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10 Best Security Trailer Hitch Locks in 2024

The hitching becomes easier and better with the help of security trailer hitch locks. It is an essential accessory that offers perfect value for money if you end up buying a quality product. There are hundreds of brands that manufacture these locks that make the process to find the perfect one very difficult. However, there is nothing to worry about as we have created the list of top 10 best security trailer hitch locks in 2024. You need to check each of them and buy one that suits you perfectly.

List of Top Best Security Trailer Hitch Locks Review

10. Proven Industries 2516 Trailer Lock

Proven Industries Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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If you wish to offer complete protection to the trailer without investing too much money, then buy this lock manufactured by the Proven Industries. It completely manufactured in the United States using high-quality steel. There is a lifetime warranty offered by the company on this product.

The lock can be installed using a very easier process and come with a black powder coat finish that protects it against rust and corrosion.

9. Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock

Tough Auto Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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This hitch lock manufactured by Tough Auto brand has an attractive paint and crafted in an elegant design. It is the best security trailer hitch lock that doesn’t have rough edges. All its components are made using aluminum alloys and high-quality steel.

It has corrosion resistant material that ensures the lock doesn’t attain rust in all kinds of weather conditions. The powder coating in this product makes it an attractive option.

8. Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

REESE Towpower Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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This Reese product is one of the best security trailer hitch locks that made using aluminum and steel. It has U-bar that manufactured using top-notch steel. There is an additional convenience provided by its 11-position ratchet locking mechanism.

It is a highly visible and durable accessory that caters to the needs of trailers perfectly. Overall, this product is easy to install that offers protection against the drill outs, prying, and picking.

7. CURT 23079 Trailer Coupler Lock

CURT Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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If you are looking for a product made using the high-quality and durable material, then buy the CURT 23079 without any further research. It made from industrial grade aluminum that allows the product last lifetime. There is extra protection offered by grey powder coat finish.

Furthermore, it has very impressive locking power that you can’t find in the majority of locks. Overall, we find it an amazing option to buy for providing complete security.

6. Tow Ready 63228 Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock

Tow Ready Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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This lock manufactured by the Chinese brand Tow Ready using the pretty high-quality material. They have designed this product by keeping 2” couplers in mind. While the testing process, we found that this product performed pretty well when compared with the universal locks available in the market.

The overall build of this lock is quite decent with its all-black finish. It has quite sophisticated locking mechanism work perfectly with the majority of hitches.

5. Master Lock 1480DAT Stainless Steel Receiver Lock

Master Lock Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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The product that deserves the fifth position in the list of best security trailer hitch locks is the amazing product manufactured by Master Lock brand. It has a stainless steel body that offers an ideal fit for the two inches receivers. Also, the company has added chrome on the keys for providing some extra elegance. It has a very durable and solid pin that offers additional security.

There is a 360-degree swivel head incorporated on the lock for making access easier. This product is available in two different sizes, i.e., 2.75 & 3.5 inches.

4. Connor Trailer Hitch Lock

Connor Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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The Connor Trailer Hitch Lock is known for exceptional strength and attractive patented design. The company has crafted this product using top-notch quality material that ensures it lasts for many years to come. The company sells it in two different variants for giving a little bit extra choice to the buyers.

They have used heavy duty solid steel for providing much-needed strength. There is a durable black nickel finish added for improving the security.

3. Resse Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit

Reese Towpower Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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If you want to promote the safety of hitch to a greater level, then the Resse Towpower 7012700 is made for you. It designed in such a manner that no issues arise during the towing process. This product is very lightweight allowing even a beginner to install the lock easily.

It is a durable product that offers proper protection from the picking or prying. Also, there is a swivel clip added by the manufacturer for making access easier.

2. Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

Blaylock Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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A well-known American brand manufactured this amazing product and known for their solid protection. It comes with a unique locking system that you won’t find in many products in the market. This work for both commercial as well as recreational purpose comfortably.

The company has used the finest quality aircraft aluminum for crafting this lock that allows it last for a lifetime. There are drilled holes in this product so that the actual look gets hooked comfortably.

1. Master Lock Universal Size Trailer Lock 389DAT

Master Lock Security Trailer Hitch Locks

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The product that will top our list is the universal lock manufactured by the Master Lock brand, which is in this business from the past century. It is a very impressive product on which the manufacturer has performed a pretty good paint job. It is a versatile product that can work brilliantly with almost all the trailers.

It has an impressive locking mechanism that takes very minimal time for getting locked and unlocked. On top of that, the company sells this product at an unimaginable price that makes it an ideal candidate for this position.


It is very important to invest money in a quality trailer hitch lock so that you feel safe against the thieves. We have the top 10 best security trailer hitch locks to ensure you don’t get puzzled and end up making a bad choice. If you have a query about this post, please tell us in the comment section.