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10 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2024

If you are a smart biker, then there is no chance that you will compromise with the protection of your bike. One of the ideal ways to reduce the chances of theft is buying the best motorcycle locks. They are available in a great variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. However, choosing the right one isn’t everyone’s cup of tea due to the variety available in the market. It results in creating confusion in the mind of buyers.

That’s why we have created a post about top 10 best motorcycle locks in 2024 after great research and testing. Check out all and buy one that works perfectly for you.

List of Best Motorcycle Locks Review

10. OnGuard 8000 Series Brute (best u-lock motorcycle lock)

OnGuard Motorcycle Locks

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We will begin our list with a u-lock manufactured by the OnGuard brand. This product can give any thief a run for their life if they try to steal your vehicle. The 8000 Series Brute offers all-around protection that one can’t expect from normal locks available in the market.

It is a heavy product that is capable of withstanding saws, hammers, cutters, and many more. You may have to pay a little bit of extra money, but the result is pretty exciting to enjoy.


  • Provide better security even in dangerous spots
  • Equipped with an X4P locking mechanism for awesome protection
  • Weigh only 2.5 lbs making it effortlessly to carry


  • Pretty expensive to buy

9. Yohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm (best padlock for motorcycles)

YOHOOLYO Motorcycle Locks

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This high-quality product manufactured by top-grade sturdy & durable aluminum alloy that doesn’t attain rust at all. The Yohoolyo disc lock crafted in such a manner that you can use it on all types of bikes. It is a fully waterproof lock that can work in all types of weathers.

On top of that, using this locking system is very easier and can be done with a very little bit of effort. It equips with two keys allowing you much-needed stability. There is an audible alarm added by the manufacturer that can produce a sound up to 110 dB.


  • Fully resistant against the corrosion
  • Equip with audible tamper alarm
  • Manufactured using high-quality aluminum alloy


  • Some find its alarm sound a little bit annoying

8. Mysbiker Disc Brake Lock

MYSBIKER Motorcycle Locks

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Are you looking for an easier way to protect your bike? If yes, then we want to suggest the name of this model manufactured by the Mysbiker brand. It has an alarm that produces sound up to 110 dB once someone tries to unlock or break the lock of the bike.

The manufacturer has designed it in such a way that anyone can install them easily. It is one of the best motorcycle locks that made using top-grade forged stainless steel material. It operates using 6 LR44 batteries that delivered in the package.


  • Available in a great variety of colors
  • Fully compatible with all models of bike
  • Manufactured using top-grade forged steel


  • Not a waterproof bike lock

7. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock (best wheel motorcycle lock)

MaxxHaul Motorcycle Locks

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Many people don’t like the traditional locking system, and if you are one of them, then the MaxxHaul 70075 is an exciting choice to make. It is a wheel chock manufactured using top-grade steel material providing complete protection to the vehicle. You can easily install it without any assistance from the others.

It can accommodate a variety of motorcycle thanks to the three-position adjustment holes situated on the wheelbase. Apart from that, the company has added a durable powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and rust.


  • Last longer than traditional locking system
  • Get installed with minimal effort
  • Available at a budget-friendly price


  • Not easy to carry for longer distance

6. The Club UTL810 Utility Lock (best weather resistant motorcycle lock)

Winner International Motorcycle Locks

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The people who drive in harsh weather conditions and want to buy a motorcycle lock that is resistant against those circumstances should buy the Club UTL810. It has keyless locking and extra protection from weather due to its vinyl coated tempered steel.

Another thing that makes it unique from others is its ability to get adjusted in two different sizes. Furthermore, the company has used top-grade steel that allows it to resist the pressure of more than 1,500 pounds.


  • Capable of working with all types of bikes
  • Made using top-grade material for extra protection
  • Weather resistant due to vinyl coating


  • Bulkier to carry

5. TCMT Wheel Disc Brake Lock (best budget-friendly motorcycle lock)

TCMT Motorcycle Locks

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Equipped with an audible alarm system, this product ensures no one can steal your bike at all. It is available at an unimaginable price that is nothing when compared with the protection offered. There will be a sound of 100 dB whenever a thief tries to move your motorcycle.

It is a fully waterproof lock that equipped with an anti-damage feature to last longer than one’s expectations. Also, we found it highly compact having two keys for the buyer’s convenience.


  • Produces loud alarm of 100dB
  • Completely resistant against the water
  • Made using stainless steel material


  • Basic protection, but you can’t complain considering its price

4. Grip-Lock Security Lock (best for design)

Grip-Lock Motorcycle Locks

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Manufactured by a specialist brand like Grip-Lock, this product is known for its superiorly designed keys and top-grade locking mechanism. It is one of the best motorcycle locks ensuring that your vehicle stays safe from the theft.

It is quite easier to assemble & disassemble allowing the users to park the bike in no time. Furthermore, it locks both the front & throttle brake ensuring no roll off happen.


  • Quite convenient to snap in two-wheelers
  • Portable enough to carry anywhere
  • Designed quite superiorly


  • Not ideal for off-road bikes

3. Big Pantha Motorcycle Lock (best for storage)

BigPantha Motorcycle Locks

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There are lots of people who find it hard to store the locks when not in use. Are you one of them? If yes, then shops this high-quality motorcycle lock that ensure your bike never get stolen. It is a durable & tough option having the ability to stay resistant against the tampering.

The manufacturer has added rubber shims in this lock for enhancing the protection to the brave lever or clutch. You can adjust them according to the sizing.


  • Very affordable to buy
  • Extremely comfortable and practical to use
  • Compatible with bikes of all brands


  • Unlocking demand little bit extra attention

2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 (best for delicate bikes)

Kryptonite Motorcycle Locks

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If you want to protect the delicate paint of your bike along with its safety, then this product by Kryptonite brand needs your attention. It is manufactured using top-grade hardened manganese steel that ensures maximum protection.

For ensuring the paint doesn’t get affected, the company has added a nylon protective cover that fastened with it. We can say that it is a stylish option to provide much-needed safety to the bike.


  • Equipped with a reinforced anti-drill system
  • Full protection to the painted surface
  • Delivered with three set of keys


  • Highly costly not ideal for budget buyers

1. Grip-Lock GLRed Security Lock (editor’s choice)

Grip-Lock Motorcycle Locks

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Mounted at the handlebar, this excellent bike lock result locks the brake lever and throttle grip to ensure thieves can move the vehicle. There are four cores of hardened steel added in this lock to ensure complete protection to the vehicle.

On top of that, it stays away from corrosion thanks to the reinforced nylon casing. This product is available in a variety of colors like red, black, bright green, orange, and many more.


  • Very lightweight & easier to carry
  • Effortless installing & uninstalling
  • Sold in a great variety of colors


  • Cost is on the higher side

How to choose the best motorcycle locks?


You should buy locks that manufactured using resilient material like steel or aluminum alloy. It will make sure the product last long and stay resistant from rust and corrosion.


As you can see, the motorcycle locks are available in many different types of the price range. Our list includes product from as low as US$ 20 and even move up to US$100. That’s why we suggest you choose as per your needs and pocket.


There is no benefit of buying a lock that causes damage to your bike. Many locks made from hard metal that can cause damage to the paint of the bike. So, you should buy a lock that never causes damage to any part of the bike.


A motorcycle lock should be designed in such a way that it should fit your bike adequately. If it takes ages to get locked, then there is no benefit of buying such a lock at all.


You have to carry the lock from one place to another whenever you ride on the vehicle. It is important that the motorcycle bike shouldn’t be bulkier and can be carried easily.


There is a huge variety of motorcycle locks available in the market. However, you don’t have to get confused as we have created this list of best motorcycle locks after doing solid research. Identify your needs and go for the one that matches it. Buying this equipment is an excellent investment that will protect your bike from theft. If there is a question in your mind regarding this equipment, then tell us in the comment section. If you’re also looking for the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet check here!