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10 Best Robot Mops in 2024

Cleaning the home is a tough job but it is essential to maintain hygiene. Instead of keeping a person to clean your rooms daily rather than you doing it due to effort or less time availability, you can buy a robot mop instead. A robot mop can do the work of vacuum cleaning, dry sweeping as well as damp cleaning. Most of them come with a dock where the robot mops can go automatically and self-charge themselves. The cleaning will be more efficient as they can reach the hard to reach areas. The following list contains the top 10 best robot mops in 2024 to buy.

List of Top Best Robot Mops Review

10. ECOVACS Self-Charging Robot Mop & Vacuum Cleaner


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This robot mop is available with all the modern features like Anti-collision and anti-drop sensors. This mop runs 120 minutes with a full charge and it returns to the charge automatically. The protective bumpers are also there to make the mop long lasting. The dustbin of the mop is easy to empty. The electronic water controlling system of the mop makes it more user-friendly. It works well on the hard surfaces. You can start and stop cleaning by using the Alexa and Google home voice commands. There is also an error alert which can help you to keep the device protected while running.

9. Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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This mopping system has 4 options to run the system. You can start cleaning by using the Alexa voice, remote control or on-off switch. You can also control the water penetration speed by using the low moderate and high options. This mop has a large dustbin and the mop is easy to use at the same time. The low volume of the vacuum makes it more user-friendly. The battery life of this mop is 130 minutes and as a result, you can clean your entire house by charging it fully once. It comes with 12 months warranty on different parts of the device.

8. Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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This Robot Mops can clean the floors of the rooms up to 100 minutes when its batteries have a full charge. The mop can speed up the suction within 1.5 seconds whenever you need the best clean. The cover of the mop has anti-scratch protection. The auto charge feature of the mop can keep it ready to use always. There is also a drop sensing technology which can protect things from falling.

7. BObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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This robotic vacuum cleaner is able to give you the best cleanliness with its modern features. This device is strong and durable at the same time. The capability of the dustbin of this device is 1 liter and it can store the pet hair in an efficient way. When the battery needs to charge the powers up automatically and charge it. The using procedure of this robot vacuum cleaner is very easy to follow as well.

6. ECOVACS Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction


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This robot mopping device is easy to use with its remote control system or its application. It also use the Alexa or voice commands of Google Home to clean the floor with this device. You can use the ECOVACS App for customizing monitoring and scheduling the cleaning sessions. You will also receive the error alert by using this application. It has a 3stage cleaning system and anti-collision and anti-drop sensor as well. The battery runs 120 minutes with one full charge. The anti-scratch finishing of the cover of the device makes it more attractive. The large size dustbin of this robot mop is easy to empty whenever you need.

5. iRobot Braava Jet Robot Mop


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You can use this mop to clean the stones of bathroom, kitchen and hardwood floor effortlessly. This mop is not only easy to use but also maintain and keep it long lasting as well. This device can reach to the corners, below the cabinets and other places easily for its shape and design. It can also eliminate the dirt of the sofa and dried spot of coffee. There are a few cleaning modes that you need to select rightly for different uses. You can use its wet mopping, dry sweeping and damp sweeping to get the right cleaning.

4. ECOVACS DEEBOT Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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You can start and stop the cleaning of the device by using the Alexa. You can also use the ECOVACS app to get the right cleaning options. It has maximum power suction function to clean the places rightly. The design of the dustbin is unique in this device that can help you to run a long time cleaning. There are an anti-drop and anti-collision protection sensor and 3 cleaning modes. The auto-cleaning mode is also there to make your task easy.

3. ILIFE Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner


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This is a highly versatile product that you can use as a vacuum cleaner, as a sweeper as well as for damp mopping. The motor is powerful and it is able to collect debris, dust, dirt, furs and much more efficiently. It comes with smart sensors to find out the hidden dirt. The best part is that it automatically docks and charges. You can use it on hard floor types tile, hardwood, laminate and likewise. With one charge, it runs up to 140 minutes and it has the self-rescuing technology for uneven flooring.

2. iRobot Braava Robot Mop


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The robot mop offers two different modes of operation – dry sweeping and damp mopping. It comes with disposable cleaning cloths and the microfiber in them picks up the dirt and dust as well as hair and furs efficiently. With just two hours of charge, it can sweep 350 square feet in one go. The cleaning cloths are reusable and they are available in the package. It is one of the most advanced robot mops available in the market currently.

1. Eufy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology

eufy Robot Mops

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The robot mop works on both hard floor and thin carpet. It has a high-performance filter and it picks up pet hair efficiently. The product has drop-sensing technology and therefore, it will not fall from the stairs. The charging time is also minimum at 1.5 hours and the suction power is strong. It is highly versatile and it can clean the hard to reach areas effectively. There are 3 different modes of operation with the rolling brush, side brush, and a suction brush. The cover has anti-scratch tempered glass and the recharge is automatic. The company also offers 12 months warranty and the filters are replaceable in the long run.

Buying Guide For Robot Mop to Buy in 2024

Here are the points to compare while selecting a robot mop –


Charging And Operation Time:

Most of the models of these mops are battery-operated. The runtime plays an important role in a Robot mop. It is better to look for a model which comes with lesser charging time, powerful battery and prolonged battery life. You should avoid looking for a unit with battery life lesser than 1-hour. The models with faster charging allow you to settle down your cleaning jobs with lesser time. You need to look for a Robot mop which comes with the charging time from 4 to 6 hours.

Size Of The Vacuum:

You need to select the size of the vacuum as per the ratio of your room size and the furniture. For instance, if you have a room with a lot of furniture, then it is preferable to opt for a Robot mop with the narrow diameter with short-height, so you can easily clean the spaces under your furniture and each corner of your room.

Cleaning Modes:

Generally, most of the models come with automatic cleaning modes, so you can clean several surfaces with no difficulty. Apart from that, a Robot mop should come with a few cleaning modes for versatile cleaning. Some of the models have edge-cleaning mode, which means you can easily pick up the dirt around the corners of your residence. A few Robot mops come with spot-cleaning mode, so you can clean the spilled cereal, footprints, spills and other small messes with ease.

Programmable Schedule:

The most utilized factor of any Robot mop is a programmable schedule. This function helps you to set the cleaning schedule of the mop, so it can automatically do the cleaning whether you are present or absent at the time. Most of the cases, the models allow you to set the same time for each day, while some of the models let you change the time for every day.


According to different models, the controls of the Robot mops vary from one to another. Some of the models have an only one-button operation for automatic operation. Even, on the other hand, a few Robo-vacuum mops come along with a user-friendly full-range touch control panel. If you wish to control the machines from a distance, then it is very much necessary to find out if the machines come with a remote controller. Even, some smart models are controllable via Wi-Fi connectivity from your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Mop Pod, Dust Bin And Water Tank:

The Robot mops usually come with high-quality mops. People do not like to switch between mopping and vacuuming repeatedly. To avoid this repetitive operation, you should look for the mops and their process of attaching. Most of the Robot mop vacuums support Velcro and snap attachments. The Velcro closure of the mops lets you attach with your vacuums with ease, while the snaps offer more secure grips. Most of the case, the models have one container to catch debris and one-tank for filling water. Some of the vacuums have only one tank, which both works as a water tank and a dustbin.


While buying a robot mop, you should check the wattage of the motor. The suction power has to be strong to pick up dirt and dust comfortably. Besides, the product description mentions the suitability of the mop like how effective it is in picking up pet hairs, furs, cleaning carpets and likewise. There are different types of robot mops available to serve your requirements perfectly.