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10 Best Star Projectors in 2024

There are different types of decorative lights available that you can use to make your kids go to sleep peacefully as well as to design your home during occasions. Out of them, the star projectors are the best and high on demand. They project starry night sky on the wall or ceiling and in the dark, it looks absolutely stunning. Moreover, some of them have a rotatory base, and therefore, the stars will appear to be rotating slowly as you see in reality. Check out the top 10 best star projectors in 2024 below.

List of Top Best Star Projectors Review

10. Laser Twilight Light Show Hologram Projector

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This is the latest model of laser star projector, and it projects crystal clear green stars. It will fill your room with tons of stars to make it look amazing. Moreover, there is blue cloud formation visible in certain regions of the projection which adds more beauty to it.

The stars rotate slowly over the time to give it a realistic outlook. It actually replicates the motion of the earth, and the product has FDA approval. Besides, it switches off automatically after 2 hours, and it is a highly durable product.

9. Hontry Star Projector with Timer

Hontry Star Projectors

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This star projector requires either plug-in or one 4AAA battery to run. It comes with the four colored starry night scene onto room walls or ceiling. By removing the inner dome of the starry sky, you can turn it into a light lamp as well. The night lamp has a calm, steady, noiseless and warm tone, which is good for your baby’s sleep. This decorative star projector automatically turns off, when the timer is over. You can set the timer from 5 to 995 minutes.

8. DCAUT Star Projector Night Light

DCAUT Star Projectors

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With a natural wood finish, this projector comes with the vibrant rotating stars and a moon scene on the walls and ceiling. The ideal projector helps your child to sleep safely. You just need to remove the starry dome, to make it a warm, noiseless and steady night lamp. You can also hang this lamp. With a USB cable, you can connect this project to a power bank. You can also use a 4AAA battery for this lamp. You can set the timer from 5 to 995 minutes.

7. Parrot Uncle Twilight Stars Hologram Projector

Uncle Star Projectors

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The projector comes with the 270-degree laser projection and 4-hours auto turn-off feature. This projector projects the realistic hologram of Twilight stars from the nebula galaxy. You can adjust the projection according to the size of the surface. This projector provides the crystal-clear animated stars display.

It does not require any installation. It has an A/C adaptor for the power supply. With one button press, you will get the scene of the occasional shooting stars with a thousand pinpoint green stars. A separately adjustable knob creates the blue nebula cloud formation.

6. NewAjeLaser Stars Hologram Projector

NewAje Star Projectors

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You will get two inbuilt glass lenses with this projector to adjust the projection according to the room size. The real-like projection comes with the scene of shooting stars across the night sky. You can witness the animated thousands of stars with or without cloud formation. You can adjust the brightness of the cloud with a knob.

The projector has the latest holographic technology with the all-new green laser projection. It involves an easy operation of the plug-in. You only have to shut off the projector after two hours.

5. ANTEQI Night Light Kids Lamp

ANTEQI Star Projectors

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This projector has three different light modes. For your kid, you can apply the rotating stars and a moon scene or the cosmos galaxy dome. The night lamp comes in a warm and gentle color. You can place this decorative star project almost every corner of your room. It comes with 4 colorful LED beads with two covers.

You get this projector with the 360-degree rotating base and a 4.9-feet USB cable. A 4AAA battery also can run the projector. This projector covers a larger area of projection.

4. AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector

AnanBros Star Projectors

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With this star projector, you will get a 128M pre-installed and removable memory card and a high-quality speaker. It is a remotely controlled projector. You can set the timer from 5 to 999 minutes. This projector makes the projection of high-resolution stars and a moon scene. The projector has a noiseless 360-rotating base. This projector comes with 9 different lighting modes. Either you need a 4AAA battery or an included USB to run this projector.

3. Hontry Multiple Colors Star Light Projector

Hontry Star Projectors

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This is one of the best star projectors, and the beauty is unmatched. There are 4 different light colors available, and they are green, red, blue and white. It can project the stars at the wall or ceiling. You can use it as a projector as well as a night light using a removable cover available.

The motor operates noiselessly, and therefore, it will not mess your sleep. The maximum light time is 995 minutes, and you can set the time to switch it off automatically. The starry sky is vivid, and it is sure to ignite the imagination of your kids.

2. Lizber Baby Moon Star Projector

Lizber Star Projectors

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This star projector has a 360-degree rotation feature, and it replicates the slow rotation of the earth. Therefore, it is visually more appealing to the kids, and there are nine different light colors available. It is also very vivid because of the four bright LED bulbs used.

You can power it using USB cord from your computer or power bank. You can also use 4 AAA batteries to power it. It comes with a removable white cover so that you can use it a night light instead of a projector when required.

1. ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp

ANTEQI Star Projectors

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This product features under Amazon’s Choice under star projector category. You can choose between 5 to 95 minutes to light it up continuously and shut off automatically. There are 4 different light colors available, and therefore, you can experience a multi-color combination of the starry night. It is ideal for kids as well as for decorative purpose during different occasions.

The base is also rotating so that the stars shift naturally as it does in reality. It has the sturdiest build quality, and you can power it with 4 AAA batteries as well using the USB cable. Besides, it does not make any noise and let you sleep peacefully.


Buying a star projector is highly beneficial to keep your kids quiet and make them go to sleep with ease. Besides, you can use it as a night lamp if it comes with a removable cover. Not just that, you can use it to decorate your room during social gatherings and occasions. You can power them from your computer or power bank as well as using AAA batteries. There are different light colors available, and some of them also have a timer to switch it off automatically.