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10 Best Skateboard Trucks in 2024

If you are building your own skateboard, the most important aspect that you must focus on is the skateboard truck. A skateboard truck is the T like structure under the board that holds wheels and the bearings in proper positions. Plus, it offers complete protection to them. Plus, it offers structural support and stability to the board. So, it is quintessential to opt for a high-quality truck with excellent strength and durability.

While that can be subject to several hours of research, speculation, and head-scratching, we can provide a simple solution. Here we are presenting you with skateboard trucks review with features and things to look for. Take a look to make the right choice!

Best Skateboard Trucks A Complete Guide:

10. Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Skateboard Trucks

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A standard skateboard truck, this one from Thunder offers everything you want in a skateboard truck. Of course, it features high-quality construction from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. So, you will not have to worry about the durability and strength of the truck at all.

Most importantly, the kingpin, as well as the axle, is also from high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel. Thus, it further fortifies the construct and boosts the durability to new heights. Even though it has a strong build, the truck is still light in weight. Therefore, it does not make your skateboard bulky at all.

Key features:

  • Firstly, it offers the patented quick turn response. Hence, you will have no problem turning your skateboard.
  • Next, it features a translucent bush of orange color and some are even blue.
  • Lastly, it comes as a set of two for offering maximum convenience.

9. Caliber II Longboard Trucks Set


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Another great skateboard truck, this particular one will have you awestruck. Having a size of 10 inches and an inclination of 44 degrees, this is particularly perfect high truck skateboards. Furthermore, the truck set features a red color satin finish. It not only adds a special look to the truck but also makes it completely secure from rusting and corrosion. Moreover, it only weighs 2.41 pounds. Thus, it does not make your skateboard heavy at all. You get all the support and balance.

Key features:

  • The high-quality alloy steel construction makes sure that it serves you for years to come.
  • Furthermore, all the rough edges and holes in this struck come with proper filing.
  • The accessories like axles, screws and washers that this product comes with are also of high-grade steel. Thus, it further guarantees you about durability.

8. Independent 149 Silver Truck

Independent Skateboard Trucks

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Whether you are upgrading your skateboard or simply building a new one, the Independent 149 truck deserves your time. This skateboard truck offers high performance and easily supports all styles of skateboarding. Of course, it comes with the best quality 356 T6 aluminum hanger and base plate.

On the other hand, the axle, as well as the grade 8 kingpin, is of high-grade chromium-molybednum steel. So, the impact resistance and overall physical strength of this skateboard truck exceed most of the others. Plus, it also offers super crush cushions along with cylinder bottoms. Thus, it further takes care of your security completely.

Key features:

  • Certainly, it offers excellent turn as well as stability along with great ground clearance and almost no wheel bites. Thus, it helps you to perform more tricks without any issue.
  • Also, you get high-quality wheels with eye-catching graphics from Bones. Plus, the wheels are of 53 mm in diameter. So, they offer more stability.
  • The entire product is supported by bullseye bearings with chrome-plated steel balls. Thus, they are of high quality too.

7. Independent 129mm Skateboard Trucks


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Here you have another great skateboard truck from the house of Independent. Like the last one in this list, this one too provides efficient performance. Of course, the best thing about this skateboard truck is the fact that it offers great stability and balance. Most importantly, it makes sure that you can turn your skateboard quickly and efficiently with proper grind clearance.

Plus, it makes sure that you get very less wheel bite above everything else. Moreover, it also comes with high-quality urethane wheels from Spitfire. Thus, they are best for streets as well as the skating parks.

Key features:

  • The truck housing is of 356 T6 aluminum. Hence, it is of superior quality and has high durability.
  • Moreover, the axle and kingpins are also from chromoly steel. So, they further increase the strength of the truck.
  • Above all, the bearings that it offers have high hardness chrome steel balls and the lubricant in it is of low viscosity. So, they offer high performance even under great stress while keeping the friction to a minimum.

6. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard trucks

Independent Skateboard Trucks

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Stage 11 skateboard truck is certainly a great choice. Obviously, it has a size of 8.25 inch or 144 mm which makes it perfect for high truck skateboards. Next, the housing of the truck is of the best quality aluminum. This makes the truck strong as well as highly durable.

Besides, due to its aluminum construction, it is free from any chance of rusting as well as corrosion. Lastly, the aluminum construction makes sure it is lightweight. Thus, it does not make your board bulky at all.

Key features:

  • The axle and kingpins are of high impact steel. So, they perform consistently even under a lot of pressure.
  • Also, the superior build of the product provides it with an excellent turn as well as balance.

5. CCS Skateboard Trucks


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A company that has been serving skaters since 1985, this skateboard truck comes along with its complete assurance. So, if you are looking for excellent trucks for skateboard, this one is surely a great option. Lightweight and extremely sturdy, this truck serves beginners as well as pro skaters. Besides, this truck provides smooth turns without any complication. So, it ensures maximum stability and perfect for even rough skating practices.

Furthermore, the hanger offers excellent clearance and is designed to sustain a lot of abuse. Thus, with this truck, you can be sure about a long term service.

Key features:

  • It comes with premium quality bushes which further makes the turn very smooth.
  • This offers a non-slip kingpin which takes the durability of the product up a notch.
  • The truck comes with all the necessary hardware including one inch Philips head hardware. So, assembling it with your skateboard becomes very easy.

4. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks

Independent Trucks Skateboard Trucks

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Every good skateboard truck needs to be lightweight as well as extremely durable. Well, these are two things that this one completely ensures you about. Having a construction from 356 T6 high-quality aluminum, this one only weighs 1.55 pounds. Even though it is lightweight, it offers excellent impact resistance. Along with chromoly steel kingpins and axle, the strength and performance of the truck rise up to a much higher level.

Key features:

  • Of course, you get absolutely low wheel bites along with better turn as well as stability.
  • It goes perfectly with any skateboard with a deck size between 3.4-inches to 4-inches.
  • The super crush cushion along with the cylinder bottom makes it completely safe to use.

3. Cal 7 180mm Trucks

Cal 7

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Having several decades of experience in the industry, Cal 7 offers this unique truck that has been handpicked by the best experts. Appropriate for longboard cruising, this truck has a sturdy base plate with a 50-degree inclination. Hence, it allows performing efficiently even at high speeds while being able to make quick turns without losing balance.

Also, the axle is of grade 8 category and has a width of 9.75-inches. Plus, you get a 180 mm hanger along with the axle. So, it ensures utmost efficiency while making your rides completely secure.

Key features:

  • The truck also brings with it Grippy 78A PU wheels. These wheels are strong, reliable and have a diameter of 70 mm.
  • You also get 8 ABCE premium grade ball bearings which makes the transmission much smoother.
  • Furthermore, the aluminum construction with paint coating ensures long term usage.

2. Paris V2 180mm Skateboard Trucks

Paris Skateboard Trucks

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The Paris V2 is one of the best longboarding trucks that you can ever hope to get. It comes with open as well as unrestricted brushing along with an excellent hanger with precise clearance. Therefore, it offers perfect tilt while allowing you to make quick turns. Furthermore, the 50-degree angle in the truck ensures a playful and enjoyable ride. The truck also makes use of the gravity molding process with 356.2 special grade aluminum for its construction.

Finally, it also goes through a special heat-treatment process. Thus, it has extraordinary physical properties and impact strength which makes it completely durable.

Key features:

  • It comes with 90A urethane bushes for high-quality performance.
  • The base plate also has 6 holes which makes it very easy to mount.
  • Also, you get a small cup as well as large cup washers along with all other mounting hardware.

1. Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks


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The Gullwing Sidewinder II is definitely a worthy buying choice that you can make. Of course, this truck offers high performance and stability. Plus, it makes sure that the hanger has proper clearance along with ensuring proper inclination for the base plate. As a result, the truck makes it easy for your skateboard to turn while ensuring a smooth ride. Most importantly, it is highly adjustable and you can use it with any standard skateboard.

The truck also comes with a high-quality axle and kingpins. Thus, they can easily withstand any impact while providing an unrestricted performance.

Key features:

  • Completely lightweight as well as sturdy, thanks to its high-grade aluminum build. So, it serves you for longterm.
  • Next, it comes as a set of two. Thus, it becomes very easy to assemble your whole skateboard without any headache.
  • Besides, it offers almost 90-degree tilt due to the special hanger. So, it makes sure you have a wonderful skating experience.

Be sure to check on the safety factors before you ride that skateboard. So, check on the appropriate skateboard trucks’ sizes and then hop on for a happy ride.