrial Kitchen Cart

IRONCK Microwave Carts

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With this microwave cart from Ironck, you can free up your countertop and enjoy more space for cutting ingredients and preparing delicacies. The cart doesn’t just add simple storage convenience but also makes a part of your kitchen mobile enough for versatile use. You can use it for your microwave or as a cart for food display when guests arrive at your home.

Nevertheless, the square-shaped metal frame is certainly capable enough to handle rough use. Besides, it also gives it a refined look that isn’t common in carts with a tubular metal frame.

Key features:

  • The top is of medium-density fiberboard with a vintage brown finish that enhances its aesthetic appeal.
  • Assembly takes mere minutes and is done with the simplest tools.
  • Certainly, has a rustic charm with an industrial finish.

5. Finnhomy 3-Tier Wire Rolling Kitchen Cart


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Finnhomy presents to you a unique microwave cart that provides abundant storage space and is made to last you for a prolonged period of time. The heavy-duty cart is made to be used for domestic purposes, but also has wheels which are of commercial grade. Each wheel can work flawlessly even under a lot of pressure and won’t break off that easily.

If you don’t want the cart to roll off, you can also make them stationary at one place by using brakes on two of the wheels.

Key features:

  • The top surface has a premium oak finish and is even detached.
  • Towels and utensils are hanged on the four chrome hooks.
  • The chrome shelves are full rust-resistant and perfect for keeping vegetables, fish, meat, etc.

4. Giantex Microwave Cart Wooden

Giantex Microwave Carts

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Giantex is providing you with a fabulous and eye-catching microwave cart that just obliterates all the competition. The cart can be of great use not just in your kitchen, but a lot of other places, from the kitchen to the garage. You can even use it as a side table that would look good beside your lounge or sofa. The cart combines two high-quality materials for absolute strength and stability.

While steel imbues it with durability that extends its longevity, solid wood adds character and depth to its style. As a matter of fact, it differentiates it from the rest of the subpar carts that flood the market. Due to those materials, your cart won’t be sagging or deformed just after a few months. As a bonus, your cart is also protected from small scratches and everyday wear and tear since the surface has been put through a scratch-resistant treatment.

Key features:

  • Metal grill shelves add some storage space and have a high load-bearing capacity.
  • Comes with all required accessories and clear instruction for easy assembly.
  • The top has a veneer layer, as a result, water or other beverage spills doesn’t affect its grandeur.

3. Ameriwood Landry Kitchen Microwave Cart


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Just the look of this microwave cart is more appealing than most of the cheap alternatives you get in the market. The design is clean and minimalistic with geometric symmetry all over it. It has been made from premium quality wood for exceptional sturdiness and quality.

The top has a load-bearing capacity of 40 pounds. It is certainly more than enough for a standard microwave. However, having a white finish, it looks elegant. In fact, it offers sufficient space to store essentials.

Key features:

  • Ships with clear instructions for easy and effortless assembly.
  • The cabinet has two doors with nickel brushed knobs that allow easy access.
  • Shelves inside the cabinet can hold 30 pounds of load.

2. Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Microwave Storage Cart

Mr IRONSTONE Microwave Carts

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Mr Ironstone introduces to you a three-tiered microwave cart that would be extremely beneficial for any kitchen or pantry. It can serve many purposes and the top is strong enough to hold heavy kitchen appliances like microwave ovens and toasters. It also has small S-shaped hooks that are attached to the frame and lets you hang several cooking utensils.

The two other shelves are sturdy as well and are used for storing more appliances or items like pots, grill pans and more.

Key features:

  • Have four wheels that can swivel around for unlimited maneuvering while two are locked in place.
  • Shelves have a dark brown MDF wood construction with the top one having a load capacity of 55 pounds.

1. Hodedah Microwave Cart


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The Hodedah cart is the perfect solution that will address the storage and organizational needs of your kitchen. It looks much more premium and stylish than most other metal skeleton carts that are abundant in supply. The contemporary design goes well with any kitchen decor and can even accentuate the overall look of your kitchen it features a large space which is open at the center. This is the perfect space for keeping your small or medium-sized microwave oven or even toasters.

It frees up your kitchen counter and gives you more room for cutting veggies and preparing dishes on the counter. Right under the open space, you get a drawer that is large enough for storing plenty of cutlery and other utensils in a hygienic manner. Under that, you get a large cabinet which hosts two shelves. The cabinet is closed and the shelves have more than enough space for your pans, pots and some kitchen gadgets as well.

Key features:

  • Wooden construction makes it immune to rusting and also prevents corrosion of many forms.
  • Wheels have brakes so that they are kept in a stationary position.
  • Drawer glides are of metal which allows smooth push and pulls.

The microwave of any shape and size will easily set in these heavy-duty microwave carts. These are used for decoration as well as have multiple uses.