Top 10 Best Outdoor Projector Screens in 2020

A projector screen is a large reflective surface customarily used for watching movies, games, or making PowerPoint presentations using a projector. Just hung on a wall or any place outside, this screen delivers you a clear and brighter picture size and quality, when compared to a bare wall or a TV. Also, these come quite economical in comparison to the most significant size of TVs.

Generally, projector screens are used as permanent screens in conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and movie theaters, etc. But these days, these screens are quite popular among private buyers, who use them as personal home theatres. With its varied benefits, these screens can also be used in birthday or anniversary parties, camping, or any outdoor activities by a large group of people to enjoy quality times together.

Given the multiple uses and applications, these projection screens are available in the market in a wide range of features and prices. We have, therefore, reviewed the top 10 best projector screens available to help you buy the best one.

List of Top 10 Outdoor Projector Screens in 2020 Reviews

10. SUPER DEAL 120” Projector Screen

SUPER DEAL Outdoor Projector Screens

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Do you love to watch movies on a large screen along with your family and friends? Then, this projector screen from Super Deal is an ideal choice for you.

This 84-inch HD large projector screen delivers bright and clear images in any lighting settings, making it perfect for your home cinema. The screen is big enough to be used in meeting rooms and classrooms as well for sharing presentations and giving lectures. This manual screen has an auto-locking system that maintains desired heights and displays images from a wide-angle too. It comes with a 120-inch diagonal, attractive black border that enhances the overall picture clarity and displays sharper, more precise, and vibrant images. The backside of the screen is entirely black, which helps eliminate light penetration.


  • Adjustable screen height
  • Premium quality, thick and sturdy screen
  • Wide 160-degree viewing angle
  • Anti-dust material, easy to clean


  • Bottom of the screen needs tethering in case of breeze
  • Pungent vinyl smell

9. Portable Projector Screen by Chalpr


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Chalpr made from high-quality polyester fabric; this portable projector screen is the best choice not only for a movie or gaming night with friends but also for your office and outdoor presentations.

The 100-inch screen is thick, natural, and anti-crease and takes just a few minutes to be hung up by using hooks and ropes. It supports both side projection and thus is ideal for gaming, movies or matches, etc. Being lightweight, you can easily carry it with yourself to wherever you want to use it. The size of the screen is enormous, and it supports a 165-inch wide viewing angle, allowing everyone to gather comfortably while watching a movie.


  • Natural, bright and vibrant colors
  • High-quality polyester fabric
  • Screen is 2.5 times thicker to avoid light penetration
  • 165-inch wide viewing angle
  • Crease-free


  • Adhesive on the hooks are not sturdy

8. VIVOHOME Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen

VIVOHOME Outdoor Projector Screens

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Set up this inflatable projector screen anywhere and enjoy your favorite football match with family and friends, on a lazy weekend.

VIVOHOME projector screen is a 14 ft. Large screen, made from high-quality and long-lasting oxford cloth. Its super large size makes it ideal to use at resorts, parties, or any other special events. The fabric is water-resistant and easy to clean, making it convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. The projector screen includes a free-standing mount type and powerful air blower and is very easy to set up and collapse within a few minutes. The screen is strong to withstand the breeze and has a bright surface to display crystal-clear images.


  • Inflatable screen, easy set up by a single person
  • Portable bag for storage and transportation
  • Water-resistant screen
  • Ideal for a large gathering


  • Expensive
  • Blower is not completely noise-less

7. Camp Chef Outdoor Projector Screen

Camp Chef

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This Camp Chef outdoor large projector screen provides 144 inches (12 ft) of the screen for watching your favorite program, a movie with your friends, or playing your favorite games and is an ideal purchase for both personal and professional use.

The screen is made of a high-quality oxford nylon fabric; this projector screen has both front and rear viewing capabilities and displays high-resolution images with bright and vibrant colors. The backside of the screen is black, thus eliminating the chances of light penetration through it. The frame is strong enough to survive light breeze. Still, the projector screen provides four tie-down lines for extra support.


  • Front and rear projection
  • Portable, sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Good rear image quality
  • Professional quality outdoor screen


  • Issues with the snap button or clamp

6. Vamvo Projector Screen

Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screens

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Easy to set up, this Vamvo indoor/outdoor projector screen comes with a 120-inch large screen and can be installed within 5 minutes.

The screen comes with a portable and foldable stand and an attractive carrying box. The tripod stand doesn’t wobble, providing extra support to the screen during the breeze. The material of the screen is made of right quality fabric that gives clear images and supports a 160-degree wide viewing angle. It’s effortless to remove all creases from the screen using a steamer or light iron. The company provides a 2-years replaceable/refundable warranty of the screen, making it a risk-free purchase for you.


  • Comes with a portable carry box
  • Perfect for an outdoor screening
  • 160-degree wide viewing angle
  • Unique tripod stand for additional support
  • Extremely easy to install


  • Ironing of the screen is required before setting up

5. TaoTronics Projector screen


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Set up this large projector screen and convert your room into a personal cinema theatre and enjoy your favorite movie/match with your closed ones. You can also install this large screen of 100″ size in your office to have hassle-free meetings or PowerPoint presentations with a large group.

The projector screen, made from a premium quality white PVC matte material is wrinkle-free and minimizes yellowing to give you clean and clear images. It supports a viewing angle of 160-degrees, wide enough for accommodating a large group without viewing problems. The black masking border emphasizes optimal image and proper alignment. You can set it up within 2 minutes on the sturdy tripod stand, provided with it.  Adjust the height of the screen as per requirement, and you are set to enjoy the experience.


  • Sturdy tripod stand for support
  • Wrinkle-free PVC matte material
  • 160-degree viewing angle
  • Adjustable height
  • Super easy installation


  • Large screen size makes it little difficult for storage

4. EasyGo Products Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

EasyGo Products Outdoor Projector Screens

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A must-buy for all movie lovers, this extra-large projector screen comes in a size of 14 ft., giving a perfect larger-than-life movie watching experience.

This attractive-looking mega screen made of high-quality, durable, and 100% polyester canvas fabric that can easily be detached for cleaning and storage. The waterproof material of the screen makes you use it without worrying about ruptures. The frame of the screen is an inflatable one, which you can easily blow with the use of a super quiet air blower. The screen comes inside a nice-looking carrying bag so that you can carry it anywhere you go. Install it and enjoy all your fun moments like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with your near and dear ones.


  • Extra-large screen size of 14 ft.
  • Detachable screen and inflatable frame
  • Air blower is quiet enough
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Superb robust and waterproof fabric


  • Does not support rear projection

3. P-Jing Projector Screen


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Made from durable quality natural polyester fabric, this 150-inch, 16:9 HD projector screen is an excellent choice for spending fun and happy entertainment time with your family and friends.

The fabric of the screen is quite thick, 2.5 times thicker than others to be precise, and is crease-free, providing you bright and vibrant picture quality. Weighing only 2.7 lbs., it is very light, foldable, and easy to carry wherever you travel—the screen’s smooth surface results in high contrast and brighter images than most of its competitors. You can easily install the screen indoor or outdoor, with the help of 12 hooks available with it.


  • 5 times thicker than other screens
  • Wrinkle-free screen, easy to clean
  • Strong, thick, lightweight and wrinkle-free material
  • Rectangular screen, best for watching movies
  • 160-degree viewing angle


  • Adhesive on the hooks are not very strong

2. Silver Ticket Products 120″ Projector Screen

Silver Ticket Products Outdoor Projector Screens

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This projector screen is a 120″ diagonal 16:9 4K HD screen that comes with a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees with high-resolution.

Designed with full HD and active 3D technology and 1.1 gain, this projector screen is made from high quality and flexible white vinyl material with a coating that gives you the feeling of flexible and smooth plastic rather than fabric. The exceptionally high screen quality gives you superb pictures with vivid colors. The screen is structured with a sturdy aluminum frame in a rectangular shape for higher screen support. The installation of the screen is super easy. You can assemble it within minutes with the help of the instruction manuals that comes handy.


  • Strong aluminum rails with good quality assembly material
  • Easy and quick installation
  • HD 4K high-resolution screen with 1.1 gain
  • Flexible, smooth and sturdy screen


  • Wall mount brackets and screws are not very strong

1. Mdbebbron Projector Screen


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This considerable projection screen is the best choice for you to enjoy a movie night with family and friends at home or conducting big presentations for a large group in offices, classrooms, or meeting rooms.

The screen comes in a size of 120″ diagonal, offering a 104″ * 58″ rectangular viewing area, with a 160-degree wide viewing angle. Made from high-quality, smooth, and natural polyester fabric, the screen is perfect for giving you a crease-free, no-sagging surface for sharper and brighter picture quality and excellent movie experience. It does not include a PVC frame or stand and is quite easy to install using rope and double-sided tapes directly into the wall. Generally, this makes the screen compact, lightweight, and portable to put it inside the backpack.


  • 4K UltraHD screen
  • Budget-friendly
  • Black edge with grommets for easy mounting
  • Crease-free and easy to install and carry
  • Easy machine washable


  • Adhesive might not last long

Buying Guide – Factors to Consider while Buying a Projector Screen

While the projector screens offer you one of the most exceptional entertainment facilities, buying the best one is not very easy. Take a look at this buying guide to choose a screen that suits all your requirement.

Screen Size

The projector screen generally comes in large size. When used indoor, it is required to be mounted a few feet above the floor and at least a foot below the ceiling to get maximum visibility. Hence, it becomes essential to measure the space available in the room for the right-sized one. Even while using outdoor, you should not go for a huge screen size as it disrupts the image quality. Also, you need to check the viewing distance from the screen to take a final call on the size.

Screen Type

Projector screens are available in two types – fixed or retractable. While fixed screens are permanently mounted and do take up a large area of your wall, retractable screens are easily rolled up and kept inside a bag when not in use. So, this saves a lot of space for other purposes. But the downside is though a fixed screen takes up an only one-time effort to install, you need to assemble and remove the retractable screens every time you want to set up, wasting a lot of your time.

Screen Material

You need to select the screen material based on three essential aspects – gain, color, and texture. High-gain screens provide bright and clear images, but they may get a “hot-spot” where one part of the screen looks brighter than the other. Similarly, the color of your screen is significant in displaying the best quality images. White screens are a common choice as they deliver maximum brightness and vibrant colors. But gray colors perform better at controlling darker tones. Ideally, you should go for the color of the screen based on the background wall color and the ambiance light.

Viewing Angle

The wider the viewing angle, the better is the quality of the image. A wider angle permits the audience to sit comfortably wherever they want and still view the picture. A narrow viewing angle makes the screen look blacker and give a distorted view to the audience sitting far away and at a wide-angle from the screen.


With a wide range of projector screens available in the market, it is possible to get a larger-than-life movie watching experience at home. We hope, with our reviews and buying guides, you will be able to choose the best projector screen for your needs without burning your money.

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