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10 Best Projectors Under $200 in 2024

Do you want to buy a projector in an affordable price range without compromising with the quality? However, the availability of huge brands making you confused. If yes, then we suggest you read the entire post with a clear focus. Our team of experts has made a list about top 10 best projectors under $200 in 2024. Each product added after greater testing, but still, we suggest that you should check one carefully. Buy the one that suits ideally to your needs.

List of Top Best Projectors Under $200 Review on Amazon

10. iDGLAX DG-747 LED Movie Video Projector

iDGLAX Projectors Under 200

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There is no better way to begin the list other than mentioning the name of the iDGLAX DG-747 projector. It comes with an excellent aspect ratio and native resolution. There are two built-in speakers in the projector that make sure one enjoys tempting sound while watching a video.

There is a great variety of input jacks in this projector that makes it compatible with the majority of input devices. The average life of this product is 14 years, and that’s why it is a perfect investment.

9. Elephas LED Mini Video Projector

ELEPHAS Projectors Under 200

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Buying an Elephas projector will ensure you have an amazing experience without putting too much pressure on the pocket. This model is a perfect option for watching movies, playing games or playing homemade videos on a big screen.

You are allowed to connect a variety of equipment with this projector, including mobile phone, digital cameras, DVD, a game machine, and MP5 among others. Furthermore, they consume a very low amount of power and has a very long life.

8. WSKY 2024 Upgraded Portable Home Theater Video Projector

Wsky Projectors Under 200

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If you are looking for a projector having a sleek design, then buying this model will make you a smart person. It is one of the best projectors under $200 that fulfill the home entertainment, and office presentation needs adequately. The company has added an efficient cooling system in this equipment that enhances the longevity of its light bulb.

This projector has the amazing compatibility that let it get connected with almost all the devices. Despite being available at an affordable price, this projector doesn’t heat up even if you use it for long hours.

7. Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Portable Projector

Vankyo Projectors Under 200

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Leisure 3 is a well-functioning and budget-friendly option that manufactured by the Vankyo brand. You will get plenty of things with this equipment like power cable, VGA cable, starter guide, user manual, HDMI cable, and AV cable among others.

This projector equips with an advanced color engine that offers complete support to the HD resolution. Also, there is no blur caused by the equipment in any manner while playing videos.

6. Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector

Meyoung Projectors Under 200

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It is an incredible projector that let the buyers enjoy favorite videos in a very clear manner. The TC80 can illuminate the screen in bright colors even in the dark environment. This projector can be connected to almost every HDMI-enabled device like tablets, DVD players, blu-ray, etc.

There is no noise created by the projector that let the users enjoy movies without any difficulties. It is easy to set up and can be operated through the remote.

5. Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

Magnasonic Projectors Under 200

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This product manufactured by the Magnasonic brand is not only one of the best projectors under $200, but also the world’s smallest DLP equipment. This amazing projector paves the path for 25 lumens of light output with an amazing picture resolution of 640X360 pixels.

It equips with a 2100 mAH battery that let the projector run for up to two years without any need for charging. The process to set up this projector is very easier and don’t involve any difficult setup.

4. Xinda 1080P Projector

XINDA Projectors Under 200

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This budget-friendly option manufactured by the popular Xinda brand and come with a warranty of three years. You can adjust screen size from 32 inches to 200 inches according to the convenience. It produces stereophonic and surrounds sound that let enjoy the movies wonderfully.

While testing this equipment, we found that it produces 60% brighter and 20% clearer images in comparison with the other equipment that came in this price range.

3. CiBest Video Projector Portable

CiBest Projectors Under $200

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This projector offers pretty high resolution and brightness level that one can only find in costly products. There is a native resolution of 1280X800 boasted by this equipment along with completed 1080P HD video. It comes with a battery life of more than 30,000 hours that ensure the product to last for almost a decade.

This projector comes in a complete package, including remote control, a VGA cable, a power cable, HDMI cable, and an LCD projector. The product comes with a one-year guarantee.

2. Abdtech LCD Portable Projector

Abdtech Projectors Under 200

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This product manufactured by the Abdtech is an LCD HD projector that known for amazing high-fidelity images. It is the best projector under $200 that comes with a feature that let the users target the images and enhance its quality by adjusting the focus.

It offers a crystal clear quality picture that can even beat the high range projectors available in the market. Its weight is only 5 pounds that make the product to carry around easily.

1. Goag Portable Mini Projector

GAOAG Best Projectors Under $200

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With an incredible display size up to 130 inches, this mini projector by Goag brand top our list. It is known to offer crystal clear and sharp image in the dark environment. Overall, this product is perfect for home entertainment.

It has a long life of 30000 hours and uses a minimal amount of power. The quality of the picture doesn’t have any effect even if placed on a tilt level. This projector can be connected to a range of devices like iPhone, Android phones, Fire TV stick, DVD, Chromecast, USB, and HDMI among others.


We believe that you might be finding tough to choose one from this list of best projectors under $200. However, you can go for anyone as each one offers incredible performance and results. Good luck with the shopping!