Top 10 Best Reclining Office Chairs in 2019

One needs to invest in buying high-quality office chairs as one is going to sit on it for a number of hours continuously. It must offer comfort as well as make sure that there is no pain or ache due to the sitting posture. The reclining office chairs are the best options as there are head support, armrest, footrest, lumbar support and soft foam padding to provide the body the ultimate comfort it desires. The following list contains the top 10 best reclining office chairs in 2019 that you can opt for.

List of Top Best Reclining Office Chairs Review

10. HOMCOM Executive Office Chair Reclining

HOMCOM Reclining Office Chairs

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This reclining office chair comes in an ergonomic design. In this, you can easily adjust the backrest at different angles and sit comfortably. You can even adjust the armrest as well the height. You can also use it at home for the gaming experience. This is very comfortable and will last for a long time. This can be swiveled into 360 degrees and has extra-padded foam. This is made up of PU leather which will provide you comfort even after sitting for a long period of time. The footrest is also retractable and has got a stable base.

9. VANBOW Reclining Office Chair

VANBOW Reclining Office Chairs

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Another great reclining office chair, this one will give you maximum lumbar support. This is very comfortable as it has a soft padding. You can perform your office task conveniently by sitting on it. It will also put less pressure on your legs as well as on the back. You can adjust this office chair at any angle. The locking system will ensure that you keep the position without any discomfort. This is made up of durable materials and is also very strong. Made with bonded leather, it has got a nylon base and there are also wheels which makes it very portable.

8. YAMASORO Reclining Office Chair

YAMASORO Reclining Office Chairs

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This is an ergonomic design reclining office chair which has a thick seat and back cushion. The high-quality leather makes it look very attractive and it has got padded foam. You can fold the armrest and take a break and it will even allow you to adjust the height. The reclining chair has got hooded nylon castors with non-slip features. This is also highly stable and very durable. This comes with a quality guarantee and is very silent when you sit on it. The five-star base has wheels on it which makes it easier to move from one place to another.

7. SONGMICS Reclining Office Chair

SONGMICS Reclining Office Chairs

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With a thickened foam padding, this reclining office chair has got a spacious backrest. This will support your arms in a better way as it has PU cover and there is also an adjustable headrest. The chair comes in an ergonomic design where you can also adjust the height and tilt the backrest. You can also adjust the armrest according to your own preference. This is durable and has got anti-loose screws. There is also a footrest which will allow you to rest comfortably. You can move it conveniently as it has got wheels on its legs.

6. KADIRYA Reclining Leather Office Chair

KADIRYA Reclining Office Chairs

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This is a perfect reclining office chair as it is very flexible. The lumbar support in the chair will give you maximum convenience and comfort. The waterfall seat edge and the soft padding will put less pressure on your legs. It will provide you with uttermost comfort even when you sit on it for hours. The retractable footrest will keep you in the right angle even when you take a nap. This is made up of high-end materials and comes in an elegant style. This is also very strong and is perfect for people weighing up to 250 pounds.

5. VIVA OFFICE Leather Recliner Office Chair

VIVA OFFICE Reclining Office Chairs

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This reclining office chair can be fully adjusted. It has a footrest which will provide you with all-day comfort. Made with black leather, you can easily adjust the height in this chair. This is very comfortable to sit and to take a quick nap. This has a chrome base along with strong nylon castors and you can even swivel it into 360 degrees. Even after using it for many years, this will look still new. A person weight up to 250 pounds can easily sit in this reclining chair.

4. Merax Inno Series Executive Napping Chair

Merax Reclining Office Chairs

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With an adjusting pivoting lumbar, this reclining office chair can be adjusted into many positions. This will give you maximum comfort and support and is perfect for relieving stress. It has a strong base as well as durable casters. The weight capacity is 225 pounds and it is also very strong. You can recline it up to 180 degrees and there is a locking mechanism which will make it very stable. This has got dual stitching which makes it very durable. It has also got an elegant look as it has a glossy PU leather exterior.

3. RESPAWN Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair

RESPAWN Reclining Office Chairs

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This is a reclining gaming chair that one can use as an office chair as well. It is a combination of luxury and comfort. In fact, it is one of the best reclining chairs on which you can sit all day long without any back pain and fatigue. All the segments are well padded and the contoured support offers the best body relaxation. There is an extendable footrest and the headrest is adjustable. You also get lumbar pillows and a padded armrest. The reclining is possible between 90 to 130 degrees and the height is adjustable. The maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds.

2. Merax Executive Recliner Napping

Merax Reclining Office Chairs

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This is one of the most cushioned reclining office chairs. The snug fit across the body makes it a favorite among executives. There are supports for head, back, lumbar region, arms, and legs. The PU leather upholstery provides a sleep finish and the frame is of heavy-duty. It is tailor-made for regular rough use and the lumbar cushion and the height are adjustable. The reclining angle is 170 degrees and the thick padding all around makes it a value for money chair.

1. BestOffice Office Chair High-back Recliner

BestOffice Reclining Office Chairs

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This is an ergonomic reclining office chair with attractive outlook. The maximum capacity of the chair is 250 pounds and it is quite spacious and comfortable for the human body of any shape and size. You can recline backward from 90 to 180 degrees and therefore, you can take a nap as you do on the bed. The leather cover is highly durable and easy to clean. There are headrest, lumbar cushion, armrest and solid support throughout. The steel frame is very sturdy and the product will last for years.


There are various designs of reclining office chairs available. Some of them have the typical gaming chair look while others have a rectangular back design with full padding all around. It depends on the personal choice but both of them will provide the same comfort level and ergonomic value. If you care about your body, you should buy a reclining office chair and work headache-free for hours at a stretch.

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