Top 10 Best Solar Powered Fans in 2020

There are various types of types we use in our daily life such as ceiling fan, table fan, standing fan, attic fan, desk fan and likewise. In the summer times, the fans run throughout the day and night and the electricity consumption become high. In order to cut it down, you can buy solar powered fans that use solar energy from the sun and power the fan at equal velocity as the mains supply.

At night, you can use the solar power stored in the battery or use the direct mains power supply to run the fan. It is a one-time investment and you can enjoy the cool breeze for free throughout the lifetime of the fan. The following is the list of the top 10 best solar powered fans in 2020 for fulfilling your requirements.

List of Top Best Solar Powered Fans Review

10. Vbestlife Solar Panel Powered Fan


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This is a solar powered mini desk fan that is highly portable. When you are going on a trip, you can easily carry this one and use the available sunlight to power it and enjoy a cool breeze. It is particularly useful for camping and hiking activities. The construction is sturdy but lightweight and it is ideal for all outdoor activities. You can keep it on your working desk and power it with the USB port from your computer. There are anti-skid pads and the output is highly efficient.

9. Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan


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This is a powerful attic fan and the frame is made up of galvanized steel. The blades have high-velocity thanks to the durable brushless motor. The product is rust protected and the airflow is maximum. The fan is sustainable for three decades without any maintenance. The operation of the fan is noiseless and the temperature and humidity level will be under control. No electric wiring required and it has up to 1200 square feet venting capacity. The solar cell has a weatherproof casing. The company offers 10 years warranty.

8. BicycleStore Multi-Functional Portable Mini Fan

Bicycle Solar Powered Fans

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This is the most versatile solar powered fan due to its multi-functional property. You can use it as a mini portable desk fan as well as a LED table lamp and flashlight. The motor is quite powerful and there is double charging option. When there is no battery backup from solar energy, you can run it through the mains power supply. The LED lamp is quite bright and the device is highly portable. It is tailor-made for outdoor activities like traveling, camping, hiking and likewise. The angles are adjustable for the lamp as well as the fan.

7. MANANASUN Solar Ceiling Fan


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A ceiling fan is the most used fan at home and if it is solar powered, you can save a lot of money on your electricity. This is a newly released solar ceiling fan that comes with AC/DC converter and a solar panel. The mounting brackets for the solar panel have to be bought separately. It can work by DC solar panel in the daytime and at night, you can run on AC power supply. There are two models available – 48 and 56 inches blades and accordingly, you will get the solar panel. It automatically starts running from the AC power supply when there is no sunlight.

6. Ansee Multi-Functional Solar Cooling Fan


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The product features under Amazon’s Choice in the solar-powered fan category. It is a multi-functional fan which means you can use it as a LED table lamp as well as a flashlight. The velocity of the blades is high and the motor is quite powerful. The operation is noiseless and the brightness of the LED lights is extremely high. It is a perfect solar fan cum light to use for various outdoor activities. The angle of the lamp is adjustable and there are adjustable brackets for adjustable the angle of the fan as well. It can also use mains power supply for operation.

5. Western Harmonics High Velocity Fan


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This is another portable desk fan with improved fan speed. It comes with 10W solar panel and the reach of the air is far and strong. It can be mounted in various positions as per suitability. The fan comes with a brushless motor which is highly efficient and durable. There are two-speed controls available and the blades are of 9 inches. The distance between the fan and the panel can be 14 foot. But if required, it can also be extended.

4. HQST Solar Powered Adjustable Attic Fan


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An attic fan is more like an exhaust fan that regulates the temperature of a room or building by exhausting the hot air. It keeps the temperature optimal and prevents damages from moisture buildup. It comes with 30W solar panel and the continuous power supply ensures a strong airflow. This is very easy to install and attachable in all the different types of roofs. The panel’s angle is adjustable for maximum exposure to the sun. The product is highly durable and requires no maintenance. You can use a thermostat to operate the machine as per the temperature condition.

3. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

solar fan

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This is the most efficient solar attic fan and the product is so durable that the company offers 25 years warranty on it. The material used in the construction is of premium quality and it is completely weather resistant. There is no wiring required and you can buy a snap-on thermostat for all climates. All the hardware items required for assembling and installation are included. The angle is adjustable and it covers 2625 square feet of attic space. It prevents high temperature and moisture buildup.

2. YINGLISOLAR Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan 

YINGLISOLAR Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan

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This is an ABS plastic solar table fan that works on hybrid solar technology. This means that when there is sunlight, it works with solar power and at night, it works from AC power supply at home. The fan oscillates at 180 degrees rotation and the reach is far for a medium-sized room. The build quality is great and it is having 12 blades for the continuous cool breeze.

1. YINGLISOLAR Cowin Solar Fan System


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This is a standing fan with different speed controls and the speed is variable from 1000 to 1300 RPM. It comes with 15W solar panel and it can work in the daytime for the solar power and at night, it can be powered by AC power adapter. The battery stores energy for the sun and it has overcharge protection. There is a remote control available to operate the fan from a distance. There is also built-in LED light and you can charge your devices using USB port provided. The blades are 16 inches and it is easy to assemble. The battery backup is 4 hours at high speed.


There are various types of solar powered fans available and some of them are multi-functional. Make sure that the fan you are buying has a dual power system so that you can use it at night when there is no battery backup or sunlight. If you are buying an attic fan, notice the area it can cover for proper ventilation. All the above-mentioned top 10 best solar powered fans in 2020 are made of a premium quality material to ensure sustainability for decades.

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