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10 Best Xbox One Modded Controllers in 2024

Playing games on Xbox is a fantastic experience that can be further enhanced by the addition of a modded controller. It is essential equipment for taking things to a further level. There are lots of the best Xbox One modded controllers available in the market with a range of features. The presence of a modded chips installed in these controllers helps in making shots quicker & consistent.

However, the thing is every model isn’t good as advertised by the companies. Many buyers will say how they are going to know which one is the right model to choose from. After all, you can’t test the quality and performance of the unit without actually using it. If you are worried about the same, then this post is all you need to read.

Our team has created a list of the top 10 best Xbox One modded controllers available to buy in 2024. Every model is added after a brief testing & research process that has taken nearly 50 hours. Just have a look at all of them and invest money in the one you like the most.

Best Xbox One Modded Controllers Review

10. Modded Zone Soft Touch 420 (best for quick set-up)

ModdedZone Xbox One Modded Controllers

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The list is going to be started with the Soft Touch 420 that is professionally modified and can be set up with minimum effort. This modded controller can give you a brilliant experience while playing games like Battlefield, COD BO3, Gow, and Infinite Warfare among others.

It comes with a great range of features like jump spot, rapid-fire, auto burst, and jump shot to ensure that you feel in a completely different league while playing games. It is a 100% authentic controller that professionally designed and backed by a year warranty from the manufacturer’s end.


  • Doesn’t need any configuration
  • Custom designed appearance
  • Minimizes fatigue on arms
  • Extremely easy to use


  • Few complaints about the down pad, but the numbers aren’t satisfying

9. Modded Zone Green Storm Rapid Fire

Modded Zone

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The next option is the Storm Rapid Fire that you can shop in more than 20 different colors. It is a 100% authentic controller that professionally designed with a high-quality modchip. This simple-to-use unit is very simple to use as all you need to do unboxing the package and plug it into the Xbox.

It has a master mod system that gives access to a variety of modes. Other than that, this unit comes with a twin V-symmetrical weight block for excellent skidding. Additionally, there is a pretty outstanding versatility provided to the players while enjoying different games.


  • Provide outstanding versatility
  • Lots of beautiful color options
  • Backed by a one-year warranty system
  • Equipped with fully adjustable modes


  • Slightly expensive to buy

8. Dream Controller Modded Xbox One Controller

DreamController Xbox One Modded Controllers

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We are introducing this impressive model from the Dream Controller brand for buyers who love to play action games. It can be shopped in more than 5 different colors for having extra choices while choosing the design. The biggest highlight of this controller is its highly precise fingertip feedback ability.

This professionally designed and customized model has lots of different modes through which the K/D ratio can be boosted. Moreover, there is proper spacing between the buttons making sure you don’t have to face sticking issues.


  • Available in a range of beautiful designs
  • Give awesome gaming realism
  • Professionally customized look
  • Brilliant firing rate


  • Complaints about missing parts in some packages

7. Dream Controller Modded Xbox One Controller (best for design)


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If you are one of those few people who are super crazy about designs, then this controller from Dream brand is the right choice to make. It is crafted by the company in a pretty impressive design using advanced-level vibration motors. On top of that, you get many different color choices in this controller that is an extra plus point.

It is one of the best Xbox One modded controllers having a great range of amazing features. There is a solid level of pinpoint ability provided by this brilliantly crafted controller. Moreover, the buyers can end up enjoying a brilliant level of high steak kills with this cleverly built controller.


  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Boost rapid tactical firing
  • Great sort of action modes
  • Capable of boosting K/D ratio


  • None at all

6. Modded Zone Custom Controller (runners up)

Modded Zone Xbox One Modded Controllers

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The second position deserved by this custom elite controller that is wholly manufactured in the United States. It is a 100% original control that available in four beautiful colors for giving a perfect choice.  The manufacturer has constructed it in a unique shape that makes it special for gamers.

It is delivered in a package that includes a set of original accessories, a custom painted controller, original packaging, and controller instructions. The only thing that stops buyers from shopping for this unit is its high price, but the set of features available make it worthy in every sense.


  • Highly authentic modded controller
  • Delivered with a proper set of accessories
  • Equipped with rich graphics
  • Unique construction


  • Highly expensive to buy

5. Dream Controller Wireless Custom Controller (best anti-slip pick)


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A big problem that people face while playing custom games is dealing with slippage issues while playing games. Luckily, the Dream Controller brand has managed to craft a model with an anti-slip design for giving a brilliant action experience to the users. It is an adjustable & customizable model whose firing rate is pretty amazing and gives tremendous experience while playing games.

This professionally designed by a certified technician ensures professionalism will stay at its best. It is one of the most selling Xbox One modded controllers equipped with a significant number of upgrades when compared with the previous version. It is a worthy option for buyers who are looking for a highly thrilling experience.


  • Certified model from a professional technician
  • Boost the gaming level to a different level
  • Very quicker responsiveness
  • Equipped with mechanical D-pad


  • The expensive model compared to others

4. Dream Controller Wireless Custom Xbox One Controller (best for color choices)

Xbox One Modded Controllers

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Are you one of those people who prefer to choose between a range of color options? If yes is your answer, then you should shop this model from Dream Controller brand that is available in a variety of colors ranging from multi-color to white & grey. In simple words, you will get a choice to choose between all types of colors for your Xbox One.

This custom-designed model equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack using which you can attach the headphones for a better experience. If we talk about modes, the company has added something for gamers of all levels. Moreover, the company sells it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so nothing to worry about the durability of this unit.


  • Equipped with mechanical D-pad for better responsiveness
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Crafted in a stunning design
  • Stereo jack for a better sound experience


  • Too many color choices might confuse some buyers

3. Xbox One Soft Touch Rapid Fire (best for quick firing speed)

Premium Controllerz

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If you are one of those people who like to play games that ask for immediate firing, then buying this modded controller makes sense. It comes with a comfortably designed grip controller that provides an utterly genuine touch while playing action games. Moreover, it is crafted by the company in a unique construction that most of the models fail to deliver.

The highlight of this unit is its rapid free speed power equipped with a custom shell for extreme comfort. It is a brilliant choice for people who only like to play action games where there is a need to press the button multiple times.  Besides that, the buyers will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer’s end.


  • Equipped with soft-touch technology
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Extremely unique construction
  • Bluetooth technology for the wireless gaming experience


  • Little bit expensive modded controller

2. Wondene Modz Black Out 5000+ (best for shooter games)

Wordene Modz Xbox One Modded Controllers

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Do you love to play shooter games? If yes, then you might be 100% aware of the fact that they demand an extra effort that only a few controllers can provide. This model from Wondene Modz is available in eight different colors that give you enough choices to select.

There are advanced-level mods installed to the unit that will make anyone fall in love with you. The company manufactured this unit using in-house technology and delivers the model after passing strict tests. In fact, this controller will give you a competitive advantage while playing shooter games brilliantly.


  • Crafted in advanced design
  • Professionally designed modded controller
  • Make shooter games easily
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Complaints about stickiness after some years of use in some instances

1. Custom Controllerzz Xbox One Controller (editor’s choice)

Xbox One

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The product that deserved to top the list is this brilliantly crafted modded controller having a great list of features. You can shop it in many different colors like red & black fade, US flag, pink & black fade, red chrome, scary party, and sticker bomb among others.

It has a soft touch custom button that makes things enjoyable for the buyers. This proudly customized unit entirely crafted in the United States, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of durability. If you are want to feel confident while playing games on Xbox One, then this model is the most excellent option to buy.


  • Remarkable after-sales service
  • Available in a vast range of beautiful designs
  • Equipped with brilliant gripping
  • Manufactured by a certified technician


  • Some may call it too expensive

How to choose the best Xbox One Modded Controller?

There are many things that we have to check while buying a modded controller for the Xbox One. The typical buyers don’t have the technical information that needs to choose the right model. We have made the list of those factors with a proper explanation below:

  • Style

The main thing that you need to do while shopping for a modded controller for your Xbox is the style. It complements your playing style and decorated in the way you want. To make sure you have to buy a model that allows you to get completely immersed in the gaming world.

  • Budget

Price is an essential factor that everyone should consider while selecting an Xbox One modded controller. It shouldn’t be too high so that your budget messes up completely. We understand that your love for gaming, but you also need to ensure it doesn’t put any pressure on the pocket.

  • Durability

No matter how protective you stay for gaming equipment, they tend to fall accidentally at some point in time. It should be durable enough to cater to those impacts without getting broken down into pieces. The controllers should be made from high-quality material that should last the same for years.

  • Appearance

The next thing to consider while buying a modded controller is the looks. The majority of avid gamers are considered creative, and that’s why it is a must to invest only in the model that compliments your gaming system.


There are tons of modded controllers available to shop in the market, but a significant number of them are half-baked devices crafted with low-quality materials. However, our team has made it easier for buyers to choose the right option by providing the list of the best Xbox One modded controllers after an extended research process.

Please write about the model you shop in the comment section so that fellow readers can know how they perform. If there is a question in your mind regarding these controllers, please write in the comment section.