Top 10 Best Motorcycle Jacks in 2020

There are many occasions when you need to lift the motorcycle you own. It could be for washing the bike from below to wash away the dirt. It could also be for repairing work. Therefore, having a motorcycle jack is always handy and there are various types of motorcycle jacks available based on the height range, weight range as well as the position of lifting. The following contains the top 10 best motorcycle jacks in 2020 for you to choose from.

List of Top Best Motorcycle Jacks Review

10. VIVOHOME Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack


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This motorcycle lift jack has got the capacity of lifting 1500 pounds of weight. This is perfect for cleaning or servicing the motorcycle as it will swiftly raise them off from the ground. Apart from motorcycles, you can even use it for lifting other large machines. This has three position safety locks in it, which will securely hold the load when it is lifted. This has a handle as well as swivel casters and there is also a rubber padded lift arm. This is very easy to operate and can be done with a foot pedal.

9. Liftmaster Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack


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With this motorcycle jack, you will be able to lift weights of up to 1100 pounds. This is made up of solid steel and is a very durable product. It has been powder coated which will ensure that the product will last long. This is very simple to operate as it has a crank. It will fit in most of the motorcycle models and is perfect to be used in the garage or shops. This has a wide deck of 10.6 inches and you can also use it at the track.

8. LiftMaster Motorcycle Jack with Safety Pin Hoist Stand


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This motorcycle jack can hold up to 500 kilos of weight and is very simple to operate. The crank makes it easy to use and it is also a durable product. In this, you can adjust the height very easily with the help of its two screw adapters. This can lift from 90 mm to 400 mm without any adapters or saddles. To ensure that there will be no accidental drops, the jack has a safety pin with six locking positions. This isn’t that heavy and the collapsed height is 4 inches.

7. ZENY Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack


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This is another amazing motorcycle jack which has the ability to lift up to 1100 pounds of weight. It is simple to use with its crank and has got a flat bottom. It is made up of steel and has got red paint finish on it. It is very sturdy and has got a widen deck of 9 inches. To ensure that there is no scratching or slippage, the scissor lift jack has a rubber surface. This will easily fit in most of the models of motorcycle and is ideal to be used in the shop or garage.

6. OrionMotorTech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack


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The lift range of this motorcycle jack is 3 – ¾ inches to 13 – 2/5 inches. This is made up of steel and is very easy to operate. You can easily lift the motorcycle by easily rotating the metal sleeve. With an ability to lift 1,000 pounds of weight, the scissor lift jack has got a flat bottom. The wide deck has got rubber in it which will not lead to damage the motorcycles. This is also very durable and easy to clean. It is also dirt resistant as well as grease and oil resistant.

5. ZENY Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist


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Made up of solid steel, this motorcycle jack is very strong and durable. It has a simple crank operation and will fit in sports bikes, cruisers, Can-Am Spyder, chopper, and trikes. There are two variable screw adapters and has a removable crank handle of 12 cms. This looks very attractive in its black and red color and is also powder coated to make it extra-strong. This can lift up to 1,100 pounds and will prevent scratches and slippage with its rubber padding. The height can be adjusted from 3.5 inches to 17 inches.

4. Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack


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A very durable and easy to use motorcycle jack, this one can also lift trucks, cars, and ATVs. This has padded lift rails and the lift saddle can be removed easily. This is flexible to use and will fit in many types of vehicle frames. The heavy-duty jack has bar holds which will support the lifted vehicle. This can lift weights of up to 4,000 pounds and meets ANSI standards. This will prevent sinking with its flat base which adds more stability.

3. Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack


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With this motorcycle jack, you can lift your motorcycle by 14 inches. It is suitable for center lifting and you need a wrench and socket for making it happen. The rubber padding on the platform is highly durable and it prevents slippage and scratching. The steel frame is highly durable and the weight capacity is 1100 pounds. However, you cannot use it to lift trikes. The product features under Amazon’s Choice for motorcycle scissor jack.

2. PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack


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The weight capacity of the motorcycle jack is 1700 pounds which is the heaviest on the list. The lifting range is from 4.5 to 14.5 inches and the steel construction of the frame is designed for lasting decades. The foot activated hydraulic system helps to make the operation happen hands-free and you can position the motorcycle stable. Moreover, there is a safety lock and there are multiple locking positions possible. Besides, the T-handle provides a better and secure grip.

1. Black Widow Steel Motorcycle Jack

Black Widow Motorcycle Jacks

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the motorcycle jacks category. The construction is with durable steel and there is powder coating for preventing rusting and corrosion. The lifting capacity is 1100 pounds and the lift range is 3.75 to 16.25 inches. It is the sturdiest motorcycle jack on the list and also the best-rated. The rubber pad is thick and provides all sorts of protection from slippage and scratching. You can lift the front or the rear tire and the company offers one year warranty.


While buying a motorcycle jack, check the weight range and the height range as they are the two most important parameters. Apart from that, all the above jacks have high-quality and durable construction and there are various safety measures taken not to harm your motorcycle by any means. You can choose any that are designed to fulfill your purpose perfectly.

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