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10 Best Outdoor Projector Screens in 2024

When you have a projector, you need to have a quality projector screen to get the quality of videos and photos as you originally thought. This is even more important when you are going to play the projector in outdoor conditions. The projector screens that work indoors may not be suitable for outdoors. Therefore, you need to buy an outdoor projector screen that you can also use indoors. Here is the list of the top 10 best outdoor projector screens in 2024.

List of Outdoor Projector Screens Review

10. Mdbebbron 150-inch Projection Screen

Mdbebbron Outdoor Projector Screens

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This product is convenient to store and carry. It is very compact and lightweight. It comes in a folding design. You can easily fold the outdoor projector screen in a small size and carry it in a backpack. It is the best choice for home theatre, education, outdoor movie, office, public display, conference room ppt, and more.

Furthermore, it is made of a high absorbance and also anti-crease material. The product is thick and smooth. It is also easy to set up. Moreover, it doesn’t form wrinkles when folded. You can fasten it with nails, hooks, brackets, ropes, and double side tape.

Reason To Buy
  • Dynamic robust casing for enhanced stability.
  • Weather friendly design for outdoor entertainment.
  • Multipurpose construction for user comfort.

9. Keenstone 120-Inch Projection Screen


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This product offers an excellent image display. It doesn’t form wrinkles or creases. It is quite thick and smooth. Furthermore, the product is brighter compared to other product s. The smooth surface gives more precise results. The product has a compact one-piece, folding and lightweight design. Moreover, it also features viewing both the backside and front side.

You can use this multipurpose product for showing movies, videos, sports photos, games, etc. It is a perfect accessory for your home theatre, office presentation, education, public display, picnics, and more. This adds fun and enjoyment to life. It is also effortless to install and remove.

Reason To Buy
  • Advanced resistive design for added longevity.
  • Advanced dynamic construction for improved stability.
  • Easy assembly with refined sturdy casings.

8. KHOMO GEAR Theater Projector Screen

KHOMO Outdoor Projector Screens

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This product offers a bigger screen size and aspect ratio than other similar products. It has also got remarkable back and front projection abilities. The stunning front and rear projection material offer greater flexibility to the user. It takes less than five minutes to assemble the machine. It is the sturdiest and quietest blower available in the market.

Moreover, the device is completely detachable. It is also convenient to clean. This compact product is also easy to store. You can easily wipe it with the help of a cloth. Furthermore, it brings an incredible outdoor movie theatre experience.

Reason To Buy
  • Advanced designed borders for improved stability.
  • Ultra weight structure and easily installable.
  • Environment-friendly design for user comfort.

7. PropVue Projector Screen with Stand


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It is made with natural polyester fabric to give brighter and sharper projection. The product is very portable. You can also take it with you anywhere. The product is ideal for friends and family to get together, home theatres, classrooms, businesses, camping adventures etc.

This is an easy-to-use product that gives smooth transitioning into the chosen height. It is made of durable material. The aluminum-based tripod legs offer a stable base at the time of use. Moreover, you can also fold it up for easy portability. It is suitable for the vast majority of projectors available on the market. Furthermore, the product has a black backing and multilayer matte white to prevent penetration of light. This gives you a clear image.

Reason To Buy
  • Advanced modifiable design for superior comfort.
  • Dynamic, versatile design for comfortable experience.
  • Hassle-free setup and very maneuverable design.

6. TaoTronics Projector Screen with Stand

TaoTronics Outdoor Projector Screens

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This product is made of a premium quality PVC matte outdoor projector screen. It has a wrinkle-free effect that gives you a wider viewing angle. It is also easy to clean. Moreover, the product requires only two minutes to install it.

It has a stable tripod support stand that offers heightened stability. The product provides a less reflective and clearer screen. Moreover, you can easily put it in a carry bag to store or take it anywhere. It gives you versatile viewing experience. The product is also secured with a rope to prevent it from dropping or shaking side to side.

Reason To Buy
  • Incompressible design for superior performance.
  • Effortless installation and easy transferable design.
  • Multifunctional design for improved effectiveness.

5. VIVO Portable Projector Screen


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This is a portable product that has a heavy-duty tripod frame. It is ideal for home, school, and business use. The product gives a crisp viewing angle up to 120 degrees. It is made of standard black backing that prevents light penetration. Furthermore, The matte white surface diffuses light in various directions. The four side black borders improve picture contrast.

It also has an auto-locking mechanism for easy adjustment of the height. Moreover, the product is universally compatible with several majorities of LED, LCD, or DIP projectors. It is easy to install, maintain, and remove. This electronic accessory is also a very affordable solution for personal and professional projection requirements.

Reason To Buy
  • Premium class material for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Advanced flexible configuration for consumer satisfaction.
  • Resistive design for outdoor convenience.

4. TaoTronics Projector Screen with Stand

TaoTronics Outdoor Projector Screens

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This is a premium quality PVC matte outdoor projector screen. It is a wrinkle-free and foldable product. You can easily clean it with mild soap and water. Moreover, the installation takes less than two minutes. It is simple and easy and doesn’t need any screws. This product doesn’t function for rear projection. The wide viewing angle and less reflective product also offer a clearer image.

Furthermore, it comes with a stable tripod support stand that offers greater stability. You can easily fit this lightweight and compact product in your travel bag. It also provides a versatile viewing experience. It is ideal for weddings, home, offices, schools, outdoor movie screenings, church etc.

Reason To Buy
  • Effortlessly maintainable design and easily moveable.
  • Advanced resistive qualities for longevity.
  • Easily removable fixtures for improved storage.

3. Vamvo Projector Screen with Stand


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This is a convenient outdoor product. The product takes less than five minutes to assemble it. It provides a foldable and lightweight stand to install various portable projection product s easily. It comes in a unique upgrade design. The latest version offers a bigger product that gives more stability than the earlier best-selling version. It also has ropes on each side to combat difficult weather conditions.

Furthermore, this product has a reliable quality. Users also get professional technical support services to give complete satisfaction to customers. Moreover, it has a sturdy base that offers heightened stability to the users. The set up is easy and quick. It is ideal for storage or transporting to a brand-new location. The back handle shows an auto-locking mechanism that facilitates adjustments of the height.

Reason To Buy
  • Easy weight design for enhanced mobility.
  • Durable class material for added durability.
  • Multipurpose design for user comfort.

2. P-JING Projector Screen

P-JING Outdoor Projector Screens

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This high-quality outdoor projector screen is a new means of entertainment. It is an excellent movie product made of natural polyester fabric. You can also fold this lightweight and portable product to store or carry it anywhere. Simply, don’t worry about creases caused due to folding.

You can hang it in indoor and outdoor locations to enjoy it with your loved ones. The product is brighter than other products. It gives you a smooth surface that gives you improved image results. The anti-crease material and high contrast screen give you the best clarity.  It is super easy to install the product. Unfold it and mount it in just a few minutes. It is also ideal for home theatre, exhibitions, business meetings, presentations, conventions, etc.

Reason To Buy
  • Easily foldable design for easy mobility.
  • Highly durable material for strength and durability.
  • Multipurpose structure for consumer comfort.

1. Mdbebbron 120-inch Projection Screen


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This product is convenient to carry and store. It is lightweight and has a folding design for easy transportation. It also has aluminum tripod legs present on the base that offers an excellent level of stability with every use. This is an ideal choice for office, home theatre movie, conference room presentation, education, outdoor movie, public display, and more.

Moreover, it has an anti-crease and high absorbent material made of natural polyester fabric. The projection is brighter and sharper than other outdoor projection screens. The product is also smooth and thick. It doesn’t cause any wrinkles when crushed or folded. Furthermore, the projection product can be quickly fastened using hooks, double side tape, bracket, nails, ropes on the mount/wall.

Reason To Buy
  • Featherweight foldaway design for comfortable storage.
  • Multi-functional, easy setup design for superior comfort.
  • Highly durable design for life-long performance.

Buying Guide For Outdoor Projector Screen


While opting for an outdoor projector screen, the Gain plays an enormous role. The Gain represents the light reflectivity of the screen materials. The screen that comes with a measurement of 1.0 is responsible for producing images with better brightness levels. However, where the gain measurement is lesser than 1.0, you can face a blurry movie watching experience. For outdoor spaces, you will not always have complete control over the ambient light. Therefore, choosing a projector screen with a Gain measurement of 1.0 is suitable for individuals.

Viewing Angles

The viewing angle of a screen significantly leaves an impact on your movie-watching experience. Nevertheless, the viewing angle represents the highest angle from the middle of the projector screen that gives the top-notch picture quality. However, the high-Gain material construction of the projection screens provides a lower-viewing angle. For wide viewing angles, you can choose a screen with low-gain material construction.

Screen Materials

The screen material of these screens differs from one manufacturer to another. Some of these projector screens are perfect for slideshows, while others are perfect for watching movies. You can opt for the screens with black backing. Hence, the black backdrop offers uniform light absorption to provide clear and crisp picture quality.

Size Of The Screen

The size of the screen somehow depends on the quality of your projector. Everybody yearns for big projector screens. Nevertheless, not every big screen can match your needs. So, in that case, your large screen will need a high-quality projector. To eliminate pixelation, you need to balance the projection quality and projector screen quality for the best outcome.


An outdoor projector screen needs to be of good-quality so that the projected image is not blurry. Our team has taken enough time to select the best outdoor projector screens from the online market where many cheap-quality screens are also available. Your duty is to check all the different screens we are selected and assess them based on your requirements and buying parameters before purchasing.