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10 Best Telescope for Kids in 2024

Children are always curious to learn new things. Whatever they see, they get intrigued and want to know more. One such interesting matter is the universe and the planets existing in it. Whenever a kid wants to know anything about the universe, it’s wise to gift them with a telescope for kids. This will then watch the constellations, planets and learn a lot whenever watching throw it. It helps in developing practical learning and this will forever stay in their brain.

To find out which one to buy and how to buy, we have picked and prepared a telescope for kids’ comparison. All the functionalities have been compared so that you have a better understanding of everything.

List of Best Telescope for Kids in 2024 Review

10. Moutec Simple Telescope for Kids

Moutec Telescope for Kids

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Of course, this product is very easy to assemble and set up and it does not require any extra tools. In fact, it comes with step-by-step pictorial instructions which will allow your child to easily set up the telescope within a few minutes. With 360mm focal length along with 50 mm large aperture; this telescope comes with a coated glass optical lens. Thus, it will provide you with crisp and up-close images.

In other words, this telescope will allow your kids to explore the wonders of space without any trouble.

Key features:

  • Compact and lightweight, this telescope can be carried anywhere easily in the trunk of your car.
  • Also, it is perfect for daytime bird watching and wildlife observation other than observing astronomical objects.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a quick accuracy compass which imparts a sense of direction in your kids.

9. EB Space Kid’s Explorer Telescope


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Here you have another excellent telescope that you can purchase for your kids. Having a metallic body, this telescope is quite durable and you can use it anywhere without any trouble. Moreover, it comes with a tripod stand. So, it allows you to set the telescope in perfect inclination to have a better view of the moons and the stars.

Not just for kids, if you are an astronomy enthusiast who is just beginning, this telescope will obviously suit you well. More importantly, the telescope also comes with a special mobile phone holder. So, you can easily keep your phone safe while exploring the night sky.

Key features:

  • Comes with clear instructions, this telescope can be set up quickly within minutes without any complication.
  • You can simply pack it in an eco-friendly carrying case. So, your child will not have any trouble carrying the telescope with you during camping or school trips.
  • With two interchangeable eyepieces of 6X and 12X optical zoom, this telescope offers high image quality.

8. ToyerBee Telescope for Kids

ToyerBee Telescope for Kids

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This ToyerBee telescope is perfect for kids as well as amateur astronomers. The very first thing that you need to know about this product is the fact that it offers excellent magnification with great image quality. As a matter of fact, this telescope makes use of the special 3X Barlow lens along with two eyepieces of H20mm and H6mm. Therefore, it can obviously provide your kids with 15X to 150X magnification without any issue.

Furthermore, it comes with a 70mm aperture. So, this refractor telescope further makes the images brighter and clearer. Besides, it comes with paper as well as video guidelines. Thus, setting this telescope will never be a problem.

Key features:

  • Of course, the 70 mm aperture also provides you with a large field of vision.
  • This telescope also comes with a smartphone adapter along with a camera remote. Therefore, it allows your child to explore the night sky easily from the mobile screen.
  • Moreover, it comes with a 3-year warranty to cover any sort of defects.

7. Discover with Dr. Cool NASA Lunar Telescope for Kids


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As the name suggests, the NASA Lunar Telescope allows your kids to explore the moon as well as the night sky in great detail. So, it proves to be a great gift for any kid who has a knack for space and astronomy. One of the great things about this telescope is the fact that it comes with a tabletop tripod stand. As a result, it allows your child to easily set the tripod at an optimum viewing angle to get the best views.

Also, it comes with a special lens dust cap. Hence, it keeps the lens of the telescope from getting all dusty.

Key features:

  • The telescope provides your kids with a learning guide with proper instructions. Hence, it will teach them how to effectively use the telescope.
  • Moreover, it comes with one high power eyepiece and a low power eyepiece. Therefore, it allows you to choose the right eyepiece as per the requirement of magnification.
  • Above all, you will be able to see the craters of the moon in great detail with this telescope.

6. Qooarker Telescope for Kids

Qooarker Telescope for Kids

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If you are looking for the best telescope for kids, then this one from Qooarker surely proves to be an extraordinary choice. This telescope has a 50 mm aperture along with a 360 mm focal length. As a result, it will be able to show you the mountains, craters and other features of the moon to an excellent detail. Also, you will be able to explore stars and other planets with the help of this telescope.

Moreover, you will also be able to use this astronomical telescope for obtaining excellent views of mountains, valleys, wildlife and the world around with great detail.

Key features:

  • It also comes with an aluminum tripod which provides which is completely scalable. Plus, it also provides you with a stable base for setting up your telescope.
  • Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble with proper guidelines coming with the product. So, it takes only a minute to complete the setup.
  • Lastly, it offers up to 90X optical magnification. Therefore, you can obviously enjoy clear and bright images.

5. ToyerBee Travel Telescope for Kids


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Here is another excellent telescope from ToyerBee that you can opt for for your kids. Like its predecessor on our list, this product also comes with a refractor of 70 mm aperture. So, it extends your field of view greatly. Moreover, due to the large aperture, this telescope also produces bright and clear images. Therefore, your kids will be able to enjoy the astronomical objects in the best resolution.

Besides, it provides a tripod which can extend from 16-inches to 46-inches with ease. Thus, it allows you to set the telescope at the perfect height as well as inclination to obtain high-quality images. Also, the tripod can fold easily thereby allowing it to carry the telescope with you anywhere.

Key features:

  • It comes with a smartphone adapter along with a camera remote feature. Hence, allows your kids to explore the space from the screen of the smartphone.
  • The 3X Barlow lens along with H20mm and 6mm eyepieces offer up to 150X magnification.
  • It also comes with a Bluetooth controller for the telescope.

4. MaxUSee Kids Telescope

MaxUSee Telescope for Kids

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A completely portable telescope, it is obviously completely easy to use. Therefore, it is perfect for not only for kids but also for beginner astronomy enthusiasts and adults. Certainly, you will get bright, clear and crisp images with the help of this telescope. So, it enables your children to see the stars, planets and the moon with utmost detailing. However, the best thing about this product has to be its finder scope.

In fact, it comes with a 5X18 finder scope which makes it very easy to locate different objects in the sky with complete ease. Lastly, the telescope also comes with moon maps and star maps. So, it provides your children with an in-depth knowledge of everything that they are seeing in the night sky.

Key features:

  • Indeed, this refractor telescope has a focal length of 400 mm. Thus, it makes sure that you get the best quality image when you look through the eyepiece.
  • Speaking of eyepieces, the telescope comes with H12.5mm and H20 mm eyepieces along with an inbuilt moon mirror.
  • Lastly, it also features an inbuilt compass which further teaches the kids about the directions.

3. stilnend Telescope


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Well, this product is surely a marvelous one and worthy of being included in this list. This product comes with two replaceable eyepieces along with a 3X Barlow lens. So, it makes sure that you get the best image quality and see the planets as well as stars in great detail. Furthermore, the telescope also provides you with a 5X24 finder scope which also has special cross-hairline markings. Therefore, it allows you to easily find and locate different astronomical objects with the utmost precision.

Most importantly, stilnend ensures complete satisfaction. If you ever face any problem you can easily call them to get the issue resolved within 24 hours.

Key features:

  • The fully coated optical lens in this product generates the best views while protecting your eyes from glares.
  • Also, the telescope has a 500mm focal length and a 70 mm aperture.
  • It also comes with a detachable aluminum tripod and a carry bag. Hence, it ensures complete portability.

2. Celestron Telescope

Celestron Telescope for Kids

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Celestron is undoubtedly one of the foremost brands in the markets developing high-quality telescopes. And this one is perfect for kids and amateur astronomers. It comes with a very lightweight frame along with a carry bag. Thus, it ensures that you can easily carry this telescope anywhere along with you without any trouble. The best thing that this product ensures is superior optics.

As a matter of fact, it makes use of best quality completely coated glass optics in making this telescope. So, it not only provides you with clear and close up views but also makes sure that your eyes remain safe from the glare.

Key features:

  • It surely comes with a large objective lens with a 70 mm aperture. As a result, it provides you with clear and brighter images of even the most distant objects in the sky.
  • With high power 20 mm and 10 mm eyepieces, you can get high power views of the celestial bodies easily.
  • You will also get a travel scope with the product which makes it very easy to locate objects in the sky.

1. Gskyer Telescope


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This one is surely exceptional in terms of quality and build. Of course, it provides you with two separate eyepieces along with a 3X Barlow lens. The Barlow lens actually triples the size of the objects that the eyepieces perceive. So, you can be sure of getting the best views.

Moreover, the product also comes with a 5X24 finderscope along with special cross hairline markings. Hence, it becomes very easy to locate the celestial objects in the sky and set the telescope in an accurate direction.

Key features:

  • The fully coated high transmission optics easily provide complete safety to the eyes of your children from the glare of the celestial objects. Therefore, it ensures the utmost fun and a flawless learning experience for your kids.
  • Next, the adjustable aluminum tripod is not only durable and offers stable positioning of your telescope but it also makes sure that you can get the optimum viewing angles without much hassle.
  • Besides, the product comes with a special carry bag. So, it becomes very easy to carry the telescope in your car trunk during the camping trips or school trips of your children.

What makes the telescope best for the kids?

The best telescope for the kids is surely the one that helps them to explore the space without making it highly complicated for your little one to operate the telescope. The space is vast and the more your kids explore and see its beauty with their own eyes, the more they will learn about it. Thus, a telescope is obviously an excellent gift that you can gift your children if they have a knack for your astronomy. But as it is for the kids mainly, the telescope must be easy to operate such that they can easily set it up and watch the stars, planets and the moon closely. Moreover, it must have an incredible build such that your kids can use it without fearing about breaking the telescope.

How can you spot the most functional telescope for the kids?

There are obviously a few things that you need to be careful about while choosing the best telescope for your kids. The very first thing is the optics of the telescope. You need to be sure about the quality of the lenses that are used in the telescope. More importantly, you must make sure that the lenses are optically coated such that your eyes do not get hurt while looking through the eyepiece. More importantly, it must cancel light pollution and offer proper magnification to get bigger and brighter images.

Final Verdict

Lead your kids towards success and help them to learn new things every day. The portable telescope for kids will let you set up the equipment whenever and wherever you want.