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10 Best Portable Meditation Benches in 2024

Meditation is always good for the body, mind, and spirit. It allows proper circulation of the body. Thus, it allows you to achieve calm and peace of mind. Furthermore, meditation helps in the proper development of your concentration, sharpness, and brainpower. However, it requires proper practice and posture to get the best effects of meditation. Thus, it is better to opt for a portable meditation bench. Meditation bench allows you to get better posture and get the best results.

Know what is best suited for your daily lifestyle as the popular portable meditation benches will help you to stay active.  So ready to explore more?

List of Best Portable Meditation Benches Review

10. Still Sitting Nomad Meditation Bench

Still Sitting Portable Meditation Benches

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This product has been given a really unique design. The bench has been created in a hammock style. This gives the right curvature for a comfortable sitting, no matter how long you choose to kneel down. Moreover, the bench weighs no more than 2lbs, making it extremely lightweight.

Hence, you can easily carry it anywhere with you without feeling much extra bulk. Plus, the bench also folds down to an almost flat shape, occupying much less space when you are traveling.

Key Features:

  • The seat has been adorned with some fabric to provide a soft spot.
  • This seat proves to be really flexible. A Velcro is present on the fabric seat which can be used to change the height of the product.
  • The item is handcrafted in the US for having excellent quality and finish.

9. Bluecony Ikuko Meditation Bench


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For the environment-conscious people, there is good news. You can finally go for alternatives which are eco friendly in nature. The product makes use of all-natural wood, making the product both decomposable as well as recyclable. Further, after that long meditation session, you do not have to worry about incorrect posture creating trouble for your spine.

Because of the chair, your body will always be aligned right. Hence, you can have a relaxing session instead of worrying about other things. Besides, proper alignment also helps to reduce the tension in your muscles.

Key Features:

  • To give you a little more freedom regarding your very own bench, this comes in a choice of two natural wood color choices.
  • The product also helps to improve breathing as well as circulation.
  • With the cotton bag provided, you can carry it on your side to any spot with convenience.

8. Monk & Llama Meditation Bench

MONK & LLAMA Portable Meditation Benches

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This product takes various measures to make sure your meditation session will be a truly enriching one. The item makes the addition of a meditation journal with the package. Hence, you can write down all the things you find out as you enjoy your calm and peace. Besides, not only functionality but to motivate you, the bench has been etched with positive words. This will make you keep moving forward.

Wobbly legs can be a real bother when you are trying to find some balance. That is why this product has been given sturdy magnets and hinges which keep the chair still in its place.

Key Features:

  • The storage bag comes with a handle, which allows you to carry the item with one hand.
  • Since the cushion on this item is removable, it becomes much easier to clean.
  • With the right alignment, the chair also helps you to have a better focus.

7. Green Eos Meditation Bench

Green Eos

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With this product, you do not have to stress about your body type. The meditation bench has been designed so different body types can use it without feeling any discomfort. This product makes use of natural bamboo wood for the material of the bench. While the bamboo wood has great sturdiness, it is also known to be quite light. Hence, while carrying this item will be a breeze, you do not have to doubt it’s strength.

Besides, the hinges on the bench have stainless steel. Therefore, any concerns regarding possible rusting in the near future can be done away with.

Key Features:

  • Since the leg bottoms are flat-edged, you can expect great stability.
  • The seat has been intentionally angled so that the pressure can be reduced on the back and knees.
  • It has been tested for quality. So, you can be sure about the exceptional quality of the meditation bench.

6. Otzro Meditation Bench

OTZRO Portable Meditation Benches

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This bench is unlike any other you will find out there in the market. The product makes use of special material for the bench. This material is non-slippery, so you do not keep falling down out of the meditation bench when you are trying to balance yourself. Besides, the meditation has been styled according to the natural curve of the hip.

This helps to evenly distribute the weight of the body. Thus, your back or knees do not start hurting after a while. The meditation bench also vouches to cure lower back pain and waist pain. Weighing 3.3lbs, any adult man having a height of a maximum of 5.9 ft can comfortably do yoga in it.

Key Features:

  • With the unique tubing feature offered by the product, you can even practice muscle training exercises on this item.
  • Since the item is really compact, you can carry it with you when you travel in your luggage.
  • To suit your personal taste, you get to choose from an array of 3 attractive colors.

5. Mindful and Modern Meditation Bench

Mindful and Modern

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This product takes various factors into consideration when designing the product. Hence, makes sure you have no complaints for years to come. The product strives to create a product with sustainable items. Thus, the item does not have any adverse effect on the environment. Plus, the bench employs trusty bamboo woof for the bench.

To give even more sturdiness, the item also has strong magnets which make sure the structure is wobble-free. If you suffer from aching joints, this bench will help relieve some of that pain as well.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance is a hassle-free task with this item, since the travel case is machine washable, saving you some valuable time.
  • Since the bag has a zipper, your bench has no chance of falling out.
  • The case is also sustainable using cotton for the fabric.

4. Meditation Bench Seiza Bench

Meditation bench Portable Meditation Benches

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This product is truly innovative among other meditation benches. The product has been thoughtfully given a curved base. This eliminates the chances of putting unnecessary pressure on your lower body and helps to achieve perfect alignment in multiple positions. The top of the bench consists of a pad. This gives you a little more ergonomic comfort, in place of a hard seat.

Furthermore, the bench pad has a non-slip surface. Hence, you can concentrate on your meditation instead of being concerned about slipping down the bench.

Key Features:

  • The bench is adjustable, so it can suit all types of people.
  • Weighing only 12oz, this bench is practically feather-light, making your job much easier.
  • To occupy even lesser space, this bench can be even taken apart and as quickly reassembled again.

3. Meditation Designs Meditation Bench

Meditation Designs

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When it comes to wood, the more solid the structure, the more sturdy the item is. For that reason, this bench is comprised of solid acacia wood. Hence, giving the meditation bench an amazing strength. It does not snap down on your heels when you are in the middle of your meditation session.

Besides, the acacia wood is evidently sustainable too. Hence, you will be glad to know this is an environment-friendly product as well. The product also sports a nice cushioned seat, giving your hip a soft spot for added comfort.

Key Features:

  • With this product, you can say goodbye to ugly screws protruding from everywhere, as the legs are fastened tight for a more elegant appearance.
  • The pedestal legs are rounded as well as angled, which surprisingly gives you better stability on the item.
  • It weighs only 3 pounds. So, you will not have any trouble carrying it.

2. Lotuscrafts Meditation Bench

Lotuscrafts Portable Meditation Benches

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Certain practical necessities can be sometimes overlooked by-product, but not with this item though. No two persons are of the same height, making it impossible for all of them to kneel down with a chair of the same height. Keeping that in mind, this meditation bench comes in a number of sizes. Hence, you can find a perfect match to suit your comfort.

Furthermore, the bench has been forward angled on purpose. This assists to improve your posture so that you can aim for a straighter spine by improving your posture.

Key Features:

  • You can be assured that the finish used on this wooden bench is free from the intrusion of any harmful solvents.
  • The surface of this bench is soft and smooth.
  • Not only is the product foldable, but it is also stackable. Thus, if you have a number of chairs, you will be able to fit them in a really tight space with ease.

1. Friends of Meditation Kneeling Bench


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This product comes as a complete kit. With an inch thick cushion, you will be sitting on a soft and smooth surface. Thus, you can kneel for hours at a stretch without any problem. For that reason, this bench is really suited for Yoga or Namaz prayers as well. The item is foldable, and even can be taken apart. Hence, there will be no problem regarding storage even if there is a space crunch.

Besides, having the handy carry bag in the kit, you can keep your bench clean and dust-free when you are not using the product.

Key Features:

  • The item uses highly molded plastic for the material of the product.
  • With the interesting design, the product looks as good as it works.
  • Having no screws, all you need to do is slide down the legs on the bench for a quick assembly.

Why are portable meditation benches a necessary inclusion?

Such benches can help your health in more than a few ways. The primary function that every meditation bench serves, is to correct your posture for you. By correcting the posture, your spine gets straighter, making your body gain a number of different benefits. Besides that, such benches obviously take away the extra pressure that you put on your lower body, especially the knees and the hip, which makes it difficult to stay kneeled down for too long.

With these benches, your lower body is given sufficient support, so you can stretch your meditation session for as long as you want, without requiring to worry about physical discomfort interrupting your peace. The advantages do not halt there. If you tend to suffer from constipation, through the correction of posture, this bench will even help with that. Good digestion and well-improved circulation are few things you can count on the bench for. Other than that, the bench also prevents any lower back strain you might get.

What material will be a good choice for portable meditation benches?

While you might also get other types of material, you will do just fine with some sturdy wood. You can pick from different types of wood available, from bamboo to acacia. Each come with their own advantages. Bamboo, for example, is both light and strong at the same time. Therefore, the benches will be easy to pick up and carry on the way, while they will have the required strength to have a good load-bearing capacity as well. Acacia aims for solid sturdiness, making them really dependable as far as durability goes. Besides, bamboo is also a sustainable resource, making your bench eco friendly in nature.

What are the factors which make a meditation bench portable?

The first priority for portability will no doubt be any other than a compact structure. If the bench is unnecessarily large, not only does it create trouble in storage, but it will become painfully difficult to carry along the way wherever you go, dragging it from one place to another. Hence, you should go for the small ones. In order to make such a meditation bench compact, the bench usually has foldable legs. Whether it be fastened or held together with magnets and hinges, foldable legs will turn the structure as flat as it can get, making it take minimal space in your luggage.

It goes without mentioning, carrying a heavy load while you are traveling is a complete no. Hence, you have to go for a meditation bench which is lightweight as well. To make sure of this, you can trust the wooden benches which make use of bamboo.

Apart from this, carrying a bench at the side of your arm might be a bit awkward. To avoid that, you can go for benches which come with their very own storage bag. As long as the storage bag has a handle and a zipper, you can carry it in a single hand without worrying about the bench slipping off of the bag.

Final Verdict

Maintain your posture and enter into a healthy lifestyle. The compact portable meditation benches are a perfect place to practice your daily yoga sessions.