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10 Best Moon Chairs in 2024

Having a saucer-like shape, a moon chair is highly comfortable. They are especially popular amongst kids as well as a teenager as they are fun to sit on. These chairs are highly durable since they use high-quality materials in their construction. Most importantly, they are available in different colors as well as designs that perfectly suit your interior. However, you need to be sure about the build quality and weight limit before proceeding to buy one.

Need some suggestions? Then check out the moon chair recommendations to find out which will be best for your room or your spontaneous adventures.

List of Best Moon Chairs Review

10. Gojooasis Moon Chair


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For those who have a space crunch in their house, this product is ideal. The moon chair has a foldable structure so that it is reduced to a slim structure when the product is not in use. Therefore, it takes much lesser room when the product in storage. Moreover, the chair makes use of alloy steel for the frame of the chair. Because of the material steel, you can keep using this chair regularly without any fear of rusting.

Moreover, it gives equal importance to appearance. The fabric of the product has a zebra pattern, adding to the interior décor of your room.

Key Features:

  • Since steel is used, the moon chair also has the required sturdiness.
  • This space-saving product can easily be stored in any location.
  • Furthermore, it also has a good weight-bearing capacity of 225 lbs.

9. KingCampMoon Chair


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If you are looking for a moon chair that is better suited for outdoor activities, you can go for this product. The fabric used for the moon chair is completely waterproof. Hence, even if you are caught in a sudden downpour, you do not have to worry about the chair getting all soggy.

Furthermore, the product also assures that it is able to withstand the usual wear and tear effects. The chair is also anti-microbial. Thus, it will stay clean for longer, even if you use it for outdoor purposes. To provide you with added safety, this product also has two extra steel tubes supporting the frame of the chair.

Key Features:

  • You tend to lose small valuable items when outside. Therefore, it also comes with a back pocket.
  • This can take loads of an individual up to 300lbs.
  • To seal the deal, the product also has a beverage holder added to the design.

8. Alpha Camp Moon Chair

ALPHA CAMP Moon Chairs

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When it comes to quality, Alpha Camp gives you only the very best of what is out there. The moon chair makes use of Oxford fabric for the material. Not only does it make the chair really skin-friendly, but it also adds excellent durability to the chair. If that was not enough, the tubes on the frame of the product are also powder coated. This makes sure the chair is completely rustproof, for longer usage.

With the added advantage of extra straps on the bottom of the chair, this product is able to bear much more weight. Besides, the neck support provides added relief.

Key Features:

  • If you still have any concerns regarding the quality of the product, Alpha Camp drives such doubts away with a year-long guarantee on the product.
  • The moon chair promises to withstand as much as 350lbs at once, without having any damages.
  • Using high-quality plastic, the chair also becomes more firm when it comes to attachments.

7. Yescom Moon Chair


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This one from Yescom is definitely a marvelous product that you can opt for. Those of you who hate the hassle of assembly, you are in luck. This chair is a single-piece design, so you do not need to assemble, and can very much use the product right out of the box. The moon chair has been well padded with cotton so that you get a soft seat for the best possible comfort.

Besides, the moon chair also includes the feature of inclined arms, which truly put you into a relaxing posture.  As a result, you can sit properly on this amazing set-up.

Key Features:

  • As an added trinket, this chair comes with a transport bag. Hence, it becomes really easy to port from one place to another.
  • The bag uses polyester fabric. Hence, the bag will easily last you for ages without any complaint.
  • The product can be folded and expanded in a matter of seconds.

6. Urban Shop Moon Chair

Urban Shop Moon Chairs

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Urban Shop has created a line of successful moon chairs, and this is one of their best products. The moon chair has been designed to be oversized so that it truly engulfs you into the cocoon of the plush chair for a comforting experience like never before. Moreover, the chair has been filled to the brim with poly fiber, making the chair really cushiony for you.

Since the chair only needs spot cleaning, maintenance with this chair becomes a complete breeze. So, you can easily get complete convenience of usage with this product.

Key Features:

  • The legs of the product come with a special locking safety mechanism. This gives the chair a stable foundation, so it does not wobble when you sit on it.
  • Its mink fabric used for the chair is really skin-friendly. Hence, you do not feel any irritation when you sit on it.
  • This chair comes in 6 different colors that you can choose from. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that suits your interior.

5. Lucky Bums Moon Chair

Lucky Bums

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For the ones who love to go camping, this product is a must-have item for you. The product is really lightweight weighing a mere 10 pounds. Not only that, but it also has a foldable design. Therefore, the moon chair is really travel friendly, and easy to carry to different places

Besides, you will barely feel any extra bulk for the chair when traveling. The chair uses double layer top quality 600D Oxford fabric for the material of the chair. This makes the chair really soft to feel, so that comfort is not compromised the least bit.

Key Features:

  • This fabric also makes the chair really durable, so it can provide really long service.
  • The feet have wide stubs, which gives a far more firm hold on any surface you set the chair on.
  • Since the chair is powder-coated, no rusting can cut short the life of this chair.

4. Camping World Moon Chair


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A lot of thought has been given in the design of this product. The moon chair has a special scientific design, which will provide ergonomic comfort when you sit on it. Further, because of the extra-wide padded back, the comfort is enhanced even more to help you relax completely

To make the structure even more stable, the tubes on this product have been reinforced. For the attachments, sturdy, premium quality plastic parts have been used.

Key Features:

  • Because of the hammer tone powder coating, this product maintains its original brilliance without fading.
  • The coating also gives protection against any corrosion over time.
  • With the help of the extra straps on the bottom, the chair holds you no matter how heavy you are.

3. Osp Designs Moon Chair

OSP Designs

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If functionality is not enough for you, this product will win your heart with the appearance. It has a very unique metal frame which is adorned by long-lasting resin wicker. The moon chair can truly be an eye-catcher in any room. Besides, the fabric on the chair has the design of the button-tufted, which further adds to the look of the chair. To top it all off, this moon chair comes in 9 different colours, to suit the preference of different people.

In order to prevent the cushion from slipping down, the chair also comes with straps to tie the cushion.  So, it will stay in a position always.

Key Features:

  • The chair is also padded, providing as much comfort as a chic look.
  • One very exclusive feature of the product is that of the 360 degrees swivel function.

2. Core Moon Chair

Core Moon Chairs

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This moon chair takes care of every practical necessity. With a roomy width of 37 inches, no matter how broad you are, you can comfortably curl up yourself into a ball in this chair if you so desired. Moreover, the chair has thoughtfully added the much-needed accessory of a headrest. This headrest provides adequate support to the neck, and of course the head when you are stargazing.

To assure you of the quality of the product, Core provides this moon chair with an impressive one year warranty. With the brushed polyester, you can count on really long usage.

Key Features:

  • Its top-grade material is imported and will help you to sit comfortably.
  • The oversized chair is able to hold up to 300lbs at a single time.
  • With this product, your hands will not get strained by holding your drink for too long. It comes with its very own inbuilt cup holder.

1. Rock Cloud Moon Chair


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Packed with features, this product will not fail to meet your expectations. It has been designed to keep portability in mind. The chair comes with the added bonus of a storage bag. Therefore, not only is carrying the chair much more convenient, but you can also keep the chair free from any dust, in the bag when it is not being used.

Being foldable, it hardly takes up any space when it is not being used. More than that, the chair also has side pockets, so you can store your small items in a secure place.

Key Features:

  • It has been given an anti-slip feet pad. This gives a better footing to the chair on any terrain.
  • The carry bag also comes with straps, so you can easily carry it on your back.
  • This is really feather light weighing only 11lbs.

So, take it out for camping or just set this up in your backyard, these foldable moon chairs will make seating arrangements more comfortable. Consider these above-mentioned options and enjoy an amazing time.