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The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks in 2024

When you are on the roads, you can never expect the same weather always. Sometimes it’s dry and suddenly it may start raining. However, it the rider’s duty to leave for the road prepared. And if you are planning on carrying the necessary items with you, then store everything in a waterproof motorcycle backpack. Comfortable as well as spacious at the same time, you now have fewer things to worry about. Some even have compartments for shoes.

Finally, the reliability of these is needed before you pack the things and just leave for an unexplored adventure. Therefore, we have put down our recommendations for a waterproof motorcycle backpack online that will help you to sort things out.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks in 2024

10. Alpinestars 3517-0403 Backpack

Alpinestars Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks

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This backpack is one of the sturdiest of the lot. Having premium quality 420D Ripstop material construction that not only has very little weight but also supremely sturdy. It is quite expansive with 25 liters of volume. The back-facing part of the bag is certainly patterned in such a manner that it distributes the load, facilitating longer use.

Moreover, the flap is further lined with fleece to avoid any kind of scratch marks on your phone. Finally, the two external pockets are just what you need for storing essentials.

Key Features:

  • There is a complimentary feature that comes in handy, especially in rough weather. That is its small flap, located on the shoulder strap for slipping in the mobile in inclement conditions.
  • It is water-resistant; therefore, your items will be safe even during rain.
  • It also has a special organizer for everything electronic.

9. CUCYMA Motorcycle Backpack


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Just name a feature and this bag has it. If you are thinking about the storage, then 30 liters is generally enough for a biking road trip. And about the quality, then you will definitely not be disappointed. Indeed, a solid carbon fiber body that is durable and at the same time, waterproof.

As a matter of fact, there are several superior standards mesh pockets and the best quality zipper to go with it. Afraid of hitting the road in darkness? Well, you don’t have to be. Marked by luminescent piping that can be clearly seen at night, it will surely push up the safety factor.

Key Features:

  • One can certainly accommodate as much as 30 liters in this bag.
  • Adjustable as well as detachable shoulder straps giving full flexibility.

8. TOMSHOO 20L Cycling Backpack

TOMSHOO Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks

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This water-resistant backpack from TOMSHOO has a huge storage capacity of 20 liters. This space is compartmentalized into several smaller flaps along with one large pocket for electronic goods and clothes. The zippers used are from SBS, thus guaranteeing extended usage.

A rain cover of polyester material for protecting the backpack and its contents from getting soggy. The only difficulty that you will face with this bag is to choose one particular color option from its attractive range.

Key Features:

  • This backpack is your companion for a wide range of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, cycling among other sports.
  • The fluorescent strips allow safe passage at night.
  • An added plus is the whistle to draw attention, in case of any emergency.
  • A special pocket for cell phone storage. This is attached/detached from the strap on the shoulder. 

7. Advocator Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack


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An all-weather backpack from Advocator that functions in the face of sun, rain and wind. This utilitarian bag has a polyester construction that is not only highly long-lasting but also water-resistant. The inside storage area of the bag has a number of pockets for all regular necessities along with a couple of side flaps for keeping water bottles or umbrellas.

However, the front exterior is decorated with luminous patches to ensure a safe journey at night. The front exterior also has hard padding in case of any accidental pressure. Last but not least, the straps are can tighten or loosened as per convenience.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable straps in the shoulder and chest area for the most comfortable experience and balanced weight distribution.
  • It is extremely light at only 1.8 pounds. Consequently, easier to carry for long hours.
  • It comes with a complimentary rain cover.

6. ArcEnCiel Motorcycle Backpack

ArcEnCiel Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks

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This lightweight backpack is great for biking, hiking and an array of other nature-trip activities. Not only does it have a water-repellent nylon outer shell but also a supremely airy and roomy inner cavity.

Throw in your camping clothes, camera, batteries, tablet, laptop, medicines and other daily knick-knacks, there will be enough space for everything. Above all, snag-resistant zippers protect all these and more.

Key Features:

  • Bike or walk, carrying this backpack and your back and shoulders will not complain. They will be cushioned by the highly padded straps that do an excellent job of weight-distribution.
  • This bag from ArcEnCiel is all set for the rugged terrain. No more putting up with scrapes and cuts on your backpack as you hike through bushes and nature trails!
  • It is also has a front flap to adjust the helmet in it.

5. Nelson Rigg SE-3040 Hurricane Backpack

Nelson Rigg

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A whopping 40 liters of storage space to begin with. This star backpack from Nelson Rigg has had Tarpaulin PVC construction that is given a UV protection coating. Moreover, its edges are sealed with heat so that not even a drop of water can enter the bag.

The back of the bag is stitched with top-quality breathable mesh fabric. As a result, facilitates quick drying of sweat and optimum comfort. The flaps on either side carry water bottles of up to 3 oz. each. Lastly, the straps are adjustable so that the required length is set.

Key Features:

  • This backpack also has a buckle to hang the helmet, to keep hands free.
  • Dual closure facility- it is rolled from the top or closed from the sides.
  • A special pocket to keep important documents like identification card or maps/directions that is completely water-resistant.

4. JFG Racing Motorcycle Backpack

JFG RACING Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks

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This sleek-looking jet-black motorcycle backpack is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Its streamlined design comprises zippered compartments that are amply padded to secure fragile things like laptops and cameras. Additionally, the backpack is fixed with a handle that is hidden from view and a buckle to suspend the helmet when not in use.

The zips are electroplates for maximized durability. Strengthened with carbon fiber fabric and 1680D PVC material, it is water-repellent too! Not to mention its shape-retention properties even without any contents.

Key Features:

  • With its volume of 30 liters, it is also used as a small rucksack for a couple of days’ camping.
  • Glow in the dark patch design on either shoulder strap to be more noticeable in darkness.
  • The straps on the shoulder and chest are tightened as much as you want to keep the bag in place, even during the bumpiest of rides.

 3. Badass Motogear Motorcycle Backpack

Badass Motogear

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This motorcycle backpack from Badass is actually a badass out there. Its huge water-resistant compartments are just what you need for that dream road trip that you have been waiting for. In the center is the biggest and most cushioned zip pocket for delicate items like laptops or cameras.

Apart from that, there is also another zip pocket and a netted carrier for a full-sized helmet that is strapped to the front of the backpack. Finally, there are pockets to add in some water bottles too!

 Key Features:

  • The Badass backpack features reflective material for a safe ride in the dark.
  • It has almost negligible weight so when you are not riding, it doubles up as a very handy daypack as well.
  • It is stitched with mesh pockets on the sides that take care of small essentials like keys, shades and gloves, etc. These are also stretchable so an extra thing or two is squeezed in as well.

2. OGIO 123007.36 Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

OGIO Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks

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 You will love this backpack as much as your motorbike. Wind and water-resistant material of the backpack is perfect for use in fair weather and tumultuous conditions. It features pockets and back foam aids in improved ventilation.

It does not matter if you have a lot of different things, going into the bag. Organizing it is a breeze due to its numerous big and small flaps and pouches, here and there. 360-degrees retro-reflective logo as well as piping for enhanced visibility in darkness. This shiny labeling is viewed from all angles, thus reducing accident rates while traveling after sundown.

Key Features:

  • A handle for carrying it in hand. However, Ogio has taken care to place this out of sight for the sake of aesthetics.
  • Zippered fleece lining support and thick padded straps that are breathable for sweat absorption.
  • Streamlined molded exterior for providing it with a neat finish.

1. Seibertron Waterproof Backpack


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You can take this bag practically anywhere, any time that you want. It’s spacious with enough room for everything. Strap your helmet to it and just stop worrying as it will be secured with 6 straps from all sides. Zero chances that it may fall off!

And if you are riding up the mountains or off the track long journey, then fill your water pouches and store them in the backpack. Or you can simply use the water bladder from Seiberton itself that has a capacity of 2 liters. All of your belongings will be perfectly safe inside its tough 900D material that is absolutely waterproof.

Key Features:

  • The zipper has superior quality alloy construction for extended usage.
  • You can pack in any kind of gaming equipment like baseball, football or rugby ball among others.
  • As your hit bumpy roads, the Seiberton backpack will hold on to you tightly without slipping or swinging. Just tighten the bag’s straps around your waist and chest tightly and Happy journey!

Go on with your fun bike journeys, the waterproof motorcycle backpacks will help you to organize every little thing. Everything including your electronic devices will stay safe.