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10 Best Skateboard Helmets in 2024

If you are a skateboarding lover, then you should have understood the importance of wearing a helmet. It is a handy protective gear to avoid injuries while skateboarding. However, finding the best skateboard helmet is never an easy task when you have availability of many choices.

So, our team has done proper research to create this list of top 10 best skateboard helmets in 2024. Check out all of them in detail and make a choice wisely.

List of Top Best Skateboard Helmets Review

10. Giho Adult Skateboard Helmet


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Without any doubt, Giho Adult is one of the best helmets for the advanced professionals. The company has added a quick release buckle so that users can wear and remove it easily. In addition to skateboarding, it can use for other sports like roller skating, inline skating, and longboarding.

The helmet’s shell is lined with EPS foam liner and certified as per the CPSC standards. For preventing irritation, the company has added inner padding in this product.

9. Graffiti Custom Designed Skateboarding Helmet


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If you are an artist type of person who loves unique things, then this Graffiti helmet is probably made for you. It comes with many different artist-quality markers that allow you to make beautiful drawings on this skateboarding helmet.

The manufacturer has made this helmet by keeping the adventure lovers in mind. So, there is a great chance that you will love wearing it while enjoying skateboarding in your favorite place.

8. Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet


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It is a multi-impact helmet that is manufactured by a well-known brand Triple Eight. There is a sweat saver lining installed in the helmet that protects your face from the eye burning, stinging, an eye-blurring result from the sweat.

Additionally, the company has used an anti-bacterial treatment for making sure you don’t feel any inconvenience while skateboarding. Furthermore, the 360-degree wrap design makes sure that no line separate at all.

7. Punisher Skateboards 11-Vent Multi-Sport Skateboard


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It is one of the best skateboard helmets that made for the people who like cool graphics. The Punisher Skateboard has a huge demand among the girls due to its distinct design and cool colors. Along with having a beautiful look, this skateboard offers high comfort level while skateboarding.

These Skateboard Helmets is a CPSC certified helmet made from hard ABS plastic to offer right protection. Also, the helmet has a flexible chin strap that makes sure you stay protected.

6. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified


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It is a kid’s helmet that can use for a plethora of activities like skateboarding, cycling, scootering, etc. The JBM Helmet is the best choice for parents who want to make sure their kids stay protected while playing these types of sports.

The manufacturer has used EPS foam, PVS, and PC for manufacturing this helmet that makes it impact absorbing and durable. It has a flexible strap that allows it to fit on the heads of various sizes. In short, your kid’s head will get proper protection.

5. Razor V-17 Youth Skate Helmet


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The Razor V-17 is one of the best skateboarding helmets due to its amazing interior padding that offers proper protection to the head from an injury. It equipped with 17 different side and top vents that offer enough cooling to make sure you stay cool even on the high-temperature days.

It is a lightweight and affordable helmet that comes in lots of beautiful colors. This helmet satisfied the CPSC standards and equipped with side release buckles for quick work.

4. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Helmet


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The Flybar Dual is an amazing helmet that can use for a variety of activities like roller skating, pogoing, skateboarding, and bicycling. There are 12 large vents installed in this product that provide great airflow and keeping your mind cool. Additionally, there is an additional comfort provided by the soft foam inserted in this helmet.

Also, the company has added a padded chin strap in the product that makes sure you feel it comfortable while wearing. Your protective gear stays fixed due to the security and stronger buckle.

3. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet


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It is one of the most beautifully designed skate helmets that provide proper protection against the falls and bumps. The company has added a high-density and injection-molded shell that offer a great amount of comfort while skateboarding.

There is also a plush wrap added on the liner wicks that eliminate the moisture from the helmet so that you don’t dip in the sweat. Also, it has 11 large vents that make the flow better during tough activities.

2. SymbolLife Adjustable Skateboard Helmet


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There is a great amount of protection provided by this protective gear during activities like roller skating, biking, inline skating, and other similar sports. This product comes in an exciting breathable side-cut design that ensures you have a comfortable fit.

The company has also installed a breathable liner in the helmet that offers proper protection from the external pressures. Overall, it is a superior lightweight design where you can invest your money without thinking further.

1. Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

Bern Skateboard Helmets

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There is no product in this list that can beat the Bern Unlimited helmet regarding quality and durability. This helmet is an exciting product that can be worn all over the year, no matter it is extreme summer or winters.

The company has designed this helmet with a visor for making sure your face remain protected from light rain or snow. There is also an ear flap installed in the helmet that allows you to listen to music quite conveniently. This helmet is certified by many organizations that make it a perfect choice to invest your money.


No matter, which product you choose from this list of top 10 best skateboard helmets in 2024, there will be no reduction in excitement at all. All of them have designed to offer the right protection and look beautiful in your head. If you have any query about these helmets, feel free to contact us.