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10 Best Wireless Intercom Systems in 2024

Intercom systems are essential for commercial places for easy communication. In today’s world, wired intercom systems have become almost obsolete, and the wireless intercom systems are what everyone is after. There are a handful of high-quality wireless intercom systems available in the online market. Here is the list of the top 10 best wireless intercom systems in 2024 that our team has handpicked for you.

List of Best Wireless Intercom Systems Review

10. Hosmart Security Wireless Intercom System

H HOSMART Wireless Intercom Systems

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The intercom system is widely used in residential buildings, offices, complexes, and other places. This is the compact intercom system for home and office use. It is designed using modern technology. Further, this wireless device can reach to a long-range. It also gives a clear voice while talking from any room.

In addition to that, this device works perfectly in any environment. It is simple to install this wireless system anywhere. Moreover, the system is lightweight and long-lasting. You can discuss the work details on this system. Furthermore, this wireless intercom system improves internal communication between employees of the companies.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multi-purpose creation for superior comfort.
  • Advanced mechanism with improved coverage.
  • Portable lightweight construction for easy portability.

9. TMEZON Visual Intercom Doorbell System


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This is one of the best visual intercom systems with precise LCD. It includes a doorbell feature that you can use for large residential apartments. Further, this system will show the image of the person who visits your home. Apart from that, it includes an SD card with a huge capacity.

Additionally, this wireless intercom system increases security and safety. It is very easy to install this system in your home. You can now enjoy long family trips without worrying about your home security. Moreover, it includes a high-quality camera. Furthermore, this system is rustproof as well as waterproof to use for a long time.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Advanced auto functional design for consumer comfort.
  • Highly resistive construction for longevity.
  • Multi-applicable creation for enhanced performance.

8. Hosmart 6-Unit Wireless Intercom System

H HOSMART Wireless Intercom Systems

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You can now choose this black wireless intercom system for your home or office. It is made of nice quality materials that run for a long time. This system comes with a lifetime warranty. Apart from that, it is a safe product to use in any place.

Further, this wireless device can connect easily to the walkie talkies and doorbell systems. It can work even through interferences and walls. The power bank supports this intercom system. You can carry this lightweight device from one place to another. It is one of the safest systems to use in homes and large offices.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multi-functional construction with enhanced connectivity.
  • Improved backup support and easily transferable.
  • Wire-free functions for additional comfort.

7. Hosmart Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System


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This is the robust wireless and portable intercom system. It is easy to install and use in homes or offices. Further, the system includes four functions. They include monitor, group, and call. You can get crystal clear sound while communicating within the office or home.

In addition to that, this wireless device includes 10 ringtones. It increases security and safety. There are no batteries in this wireless system. It can work with other devices and intercom systems. Moreover, you can engage in group communication with the help of this wireless system. Furthermore, it is a lightweight and long-lasting device.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Advanced designed mechanics for enhanced coverage.
  • Wide applicable design for enhanced sound quality.
  • Home-friendly creation for enhanced performance.

6. GLCON Intercoms Wireless for Home

GLCON Wireless Intercom Systems

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Having the power to work up to 1 mile, this is the perfect wireless intercom system. It is simple to install in the office and home. You can press on the talk button and connect to another room. Apart from that, it also includes other options to monitor and talk in groups.

Additionally, the anti-interference technology gives effective communication through the walls. It also works with walkie talkies, doorbell systems, and other intercom devices. You can use this wireless device in the baby room, kitchen, elder room, and garage. Furthermore, it does not have batteries and works with a USB cable.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multi-purpose design for user satisfaction.
  • Improved area coverage for superior performance.
  • Easy maintainable design and space-saving.

5. Wuloo Wireless Intercoms


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You can now make communication better in your home and office. This is one of the best wireless intercom devices for any place. It can work up to 5280 feet and give precise voice. This system includes a lifetime warranty. It does not need batteries and works with Power Bank.

Additionally, it is convenient to carry this system anywhere. It comes with the volume button. You can increase and decrease volume according to your needs. Moreover, it helps you to do group calling within the office. Furthermore, the system is rustproof as well as waterproof for use at home or office.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy functional design and portable.
  • Advanced multi-passage design for improved connectivity.
  • Improved power support for interrupted service.

4. Wireless Intercom System by TekeyTBox

TekeyTBox Wireless Intercom Systems

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This is the best 10 channel digit wireless intercom system. It can integrate with walkie talkies, doorbell systems, and other wireless appliances. You can connect to any room within the office or home using this system. Apart from that, it gives a loud and clear voice that improves communication.

Further, this system is easy to install in any room. You can discuss the important things on this wireless system. It also contains the group call function and monitors function. You can also do a group meeting in your office on this intercom system. Furthermore, it is easy to keep this device anywhere.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multi-functional design for user comfort.
  • Superior coverage for improved connectivity.
  • Easy installable design and lightweight.

3. Wireless Intercom System by GLCON


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This is an amazing wireless intercom system for commercial and residential use. It can work up to 1 mile. This system comes with 3 digital codes for easy use. You can dial the numbers easily during work. Further, it does not have batteries and works with a power bank.

In addition to that, you can carry this lightweight system anywhere. It is simple to install this device anywhere in the home or office. This system comes with 4 functions that are monitor, call, group, and talk. You can also enjoy group communication in this system. Furthermore, it is easy to clean this wireless device.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Environment-friendly design for user comfort.
  • Enhanced superior range for power pack performance.
  • Featherweight user-friendly design for added comfort.

2. Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home

Wuloo Wireless Intercom Systems

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You can use this powerful wireless intercom system for homes, offices, and commercial complexes. It provides good signals that enhance communication within the homes or offices. You can use this system with other intercom systems. It also comes with the button to increase and decrease volume.

Further, you can place this wireless device on the desk or table. Apart from that, you can also mount it to the wall. The crystal voice improves the workflow within the company. Moreover, it is a durable wireless intercom system. Furthermore, it is safe to use in homes, offices, and board rooms.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Superlative functional design for superior performance.
  • Easy transferable design and hassle-free maintainable.
  • Cross-functional creation for user satisfaction.

1. Hosmart 2-Sration Wireless Intercom System


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Now, you can enjoy flawless communication in your home or office. This is an ideal wireless intercom system for residential and commercial uses. It can give good performance even in the long-range. This system also includes a group call function for offices and commercial buildings.

In addition to that, this wireless intercom system can work even through thick walls. You can connect this system to the doorbell system and walkie talkies. Moreover, it is easy to change this system with a power bank. This system will make communication easier within the organization. Furthermore, it has fine quality materials that go on for a long time.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Dynamic mechanism with advanced range frequency.
  • Multiple passage design for enhanced connectivity.
  • Mobile creation for easy mobility and space-saving.

Buying Guide For Wireless Intercom System

Check out the following parameters while purchasing a wireless intercom system.

Type: Wireless intercom system can come either with audio or video availability. If you are looking to have it only for communication, then the audio system can be the perfect one for you. However, if you want to have advanced monitoring, then you can select one that comes with both audio and video systems.

Range: The range is an important consideration that you will always have to see while buying a wireless intercom system. A long-range will give you the advantage of giving calls from rooms to rooms. You will also have to see the structure of your house and then make your purchase.

Power Supply: Even though it is a wireless intercom, you will have to see that it delivers efficient performance. Select the one that lets you recharge it conveniently with the help of rechargeable batteries.

Compatibility: Select the one that is compatible with your home structure. You need to make sure that it does not interfere with the signals while making any communication.

Channels: It can come with different channels for all stations. You will have to select the one that comes with maximum channels so that you can set up the entire network. However, this is completely a user preference.

Features: With advanced connectivity, you will be able to have secure communication. If you are looking to have it to monitor your family members, then you can select the one that supports infrared night vision. Some of it can also come with an expandability feature, and you need to label carefully.


The parameters of different models of wireless intercom systems vary a lot, and you should be aware of those parameters. When you go through the products, you should watch out for those parameters and specifications to make the products suit your purpose. The buying guide is there for this purpose, and you should check the guide before checking the products.