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10 Best Shower Chairs in 2024

When a person becomes older, even the simplest things become difficult for the body. However, technology has advanced greatly and developed products for making the life comfortable of all types of people. One of those amazing inventions is shower chairs that ensure elders & handicap people can maintain their privacy in the bathroom. Apart from comfort, having such a chair provides much-needed protection to people with mobility issues.

In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best shower chairs in 2024 that created after long-lasting testing process. It is an important investment for someone’s health, and that’s why you should make a smart move. Let’s begin the process now!

List of Best Shower Chairs Reviews on Amazon

10. Healthline Trading Lightweight Bath Bench (best anti-corrosive shower chair)

Healthline Trading Shower Chairs

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In addition to being a lightweight & comfortable unit, this product known for its tremendous power against corrosion. The chances of having this issue even after years of use are impossible if you choose to buy it.

Not even a single tool is needed for an assembly that can be completed within five minutes. Besides that, it is very easier to carry thanks to its light, yet solid material. There is some extra stability offered by the presence of suction tips.


  • Protection slippage with drainage holes
  • Easy to assemble the chair
  • Brilliant corrosive power


  • No presence of armrests

9. Medokare Tub Transfer Bath Bench (ideal for softer surface)

Medokare Shower Chairs

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Many buyers prefer having chairs with a very soft sitting surface, and if you are one of them, then this option from Medokare brand can be a solid choice to make. It can adjust according to the height and available at a very pocket-friendly price.

It is guaranteed that you will appreciate all its features and find it a pretty handy investment for your elder ones. Also, there are molded handle cutouts to make lifting easier.


  • Come with a tub tote bag for better convenience
  • Very softer sitting surface
  • Proper safety against slippage


  • Not a good option for people above 200 lbs. weight

8. TMS Adjustable Medical Shower Chair (best for extended periods)

TMS Shower Chairs

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If someone with mobility issues likes to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, then this product is suitable for them. The TMS brand has added a back & armrests so that the user feels comfortable & safe for an extended time. On top of that, there are 12 drainage holes present in this unit to prevent slippage.

The only negative thing about this product is the weight capacity of 220 pounds, but again you can complain after checking its affordable price.


  • Very quick & tool-free assembly process
  • Equip with adjustable height legs
  • Stable rubber feet


  • Difficult to understand instructions

7. Oasis Space Heavy Duty Shower Chair

OasisSpace Shower Chairs

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The Oasis shower chair is a time-saving product that can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. It is an effortless item that comes with six different height settings and an ergonomically design. There is proper padding provided on this beautiful chair.

The price of this unit is quite affordable despite having features of a high-cost shower chair. The presence of drainage holes ensures the seat doesn’t slip at all.


  • Equip with six different height settings
  • Quicker assembly process
  • Reasonable price


  • Smaller area

6. NOVA Shower Chair (best budget-friendly pick)

NOVA Shower Chairs

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This product is the answer for individuals who want to buy a solid shower chair at a reasonable price. There is no shortage of features despite being a budget-friendly rate. It comes with a solid aluminum frame and non-skid rubber tips for complete protection to the users.

That’s not all; you can adjust its height anywhere from 16 to 21 inches. Furthermore, the assembly process only takes a few minutes to complete.


  • Available at a very affordable price
  • The solid capacity of 275 pounds
  • Adjustable height feature


  • Can’t get adjusted below 16 inches

5. Ez2Care Adjustable Bench (best lightweight shower chair)

Ez2care Shower Chairs

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At this position, we have placed this beautifully crafted lightweight unit that can be a perfect solution for an injured & older person to the bath. The Ez2Care come in a curved construction that ensures you can sit properly.

The users will also get complete assistance while standing with the availability of side handles. Overall, this corrosion resistant & durable product has all the features to be the part of this list about best shower chairs.


  • A very easier assembly process
  • Easy to move lightweight product
  • Equip with very solid surface


  • Maximum load capacity of only 250 pounds

4. Moen DN7105 Adjustable Bench (best under $100)

Moen Shower Chairs

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Equipped with a customized textured plastic surface, this unit can be a perfect choice for people who want an affordable product. Along with a capacity of 400 pounds, you can adjust its height anywhere between 16.5 & 21 inches easily.

The company has made proper arrangements for protection against the corrosion and rust to the seat. You can invest money in this fairly priced product and achieve greater returns.


  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer’s end
  • Deliver with a tremendous user manual
  • Quite affordable to buy


  • Quite a bulky unit

3. Carousel Premium Padded Shower Chair (best sliding shower chair)

Platinum Health Shower Chairs

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If you want a unit that can perform more than the basic functions of a bathroom chair, then you need to buy this premium unit from Carousel brand. It equipped with a solid steel frame and a chair that can be rotated at a variety of angles.

Also, you can adjust the height to reach the optimal position quite easily. We found it one of the perfect benches available for elders in the market.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Come with a safety belt for extra protection
  • Padded seat for skin tear prevention


  • Quite expensive to buy

2. Vaunn Shower Seat (best under $50)

Vaunn Shower Chairs

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It is an excellent shower chair made from ionized aluminum that ensures the person sitting on it feel protective. The Vaunn brand has also added non-skid rubber tips that ensure the chair keep its grip on the ground. There are drainage holes in this unit that drain the water eliminating all the chances of slipping.

The buyers don’t even have to worry about its assembly as it is completely free from tools. Also, it has a solid weight capacity of 300 lbs that is enough for the majority of people.


  • Equip with solid ergonomic handles
  • Manufactured with anodized aluminum material
  • No tool assembly


  • Complaints about missing screws

1. Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Chair (editor’s choice)

Dr Kay's Shower Chairs

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Considered as a perfect combination of strength & stability, this model by Dr Kay’s brand is our top-pick for this list. It is an excellent chair made from top-grade anodized aluminum material for long-lasting use. Additionally, the process to assemble this chair is quicker and easier.

It comes with a larger contoured area allowing the chair to hold up to 250 lbs. adequately. There are six handles in this unit allowing the user to carry it easily from one place to another.


  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Better movement due to ergonomic handles
  • Weigh less than 4 pounds


  • Minor complaints about rust in legs

How to choose the right shower chair?

As we all know, the shower chairs used by elders, injured or disabled people. So, there is a special caution needed to ensure they don’t face any issues while using it. We have mentioned some important things that you need to check in a shower chair. Let’s check all of them now:

Assembly process:

Firstly, you need to check whether the chair will be delivered assembled or not. If not, then how complicated the assembly process is. Also, check out instructions is easier to understand or not. You can choose it if the assembly process is easier and come with a set of instructions.


What budget have you set to buy a shower chair? Whether you can afford a high-end model or satisfied with a mid-priced one. If you follow our recommendation, you can go for any of the product range as long as the product satisfies your needs and has a quality build. It isn’t guaranteed that the higher the product is priced, the better will it be.


It will be smart to check the shower chair you are buying will fit in your bathroom space or not. Check out the measurement of the unit before you even think to buy it. There is no benefit of buying the chair if it doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Comfort level:

The person sitting on the shower chair will already have mobility issues, and that’s why it is important that he/she don’t have an issue in terms of comfort. Keep a close look at your comfort before choosing the right chair.


The major of chairs come with an adjustable height feature. However, they have a limit of adjustment, and if it matches with the person sitting on it, then you can go for it without thinking further.


We believe that this article has solved all the queries that you have in mind regarding shower chairs. It is an important decision due to the involvement of health and protection. Choose one of these best shower chairs as per needs and budget to have a perfect experience. The details provided by our team will help you in making a brilliant choice for sure.